Best Wireless Grill Thermometer For A Dynamite Grilling Season

New to grilling? If so, you might find that it’s tough for you to keep track of the rising and falling temperatures in your grill. What’s even more difficult is trying to read a standard barbecue thermometer and not understanding (or being able to read) the results.

Even worse? The fact that typical grill thermometers require you to stand at the grill, at the ready, at all times. That can get old real fast, and turn grilling (which is supposed to be a pleasurable endeavor) into a boring old chore.

Investing in the best wireless thermometer for your needs can help eliminate these concerns. All you’ll need to do is attach the thermometer to the grill, hook it up to your remote or app, choose a preset, and walk away.

Oh, and you might as well grab a cold one, too – it’s time to relax and unwind as you let the best grill thermometer of your life do the work for you!

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Best Wireless Grill Thermometer – Comparison

PictureProduct NameRemote RangeWeightPrice
MEATER Smart WirelessMEATER Smart Wireless165 feet4 ounces
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Morpilot Wireless Morpilot Wireless 160 feet7 ounces
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ThermoPro TP20ThermoPro TP20 300 feet1 pound
Check Latest Price
Sorakan Wireless MeatSorakan Wireless Meat100 or 96 feet12.8 ounces
Check Latest Price
NutriChef ThermometerNutriChef Thermometer100+ or 200+ feet3.68 ounces
Check Latest Price
iHomy WirelessiHomy Wireless10.7 ounces
Check Latest Price
Maverick Et-733Maverick Et-733300 feet13 ounces
Check Latest Price
Inkbird IBT-4XSInkbird IBT-4XS 150 feet12.8 ounces
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Weber iGrill 2 Weber iGrill 2 15 feet8 ounces
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ThermoPro TP 08 SThermoPro TP 08 S100 feet12.6 ounces
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What to Look for in a Grill Thermometer/Wireless Thermometer

Remote vs. App

Some wireless thermometers are meant to be operated on an app that you install through your phone. This is perfect for people who have their entire lives stored in their phones and would prefer to have everything right in one convenient location.

But if you’re the type of person who is always losing his phone – or if you don’t like using apps or other fancy devices – you may want to invest in a wireless thermometer that comes with a remote instead. It’s also important to keep in mind that, if you use an app-enabled thermometer, you will need to make sure you pick one that is compatible with your specific brand and make of smartphone.


As with any kind of thermometer for measuring tools, accuracy is going to be essential. You need to make sure that your food is neither and- nor overcooked. Undercooked food presents the risk of serious foodborne illnesses, while overcooked food simply won’t taste as good as it’s supposed to.

The more reliable your thermometer is (usually this is ranked within a degree or so of accuracy) the happier you will be.

Remote Range

If your backyard is quite expansive – or if you plan on hanging out indoors while your meat is grilling – you may want to invest in a wireless thermometer with a more impressive range. The further away you intend to wander, the wider the range needs to be. The range given for most wireless thermometers is typically a maximum and this can be affected by interference from walls and furniture, so keep this in mind.

When you’re looking at a wireless thermometer, pay close attention to the probes. First of all, how many of them are there? While most grill thermometers come with two separate probes, there are some that come with four – or even more!

In addition to the quantity, pay attention to durability. Make sure the probes are rated to withstand high maximum temperatures and that they are paired with equally resilient cables that won’t fall apart or melt as soon as they are exposed to the intense heat of your girl.

Temperature Range

If you only want to make sure your meat has cooked all the way through and is safe for consumption, then the temperature range may not matter much. There’s a narrow range that you need to work with.

However, if you invest in one of the very best grill thermometers, you can choose an option that lets you check temperatures in other places, too – like inside your refrigerator, cooler, grill, or oven. You’ll have maximum versatility!
Analog vs. Digital

A digital thermometer is generally going to be more accurate than an analog one. Since it has more advanced technology, you will likely be able to determine your meat’s degree of doneness to within a degree or so of accuracy.

Many people assume that digital thermometers will be more expensive, but that’s not always the case. There are plenty of excellent alternatives on the market that are low-cost yet still highly reliable.

Display Location

Think carefully about the display location on your grill thermometer of choice. While some have a display that is permanently attached to the end of the probe, others have wires to connect the display to the probe – or, of course, are wireless!

If you don’t like having to be connected to your girl at all times, you’re going to want a wireless thermometer. This will let you read the display for a distance- ideally, from a remote, wireless receiver, or even your cell phone. This is generally done via Bluetooth and various radio frequencies.


Is the ability to set alarms important to you? For many cooks, it is – it can help you avoid accidentally walking off and forgetting to check your meat. If you only care about the highest temperature your food will reach to make sure it is cooked all the way through, this may be a lesser concern. However, if you want to monitor falling temperatures, you may want to invest in a thermometer with a higher-quality alarm.

