Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System Review

I live in a part of California where there is hard water. Having hard water flowing into your home is the worst experience. Not only does this water affect the lifespan of your water-based appliances and plumbing fixtures but it also makes showering a hell of a time. You need to use too much soap so that you can get cleaned well.

For my family to enjoy the benefits of soft water, I worked hard looking for the best water softeners on the market. My first pick, I bought a unit that used salt and this was even more frustrating.

I had to look for more models, and finally, I landed on the Nuvo H20 DPHB, and this unit solved all my problems. It comes with top features and it doesn’t use salt as compared to other water softeners on the market.

Nuvo H20 DPHB


This compact unit works miracles in removing as well as preventing scale buildup. Nowadays, I enjoy taking showers with soft water, and I have also saved a lot of money because hard water no longer corrodes my appliances.

If you have hard water in your home, I would recommend you to try this water softener. In fact, it is the best model on the market with high ratings. Enjoy reading the rest of the review to find out more about this incredible water softener.

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Removes Scale Buildup

Water softeners are available in all sorts of forms. Most of them, they just prevent the scale build up and do nothing removing the scales. Contrary, this unit is designed to remove scale buildup hence making the water very soft completely. Additionally, you do not have to deal with harmful salts that are used in other water softeners so no need of constant salt replenishment.

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One of the best characteristic that makes me appreciate this unit is the fact that it doesn’t use salt. This means that there will be reduced effects of harmful salt in the environment and this is a great benefit for your overall health.

Compact Design

The unit has a compact design meaning that it will consume four times less water as compared to other water softeners. The compact design allows easy installation as well fitting in small apartments.

The unit also doesn’t need any electricity to function. Most importantly, it doesn’t affect the taste of the water that you drink.

Prolongs Life of Your Appliances

This product is FDA approved and it does an incredible job of preventing hard minerals from depositing in your plumbing system. Because there is soft and clean water passing, your water-based appliances can last up to 30 percent longer.

Cartridge Replacement

The Nuvo water softener doesn’t use salt, so you just need to replace the cartridge after six months of use. You can get different types of cartridges based on how hard the water in your home is. Replacing the cartridge is also a simple task that you can complete in less than a minute.


  • It is health and environment-friendly
  • Works well in removing hard water buildup
  • The water softener doesn’t require electricity to work
  • The unit has a compact size


  • The product doesn’t work as advertised
  • Complaints about poor customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After how many months of use should I think of replacing the cartridge?
  • You do not have to keep replacing the cartridge. I have a family of three, and I do it after every six months of use.
  • How is the performance of this water softener in removing scale build-up? Anyone who had an experience with the unit?
  • I bought this water softener, and I live in areas where water is not pure. Ever since I started using this softener, I’m satisfied with its performance.
  • Does the water softener come with a cartridge or do I have to buy one separately?
  • The unit comes with a cartridge so you can begin using it immediately after purchase.

Final Verdict

Water is an essential component in any household that we cannot leave without. In some places, you will find hard water with scale build-up that ends up corroding and clogging the appliances in your home.

This affects their durability, so you are forced to buy new appliances and plumbing fixtures every year. However, you can save more money if you install the Nuvo H2O water softener.

This is an amazing unit that prevents and removes scale build-up and also provides you with salt-free water. This water softener has many positive reviews from customers who have used it. Try installing it in your home and enjoying all the benefits of soft water.

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