How to Clean Your Room Step By Step Guide & Tips

You can’t find us even a single person who doesn’t love the thought of having a clean world. But we often forget, like charity, cleanliness begins at home. So, we will call that the ideal place to get started.

But the problem is, when you’ve got a messy house, it gets more challenging than ever to decide from where to start. Well, what about starting from your bedroom? To pull that off, you need to learn how to clean your room step by step.

When it comes to cleaning, our bedroom is often the most ignored. So, rather than focusing on the entire house, this is the ideal place to begin. Let’s get started with the steps, then?

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How to Clean Your Room: Step By Step

When you’re standing in front of your scattered room with a ton of mess around, it’ll feel like someone has asked you to move a mountain by just cleaning up the room.

The most difficult thing to do is to get started; once you do that, it won’t seem like an unmovable mountain anymore

You don’t have much to worry about; we have a plan for you to follow and will be giving you clear steps to help you execute the plan.

So, now all you need is a just set of clear instructions under those specific steps, and that’s what we’re about to give you.

Step – 1: Get Rid of the Trash

The first condition of having a cleaner room is that you can’t have any scattered trash in the room. One of the most common reasons for having all those everywhere is a missing trash bucket. If you’ve got none in the house, you better get one soon.

You can try a homemade trash can as well if you’re not feeling like shedding any extra bucks. So, the first thing you’ll have to do is throw away all the trash like piled-up waste paper, snack packet, or any other small trash.

Step – 2: Putting Dirty Clothes Away

Some of us have that terrible habit of piling up dirty clothes here and there. It seems the floor or chairs are our favorite targets. But the truth is, they’re more effective in making our rooms look like a place for a caveman, and maybe you don’t want that for yourself.

So, please pick up all those dirty clothes and fix a basket for storing the clothes till you put them in the washer.

Try to maintain this from now on so that you won’t have to deal with dirty clothes in the future. The best place to keep the basket is in one corner of the room where you don’t go that often.

Step – 3: Sorting out the Clean Clothes

It is injustice when we start treating the dirty and clean clothes in the same way – we pile both of them up together. If you’re dreaming about having a clean room, you’ll have to separate them and put them away.

So, before you lay your hands on cleaning any other stuff, take some time to fold them in order to put them away. Try putting them in places like the closet or drawer where you usually keep your other clean clothes.

Plus, keeping them where they are now might make them dirty once again when you go for dusting or other cleaning tasks.

Step – 4: Cleaning up the Bed

It’s time to get your bed back to a clean state. First, check out the condition of the sheets. In case you’ve already had a snack time there, then probably there are a ton of stains waiting on the sheet to get cleaned.

So, get rid of the dirty sheet right now and put on a clean one. Do the same for the pillowcases.
If you’ve got a comforter and it’s looking dirty, then give it a wash too. But make sure that you’re not washing the comforter too often as it only requires occasional cleaning.

Step – 5: Clearing the Surface Clutter

Once you’re done with the clothes, you need to give some attention to your room’s surface too. After all, clothes are not the only thing that can give it a messy look. So, if there’s anything else that has been creating the same scenario, pick them up and put them in their proper place.

Step – 6: Dusting

The light fixtures and window curtains are not the only places where you’ll have to deal with the intrusion of dust. So, no matter wherever you see anything like that, get ready to give it the touch of your duster.

First, check out the places that you usually don’t put your hands on regularly. Yes, we’re talking about window treatments, lampshades, light fixtures, and parts of furniture.

Now take a duster and take out all the dust. But make sure that you’re using a dust mask while doing that, so you don’t face any allergic reaction due to the flying dust.

While doing all these, keep the windows open as closed rooms can be really suffocating during these times. Plus, this way, a part of the dust can fly out, too, rather than making the room foggier.

Step – 7: Wiping the Windows

If there is dust all around, traces of it will be on the mirrors and windows. Plus, the dirt they caught earlier has been added there too. So, you better wipe all of them out to make it all shine again.

Take a piece of clean cloth and wipe every single mirror and window in the room. Make sure the cleaning agent you’re using there is streak-free. Check out the glass-paneled doors if you have any, and give them a touch of cleaning too.

While wiping the mirrors, try to cover every corner. Along with dirt and dust, there can be fingerprints as well, and without a thorough cleaning, it might not be that easy to get rid of them.

Step – 8: Vacuuming the Floor

It’s time to put some attention on your floor. Ignore this part, and your cleaning task will remain nothing but incomplete. So, at first, take out any rug or carpet you’ve got in the room. Ensure that you’re uncovering all the parts of the floor as much as possible.

Now turn on your vacuum cleaner and suck in every bit of dust and dirt lying there. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, sweep it all out and take in a dustpan or something like that.

If you’ve got a carpeted room and don’t want to go under it, get the carpet vacuumed thoroughly. But don’t miss the places like under the bed and furniture. If it’s tough for you to reach there, try moving them a bit so that you can collect the dust from there as well.

Step – 9: Wiping the Surface

This part is for when you don’t have to deal with a carpeted floor. Having the floor free of bacteria is lovely and a part of keeping things clean. Cleaning is not always about keeping it all dirt-free but hygienic as well.

So, what you need to do here is get the floor back to its clean state, and for that, you’re going to need a few things. The list includes an anti-bacterial agent and clean sheets or clothes. You’re free to use anti-bacterial wipes as well if you want.

By the way, don’t just stick to the floor alone as you can wipe other things in the room as well, like furniture. After all, they, too, deserve and need to stay bacteria-free. Spray some anti-bacterial agents on the surface and wipe them with the cloth. Try to do that at every part of the surface to get a better result.