The 10 Best Grill Thermometers of 2021: Take Your Grilling to the Next Level

1. MEATER Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

MEATER Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

The name of this grill thermometer truly says it all – it’s all about the meat! If you’re a new cook or simply like having a bit more guidance when it comes to getting your grilled foods cooked to the perfect temperature, you may want to consider this option by Meter.

Not only does it come with a thermometer and associated app that allow you to track the temperature to perfection, but it also lets you add specifications. You can select various cuts of meat and choose whether you want your meat cooked rare medium, well-done, or anything in between. You’ll get step-by-step guidance through every piece of the process.

The thermometer will even tell you how much longer your meat needs to cook, or how long it needs to rest. No grilling experiences? No problem. This wireless thermometer is here to lend a helping hand.

What We Liked:

  • Wire-free probes
  • Stores in a magnetic box
  • Connects with Bluetooth and WiFi

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not work as well without good WiFi

2. Morpilot Wireless Grill Thermometer

Morpilot Wireless Grill Thermometer

If you regularly throw large barbecues or parties that require you to grill several cuts of meat for multiple people at once, then this wireless grill thermometer by Morpilot is a perfect choice. Not only will it let you connect six separate probes at once, but it is one of the most durable units you will find.

Waterproof and resilient, this device has a user-friendly interface. All you have to do is download your app to your smartphone and you will be able to set it to the type of meat and the perfect level of doneness for each separate probe. You can customize for each cut, too, so if one guest wants a cut cooked rare and another wants one well-done, you’ll be able to meet their needs.

What We Liked:

  • Has six probes for maximum versatility
  • Easy to control and set up
  • Bluetooth connects back automatically if you lose your signal

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cable wrap is not heat-resistant

3. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

Without a doubt, the ThermoPro TP20 is one of the best wireless grill thermometers out there. Not only does it have two separate probes with a range up to 300 feet away, but it also comes with a wireless remote that eliminates the need for you to install an app on your smartphone.

When you buy this grill thermometer, you will also get a base unit. The LCD displays are well-lit so it won’t be difficult to read your temperature even if you happen to be grilling at night. It comes with separate presets for multiple types of meat, all of which are calibrated to USDA recommendations. These can also be changed according to your preferences and saved even after the unit has been turned off.

The ThermoPro TP20 even comes with an easy to use the timer. This timer can be programmed for two separate functions of up to 99 minutes or 99 hours and change. The probes are rated to nearly 716 degrees and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty in case of damage.

What We Liked:

  • Has a dual-probe design and individual receiver
  • Readings are available in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Has a lighted display for low light condition

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Buttons are sensitive and beep loudly when touched or bumped

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4. Sorakan Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling

Sorakan Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling

The Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling is easy to use and also highly accessible. Although the range isn’t quite what you might see on comparable devices, you’ll still be able to access this thermometer from up to 100 feet away indoors and 170 feet away indoors, depending on objects that might be interfering.

It comes with eleven different temperatures for USDA recommendations on meats. Alternatively, you can set your time based on your preferences. It comes with a timer feature that connects to the app. It will both flash and beep to alert you that your food is done.

The Kraken grilling thermometer also comes with four separate probes. If you need more than that, you can add more probes to monitor up to six different types of meat at once! The probes read up to 572 degrees while the wire can handle temperatures much hotter than that.

What We Liked:

  • The base has a magnet that allows for easy attachment anywhere
  • Has a large backlit LCD screen
  • Comes with a built-in alert system

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Probes are not dishwasher-safe

5. NutriChef Thermometer

NutriChef Thermometer

NutriChef is a company that is known for its impressive lineup of grilling accessories, and this smart Bluetooth grill thermometer is no exception. It can be controlled easily with an indoor-outdoor range of 100 to 200 feet. Don’t think you’ll be held responsible for keeping track of your distance, either. Wander too far away, and you’ll get a notification telling you that you have gone too far.

With this wireless thermometer, you will get two separate probes that allow you to measure two different foods at once. You will also get an alert via the app telling you when your proper temperature is researched. You can either use the built-in temperatures included with this thermometer, or you can set your own for maximum customization.

This thermometer has probes that can withstand temperatures up to 482 degrees along with cables that can handle p to 716 degrees.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with LCD screen that lights up and is easy to read
  • Lets you know when your food is done with a smartphone alarm
  • Has six probes for simultaneous monitoring

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Device can sometimes turn itself on and off

6. iHomy Wireless Meat Thermometer

iHomy Wireless Meat Thermometer

With two separate meat probes and an oven probe that can easily be clipped on to your oven door, this meat thermometer by iHomy is clearly one of the best wireless thermometers you will find. Not only can it measure two temperatures at once, but it also has timing capabilities that last for nearly ten hours.

The iHomy wireless grill thermometer can take readings as cold as -4 or as warm as 572 degrees and comes with eight separate preset temperatures for various meats. This includes five different levels of “doneness”, too. You can adjust these presets based on your preferences and you’ll love the range this thermometer has – 230 feet! It is waterproof and super effective for any outdoor or indoor grilling situation.

