Should You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning? Let’s Find out!

A lot of people often ask, should you vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Yes, you should vacuum your carpet after it has been cleaned. It is not a big deal if you don’t, but you’ll be missing out on some benefits. So, it would be better for your carpet if you do decide to adopt this habit.

Carpets are somewhat high maintenance and knowing how to care for them is the key to make them last longer.

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Benefits of Vacuuming after Cleaning Carpet

Let’s get to know some of the perks of vacuuming after carpet cleaning;

Ensuring a Proper Thorough Cleanse

The first reason why you should vacuum is that after a carpet has been deep cleaned, dirt that was residing too deep inside the carpet to reach may wick up to the surface.

Once you vacuum the carpet after it had time to thoroughly dry, this last bit of residue will be removed and your carpet will be as clean as it can be. Also, the cleaning agent left might dry as a flaky, powdery substance. Vacuuming helps to rid the carpet of that, too.

This means you get to go a longer period of time before the carpet needs another deep cleaning.

Achieving a Uniform Appearance and a Softer Feel

The other reason is when carpets are cleaned professionally, they usually are wet thoroughly with cleaning agents, which then gets sucked out. The remaining cleaning agent is then left to air dry. This method of cleaning can impact how your carpet lays.

Also, the cleaning method itself may leave strange or unusual patterns on your carpet, which is not good.

If you vacuum the carpet soon after it has dried, it will restore the carpet’s plump, fluffed-up state as before. Thus, you will get a softer and better-looking carpet.

How to Vacuum Your Carpet the Right Way

You will find many ways to vacuum your carpet after it has been cleaned. Here is the best method to do so;

How to Vacuum Your Carpet the Right Way

Step 1: Make Preparation

Remove any debris, string, or hair on your vacuum brush. Empty the vacuum cleaner’s dust bag. At the very least, make sure it is at best half full.

Step 2: Get the Room Ready

Move all the furniture and objects that can get in the way of vacuuming before you start doing so. Pick up any clutter left on the floor so that you do not have to stop too many times when you are vacuuming.

Step 3: Use the Right Attachments

Getting the corners can be really tricky. So, start with the cleaner’s crevice attachment and go around the carpet to clean the corners. Then, if any furniture is sitting on top of the carpet, clean its base.

After that, use a roller brush attachment to vacuum the rest of the carpet. Work slowly, as going too fast will fail to take all the dirt out. If possible, repeat the process to ensure a maximum cleanse.

How Often Should a Carpet Be Vacuumed?

For regular maintenance, you should vacuum your carpet twice every week. The fibers on carpets hold onto dirt, pet hair, and bacteria easily, So, it should be cleaned often to upkeep a hygienic home.

If you have a particularly busy home with kids or pets, you should consider vacuuming the high-traffic areas of your carpet daily. Kids and pets really know how to do a number on your carpets, so it is a no-brainer that you will have to clean them more often.

And if you plan on mopping the floor too, you should do that right after your carpet has been vacuumed. Doing this before may leave dust or dirt residue on your freshly mopped floor.

Final Words

So, should you vacuum after carpet cleaning? You definitely should! However, before you grab the vacuum cleaner, make sure the carpet is 100% dry.

Do NOT vacuum before it has had a chance to fully get rid of the moisture, as failure to do so will transfer dirt, soil, and dust residue from your cleaner to your freshly cleaner carpet, making it dirty in the process. This will be counterproductive, as you will need to clean the carpet more often.

Hope your spring cleaning goes well!