Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors That Really Works In 2021

Laminate flooring is a good compromise between looks and price. You can get flooring that looks almost as good as wood or tile floors, at only a fraction of the cost. Laminate can even be easier to take care of, depending on the brand and style you go for.

But, like all hard flooring, laminate requires special attention to stay clean and look good. Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance on your flooring will help it last longer and stay in better condition.

But vacuums that aren’t designed specifically for hardwood floors tend not to get the job done. Or they scratch the surface of the floor with stiff sharp bristles.

In this article, we talk about which vacuums are best for laminate flooring. We’ll also highlight the most important features and pros and cons of each vacuum. Even if the perfect vacuum isn’t on our list, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.

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Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors – Comparison

PictureProduct NameTypeWeightPrice
Shark-Rocket-Ultra-LightShark Rocket Ultra-LightCorded Bagless13.9 pounds
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Bissell-Cross-Wave-Vacuum-Bissell Cross Wave Vacuum11.02 pounds
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Hoover-W__ind-Tunnel-AirHoover W​​ind Tunnel AirCorded Bagless12.4 pounds
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Bissell-Power-Edge-PetBissell Power Edge PetBagless 7.5 pounds
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VonHaus-2-in-1-Stick-1VonHaus 2 in 1 StickCorded5.5 pounds
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Miele-Complete-Hard-FloorMiele Complete Hard Floor19.51 pounds
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Dyson-V6-Slim-VacuumDyson V6 Slim VacuumCordless8.15 pounds
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Hoover-Linx-StickHoover Linx StickCordless10 pounds
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Hoover-Linx-Stick-2Tineco All Master VacuumCordless5.5 pounds
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Kenmore-Elite-Pet-FriendlyKenmore Elite Pet-FriendlyBagged29.6 pounds
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Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors Reviews

1. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Bagless Vacuum


The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is a great option if you need a vacuum for a lot of hard flooring, but don’t want the hassle of a heavy vacuum. It also avoids the extra cost of vacuum bags.

This model is about as simple as vacuums come, with a small dust cup that doesn’t require any bags. At just under 8 lbs., this vacuum is easy for almost anyone to use. The swivel steering is also easy to control and maneuver. You can get into corners and easily vacuum your whole home.

While the main vacuum works well over hard flooring, the Shark Ultra-Light also comes with the Hard Floor Hero accessory. The Hard Floor Hero is great for stuck-on grime and stubborn debris. If your laminate is textured, or you have high traffic areas that never seem completely clean, the Hard Floor Hero will help restore your flooring to pristine cleanliness.

The 25ft cord is long enough to easily vacuum all but the largest spaces without having to change outlets. But, the Shark Ultra-Light doesn’t come with a hose attachment. The car detailing kit will let you get small spaces.

It also works just as well on furniture. But you won’t be able to vacuum cobwebs or other high surfaces with this vacuum by itself.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Car detailing kit works well for small spaces and furniture cleanup as well as cars
  • Easy storage
  • Reasonable cord length

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No hose attachment for high spaces
  • Dust cup needs to be emptied frequently

2. Bissell Cross Wave Vacuum


The Cross Wave is a wet/dry vacuum and floor cleaner. It does the work of both a vacuum and a mop and can easily handle spills and common family messes on any hard flooring type.

While Bissel does offer a cleaning solution that is specifically designed to work with sealed floorings, like laminate and most hard flooring types. But, you don’t have to use that specific cleaning solution. Trade it out for a different cleaner, or a homemade cleaning solution, and you’re set to go.

Learn more about DIY cleaning solutions here, and remember, with most floor cleaners, less is more.

This vacuum isn’t as effective for carpeting as it is for hard flooring types, but it can effectively clean area rugs. While you might not want this vacuum if you have a lot of carpeted areas, few vacuums can compare in terms of their ability to clean and maintain the appearance and value of your laminate.

This model is a little more expensive than some hard floor vacuums. But, it’s a good deal considering you won’t need a separate floor cleaning system or hardwood mop.

Plus, the two-tank water system ensures that you’ll never have to worry about dirty water getting spread around your floor. The water you use for your last pass will be every bit as clean as the water you use for the first.

Easy to use control buttons on the handle mean you can easily switch modes between vacuuming, or cleaning. You can also switch between hard flooring and area rugs at the touch of a button. No manual mode switching.

What We Like:

  • Vacuum and Floor Cleaner in One
  • Bissell’s floor cleaning solution helps maintain the seal on your flooring
  • Won’t damage area rugs
  • Smart control buttons for easy mode switching
  • Separate tanks keep clean water clean

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not a good vacuum for carpeting
  • Water tanks slightly smaller than some alternatives

3. Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Bagless Vacuum


If you’re looking for more of a traditional vacuum style, the Hoover Wind Tunnel is a good option. It looks and functions like a much older vacuum, but boasts wind-tunnel technology to focus airflow and pick up larger dirt and debris with ease. No more sending crumbs flying across the floor due to inadequate suction.