What We Liked:

  • Can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Reads quickly
  • Works within a large range so you can move about freely

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers have issued with alarm continuously beeping

7. Maverick Et-733 Thermometer

Maverick Et-733 Thermometer

The Maverick Et-733 long-range wireless thermometer has an impressive range of up to 300 feet away outdoors. In addition, it has a loss-of-signal alert that will let you know if you have gone too far out of range.

With two separate probes with preset temperatures for nine standard slices of meat and nine additional game meats, this thermometer is one of the best grill thermometers for people who are cooking untraditional meats, like boar and elk.

It also comes with the ability to present your own personal favorites. Your preferred temperatures stay in the system long after you turn the thermometer off so you don’t have to put them back in each and every time. You can use the probes to measure the temperatures of the meat as well as the grill, helping you ensure that your equipment is working properly at all times.

What We Liked:

  • Remote and base come in an attractive burgundy color
  • Backlit remote that can be read in all lighting conditions
  • Grill clips included attaching probes to grill

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cables are too short for some applications

8. Inkbird IBT-4XS Wireless Thermometer

Inkbird IBT-4XS Wireless Thermometer

The Inkbird wireless thermometer is the best grill thermometer if you’re looking for one with additional probes. You can buy this device with either two or four separate probes, making it easy to keep track of the temperatures in every corner of your grill.

This thermometer can display readings up to 572 degrees for short-time measurement or 482 for long-term reading. It can be paired with both iPhone and Android devices and allows you to read your cooking temperatures as far as 150 feet away. It offers a high level of accuracy and comes with a battery that lasts a full 40 hours when completely charged.

What We Liked:

  • Excellent battery life
  • Come with three meat probes and one ambient probe
  • The app comes with a temperature graph for easy temperature reading

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers report the probes to lose accuracy over time

9. Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Weber is one of the most well-known manufacturers of grilling products out there, and this thermometer is no exception. Not only does it come with all the simplicity you would expect from a basic wireless thermometer, but it is also remarkably easy to use.

This thermometer has an app that connects to a cell phone. You won’t have to keep track of separate components or other moving parts while you are trying to grill your food. All you need to do is stash your probes and temperature display in a drawer. When you are ready to grill, simply pull everything out and plug the probes into the meat.

Keep your phone close by, and it will let you know when your meat is done. It comes with two probes for an accurate reading of the meat along with a thermometer to measure ambient grill temperature, too. It comes with four ports so you can choose to purchase additional probes if you so choose.

The temperature readings sync automatically with your food, reading from a distance of up to 150 feet away. An alarm will let you know when the desired temperature has been reached, making this perfect for a chef seeking a low-maintenance experience with his girl.

What We Liked:

  • Sends readings directly to your phone with no external receiver requited
  • Has two meat probes and four inputs for additional probes
  • Can purchase separate ambient grill probe with a clip for perfect placement

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Transmitter does not have waterproof capabilities

10. ThermoPro TP 08 S Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP 08 S Wireless Thermometer

Another excellent wireless thermometer by ThermoPro is the TP08S. This product has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that covers full probe replacement – even if the damage was your fault.

The transmitter comes with a hook that makes it easy to connect it to the outside door of your oven. You can also set it on a shelf or table. It has a stand if you want to set it close to the grill, too. It comes with a probe for measuring the meat along with one that can keep track of the ambient temperature.

The ThermoPor TP08S is also perfect for forgetful grillers. It comes with a timer that counts down to help you keep track of the cooking. In addition, it has a long meat probe and will let you know when you have walked out of range.

What We Liked:

  • Super long meat probe gets into thick cuts of meat
  • Easy to understand thermometer
  • Comes with an incorporated stand

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot measure two separate cuts of meat at once

Why You Need A Grill Thermometer/Wireless Thermometer

If you’re cooking meat indoors, usually, all you will need is a basic instant-read thermometer. However, grilling outside requires a bit more finessing. Not only do you have heat, bugs, cold weather, smoke, and fluctuating temperatures to deal with, but you have other conditions that can make reading temperatures quite difficult.

When you have to contend with these challenges, you may find yourself constantly checking your meat. This can cause the girl to release smoke and heat, which can make your meat lose flavor and moisture.

Not only that, but grilling requires a bit more finessing than does cooking inside. When you use your oven, you can set it to a certain temperature and just walk away. You can’t do that when it comes to maintaining the temperature inside your girl. If you want to make sure your food is cooked perfectly and safely, you need a wireless grill thermometer.

A wireless thermometer will not only eliminate the most common grilling problems, but it will make grilling effortless, seamless, and downright enjoyable, too. You will be able to check up on the progress of your dinner from afar and enjoy a more low-maintenance and low-stress approach to backyard grilling.

Consider investing in one of these best grill thermometers of 2021, and you’ll be well on your way to a dynamite summer grilling season!

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