Do Vacuums Kill Bugs? Find Out Where They Finally Go

Even if you were the world’s biggest tree-hugger (or a leading bug expert!), I’m sure you probably wouldn’t love the idea of bugs crawling in and around your home. And, just like everyone else, you’ve probably wondered aloud a few times, do vacuums kill bugs?

Unfortunately, apart from a few exceptions, vacuums don’t kill bugs. However, they can help you dispose of them neatly, without hassle. Moreover, regular vacuuming can ensure that bugs know to stay off of your property.

I’m sure that’s a bug fact.

Anyway, here’s our guide on how to use your vacuum to deal with bugs and critters in your home, no further ado.

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Do Vacuums Kill Bugs?

No. The vast majority of vacuums won’t be able to kill bugs and spiders that are sucked into them. It might seem like the strong sucking motion of a vacuum machine would be enough to kill them, but at most, it will only weaken them. They will still retain the ability to crawl back out.

In the case of some very fragile insects that don’t have a hard exoskeleton, your vacuum might succeed in killing them. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with it differently.

Can Vacuumed Insects Escape?

Yes. Because most vacuums have a one-way valve, insects can easily escape out using the way they were sucked in. And no one wants that! So, what should you do?

When the bug has been sucked into your vacuum machine, empty the filled canister into a trash bag. Then, close the bag tightly and take the trash out.

This is particularly important if you’re dealing with roaches because they are incredibly resilient and will, in fact, sustain themselves on whatever’s inside the trash bag.

What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Should You Use?

If insects are a recurring problem at your place, then it’s best to invest in a vacuum that sucks dirt and debris directly into a bag, rather than a filtered canister. Long hoses, rotating brushes, and HEPA filters are also great aids in reducing bugs in your home.

You can also use the vacuum to suck up some talcum powder before and after using the machine. This ensures that insects and spiders suffocate more easily. If you happen to own a Shop-Vac, then you’re in luck because those do the best job of killing any tiny intruders.

Final Words

Do vacuums kill bugs? No, but they can certainly help you dispose of them quickly. More importantly, if you make it a point to vacuum your house regularly, you’ll make it much harder for bugs to want to come back.

If they have nothing to eat, they won’t breed in your home. To that effect, make sure to vacuum all the dusty corners of your home and store your food in sealed containers.

Good luck, and we wish you an easy bug-free existence!