On The Go RV Water Softener Review – Quality You Can Depend!

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16,000 Grain, RV Water Softener is a much smaller model than the ones we’ve looked at. I note, though, it is the largest compact, RV-type unit on the market today. It is portable and designed for camping in an RV or living on a boat. And it does utilize salt—just ordinary table salt. Also, the On the Go RV Water Softener is termed a double standard softener and conditioner as it produces almost twice as many gallons of soft water as standard models around the same price.

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Features of the On The Go RV Water Softener

How the On the Go RV Softener Works

First, since you use table salt you save money. You do not have to buy premium salt. Through Ion Exchange, this RV softener removes up to 16,000 grains of hardness from your water. You need only 2 boxes of salt for this removal. And regeneration takes only 30 minutes. The result is enough water—up to 1,600 gallons—for a small to medium-sized family to last for 40 days. I note that you get high flow rates with a minimal drop in water pressure. No electricity is needed to run this softener.

Efficient Design

On The Go RV Water Softener

Designed to save space. And designed to fit in tight quarters. Measures only 22 inches high x 9.5 inches wide. Its weight is a mere 32 lbs.

The On the Go RV model comes equipped with a top-quality resin and a large opening to make it so easy to pour in your boxes of salt. A 360-degree swivel design at the point of connection to the inlet hose also keeps the setup simple. For the connection between your RV and park faucet or boat and marina spigot, it has a standard garden hose type design.

As it’s portable, On the Go built this RV softener with a good handle right on top. Since you will literally use the softener “on the go,” you can cap it and plug it to prohibit leaking. Comes with a stable base to hold the tank.


No tools whatsoever are needed to install the On the Go RV Softener. A “keep it simple” system.

Equipped with a back-flush adaptor for such times when you need to reverse the connection. Also comes with inlet and outlet hose adapters and a 4 ft. long, white, high-pressure drinking hose.

And its inlet high flow shut-off valve slows the rinsing of the water. Thus, water quality is higher and the capacity of the softener is greater.

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Soft Water Results

You get the same good results from water softened in this portable unit as you do with whole-house models. Scale buildup is solved. Rust from hard water is checked. Less wear and tear happens to all of your appliances involved with water flow. Your soap becomes sudsy. Your skin retains its body oils. And your water tastes and smells so much better. On the Go includes water hardness test strips to prove results.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fast and simple regeneration
  • An answer for travel and recreational use


  • The shut-off valve is made out of plastic and not that strong. Thus, it’s subject to leaks. Can be replaced with brass fittings as an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is On the Go a company that makes quality products?
  • Very much so. On the Go is the industry leader for RV water softeners. Founded in 2004 by Bruce Everson and partners. Everson had 15 years of experience in water softening before starting On the Go.  This portable model is their main product.

Final Verdict

On the Go has an answer for your RV trips with its Portable Softener. Your RV plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and water heater can be protected from hard water. Soap can get sudsy in the event of hard water at the RV park. This softener works.

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