The 30-foot power cord that comes with this vacuum makes it a good choice for large spaces and big homes. The extra maneuverability that comes with a longer cord also makes this a good option for anyone with back problems that limit bending and twisting while you clean.

While 12 pounds is hardly the lightest vacuum on our list, it’s still lightweight compared to similarly powerful vacuum models. And 12 pounds is light enough to be easy to carry up and down the stairs.

More importantly, this is one of only a few vacuums you can get that is equally effective on laminate flooring, tile, and carpeting. This is a true whole-home vacuum.

It also has a hose attachment for cleaning shelving and getting cobwebs down off of the ceiling.

The HEPA filter also reduces the allergens and other airborne contaminants in your home. If you, or someone in your family, have allergies, a HEPA filter vacuum goes a long way toward reducing symptoms and allergic reactions.

Read more about how HEPA filter vacuums help improve air quality from the experts.

The Wind Tunnel is also built with a bumper system to protect your walls and the siding along your floors from scratches and percussive damage.

What We Like:

  • Long 30 ft power cord
  • Medium weight, easy to get up and down the stairs
  • Comes with a hose attachment
  • All-home vacuum works on all flooring types
  • HEPA filter for allergy reduction

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Dirt cup needs to be emptied often (can also be a benefit since it means you’re getting a deep clean)
  • Dirt cup sometimes gets jammed when you release to empty it

4. Bissell Power Edge Pet Hardwood Floor Vacuum


Despite being a pet-approved vacuum, this is one of the more affordable hard flooring vacuums available.

A lower price point doesn’t, in this case, mean a lack of quality. This vacuum may not have all the bells and whistles of some other Bissel vacuums, it still lives up to their quality standards.

It also saves you some time and energy with a larger than average cleaning path almost a foot wide. The V-shape may seem a little odd, at first glance, but it helps more effectively clean your floors. The V directs dirt and debris toward the center of the vacuum, where suction is strongest.

All that means is that you’ll have to make fewer passes over your flooring to get it truly clean.

However, this isn’t a good vacuum for rugs or carpeting. Rugs are likely to get sucked into the vacuum itself, jamming it and damaging the rug, and it won’t get carpets clean.

The easy swivel design does make up for that, making it easy to clean around table legs, large furniture, and curves and corners.

Now, we already mentioned that this vacuum doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of more expensive alternatives. That includes not having a hose or any additional cleaning attachments. You’ll need a different vacuum to handle carpeting, furniture, and any other household cleaning.

What We Like:

  • High Suction perfect for pet hair and difficult cleaning jobs
  • Cleans even stubborn dirt and debris off hard flooring and laminate
  • Highly affordable
  • Only 7.5 pounds, easy to move and maneuver
  • 20 ft cord

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t work on rugs or carpeting
  • No additional accessories

5. VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum


This 2 in 1 from VonHaus is easily the most affordable of the vacuums on our list. Able to function as a stick vacuum, and as a handheld for stairs and furniture, this vacuum is effective and a bit more versatile than other vacuums at a similar price point.

The 1.3L dust container is one of the larger options available, letting you go longer between emptying out your vacuum and spend more time on the vacuuming itself.

It also offers the HEPA filtration of a high-end vacuum. If you need an affordable vacuum and to get better allergen control and protection in your house, the VonHaus 2 in 1 is a good choice.

That said, this vacuum isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have a hose, and while the hand-held setting does give you more versatility than a stick vacuum alone, it won’t reach your ceiling or the tops of shelving.

However, it does have an extendable handle and a crevice tool. While we don’t recommend using those tools overheat, since they are harder to control at that angle and it’s easy to accidentally damage your drywall, you can effectively detail a room or the upholstery in your car.

The real stand out with this vacuum is the suction for its price point. High suction is a must for a good hard flooring vacuum. Without enough suction, the vacuum ends up flinging dirt and debris more than it picks that dirt up.

If you aren’t picking up the dirt, you may get clean looking floors for a day or two. The dirt will have collected along the edges of the floor and in corners. But, after a couple of days, it’ll be back and just as bad as before.

This vacuum gives you fantastic long-lasting hard flooring cleaning power.

What We Like:

  • High Suction
  • Large Dust Container
  • Crevice tool effective for baseboards and corners
  • Handheld option for stairs and furniture

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No hose
  • Won’t work on carpeting
  • Filter has a removable piece that needs to be taken off before using the vacuum

6. Miele Complete Hard Floor Cannister Vacuum


This is the first canister vacuum to make it on to our list, although it isn’t the last. Canister vacuums are a good option if you have a large house or dust allergies that make it more difficult to empty your dust bin.