Step – 10: Remaking the Bed

Once you’re done with all the other things, return your attention to the bed. As you’ve taken the sheets and pillowcases earlier, it’s time to put the clean ones back on.

Why Is Cleaning Your Room So Important?

It might sound disgusting, but many people out there actually don’t feel bothered about having a dirty room. We’re guessing you’re not among them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have shown up here in the first place.

From our childhood, we’re often told about keeping our things clean. Actually, our elders weren’t saying that without a solid reason. But we think you should see the bigger picture of why having a clean room matters so much.

Improving Your Health and Sleep

Indeed, your body is going through a lot every single day. Whatever you’re doing the whole day consumes a part of your energy, and the best way to get that energy back is through sufficient sleep. According to leading doctors out there, that time is at least 7 to 9 hours.

You know the right place to do that – your bedroom, of course, when it’s clean and tidy. Only a cleanroom can get you the relaxing atmosphere you need to have for a night of proper sleep.

Unfortunately, that becomes impossible when your one is nothing but super messy. As a result, insufficient sleep starts negatively influencing your health. So, if you don’t want to compromise both your sleep and health, we say you begin cleaning the mess up right now.

Knowing What You’ve Got

How many times has it happened to you that you’ve had to repurchase something just because you couldn’t find it earlier in the room?

Even if you’ve done this once, we bet you can understand how frustrated that can make you feel. After all, you had to lose a few bucks just because you couldn’t ‘see’ it at the right time.

Just imagine the opposite of that happening once you start keeping your room tidy and clean. Well, that surely will happen if you start taking the ‘let’s keep it clean’ theory a bit seriously.

This way, not only in smaller rooms but even in the bigger ones you can easily find what you’re looking for.

The Time Saver

Imagine you’re in a hurry and looking for something significant for that moment but couldn’t get it just because your room is too messy. Well, saving your time there will be a hell of a job.

So, what to do then? Well, the answer is simple – keep your room clean. When you do that, you’ll keep all the things in place, making finding everything much faster.

Plus, it’ll help you get rid of two more headaches. One, you won’t have to feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. Two, you’ll have a clear idea about which clothes are dirty and which are not as they both will have their separate places.

Improving Relationships

If you’re already in a relationship and your partner is often getting pissed off after seeing all the messiness, then you know why it’s important to clean the room. Having a cleaner room doesn’t only keep things sorted but positively impacts your relationship as well.

Plus, after seeing a neat and clean room, anyone will have a positive impression of you, and you won’t have to struggle for that.

Improving Habits

Indeed, cleanliness is a great habit. But do you know that maintaining that habit can help improve other good practices?

Once you’re used to keeping your room clean and sorted, you’ll try to follow the same rules everywhere else, and that includes your workplace too.

Ultimately, there will be an improvement in your productivity as well. Now, if that’s not a good side of cleaning your room, then we don’t know what is.

Essential Tips for Cleaning up the Room

Nothing can help as many valuable tips to get things done easier and faster. So, if you want the same while cleaning your room, too, we say you start taking those tips seriously from now on.

You may have your own tips and tricks for keeping a room clean, but maybe we can add to your list of tips by suggesting some of ours.

Tip – 1: Fixing Time Frame

Fix a time frame for cleaning. Remember, you don’t have all the time in the world to clean the room up. So, fixing the time frame will accelerate work speed. Otherwise, there’s a chance of procrastination, which makes the work nothing but more complex.

Tip – 2: Using Safety

Keep a dust mask and gloves close at hand. Clearly, you’ll have to spend a good amount of time around the dust. So, to keep yourself safe from dust, make sure that you’re getting the mask and gloves whenever you need them. This way, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe from any allergic reactions too.

Tip – 3: Putting on Dirty Clothes

You don’t want to get your clean clothes dirty in the process of cleaning your room, do you? If not, put on dirty clothes while dusting and cleaning your room. Plus, make sure the clothes are breathable enough as you might get sweaty while working.

Tip – 4: Keeping Cleaning Accessories Close by

Ensure that you have all the cleaning accessories close at hand. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave the room frequently, and it can interrupt the pace of your work.

Tip – 5: Ensuring Light and Ventilation

Always ensure light and air ventilation in the room. Opening up the windows is the best way to do so.

Tip – 6: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

If there’s unnecessary furniture in the room, remove them. The freer your room will be, the easier it’ll be to clean, and it will look good too. Moreover, excessive furniture will make you feel suffocated.

Tip – 7: Maintaining Separate Baskets

Maintain two separate baskets for your clean and dirty clothes. It’ll save you from piling them up on the bed every now and then. Plus, it’ll help you from mixing clean clothes up with dirty ones.

Tip – 8: Keeping Shoes in Right Place

Try to maintain a specific place for your shoes. It’s better if you can keep it closer to your door. This will save you from walking inside the room with dirty shoes and making the floor dirty.

Tip – 9: Making Bed Regularly

Make the bed every day once you’re done sleeping. In the long run, it’ll keep your hassles short when it comes to cleaning up your room.

Tip – 10: Using Wastebasket

Stop tossing things under the bed. Try to use the wastebasket from now on.

Tip – 11: Using Long-Handled Duster

Try to use a long-handled duster. Not every corner will be reachable all the time. Plus, any dirt on the ceiling or higher places will be much easier to reach with this kind of duster.

Tip – 12: Using Air Freshener

If you’re not allergic to air fresheners, use some after cleaning the room. It’ll give your room a positive and nice vibe. But avoid using the one with intense fragrances.

Final Words

What are you scared of? Your Messy room? We see no reason for you to feel that way as now you know how to clean your room step by step.

Now all you have to do is follow the steps and make your room good as new. Plus, we bet you can get things done much faster from now on with the tips we’ve given you.