Since the canisters themselves are larger, you can do significantly more vacuuming before this style of vacuum needs emptying.

Unlike many canister vacuums, which are usually designed for heavy-duty cleaning of carpeting, the Miele Complete is designed for hard flooring types like laminate. That means that the beater brush is soft enough not to scuff or scratch the finish on your floor. It also has high suction to capture more dirt and debris.

Better yet, the wheels on both the vacuum head and the canister are soft enough that they also won’t create divets or rolling marks on your floor.

This vacuum also comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty that protects you if something should go wrong with the vacuum, not that it’s likely. Learn more about the most common signs your vacuum needs maintenance so you aren’t caught by surprise malfunctions.

While the Miele doesn’t come with a HEPA filter, it does have a different air filter, so it won’t be putting our as much small particulate into the air as a vacuum without either.

What We Like:

  • Large Dust Capacity
  • Soft rolling wheels
  • High suction
  • Good warranty
  • 180-degree swivel rotation

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No HEPA filter
  • Canister design is heavier and harder to move around the house

7. Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum


The Dyson V 6 is the first cordless vacuum option we’ve included. Modern vacuums maintain greater suction and clean deeper than earlier versions.

That enhanced performance is the result of better battery power.

The Dyson V6 is a good vacuum if you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum option, with the suction needed for hard flooring, without a tripping hazard cord or higher weight.

However, it’s not a good option if you’re someone who prefers to clean your whole house in a single day. While the battery is strong enough to provide much stronger suction than earlier models, it’s only rated for 20 minutes of continuous run time.

That means that the battery lasts long enough to thoroughly clean one medium or large room, but not enough to clean several rooms at once.

At 8.15 pounds, this is one of the lighter vacuums on our list, making it a good choice if you or a family member are disabled or partially disabled.

Lightweight vacuums cut down on the stress on your arms, shoulders, and back during use.

What We Like:

  • Good Suction
  • Lightweight easy maneuverable design
  • Docking station is relatively compact
  • Dust cup is easy to use, empty, and clean
  • Weighted for easy floor to ceiling cleaning

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Higher than average price

8. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum


The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is a good option that balances a lightweight, battery-powered design with powerful suction and smart-features for ease of use.

As an added benefit, in addition to easily cleaning hard flooring types and getting into the crevices and texture of laminate, it’s equally suitable for carpeting. That makes this another Hoover all-home vacuum.

It also has a low-profile design that will let you reach further under furniture. Getting under your furniture is important for effectively reducing allergens and dust in your home, and also lets you go longer without moving heavy furniture and re-arranging to clean underneath.

This is also one of the very few interchangeable battery vacuums on the market at the moment. Instead of a docking station for the whole vacuum, which can increase the amount of storage space needed and make it harder to store your vacuum out of sight, this vacuum has removable batteries and an attractive charging station.

That means that you can buy multiple batteries to increase your active vacuuming time.

One of the big weaknesses of most cordless vacuums is that they don’t have the staying power to get multiple rooms all at once. This is one exception to that rule, though you will need to buy additional batteries to take advantage of this design.

The power controls are also conveniently on the handle, making it easy and intuitive to turn on and off.

What We Like:

  • Visible, ergonomic, power control on the handle
  • Removable, replaceable batteries
  • Compact, attractive battery charging station
  • Battery power LED indicator
  • Multi-flooring type design (hard flooring and carpet)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly heavier than most cordless vacuums
  • No hose or other cleaning accessories

9. Tineco All Master Cordless Vacuum


The last cordless vacuum on our list, the Tineco is an impressively designed vacuum with an unusually long runtime for a cordless vacuum.

The main trade-off with this vacuum is that it’s also at a higher price point than average for similar designs.

You get a 2-year warranty with this vacuum, more than long enough to a bad belt or other manufacturer errors to show themselves in a vacuum that sees any regular use.

The battery on the All Master is rated for up to 60 minutes of use.

That up to is important, because unlike most of the vacuums on our list, the All Master has a high-powered mode. That helps with crevices, stuck-on dirt, and high-pile carpeting. The high-powered setting drains the battery significantly faster.

Regular batter use will give you 60 minutes, full-time high-power use will give you approximately 24 minutes. Using a combination of the two, which was the most effective way to use this vacuum during trials, gives a variable battery life.

This is another stick vacuum and handheld two in one. However, the handheld design is a little more powerful than some competitors. It will give your stairs, furniture, and other detailed work, a deeper clean.

What We Like:

  • Long Battery Run Time
  • Flexible Vacuum for Multiple Flooring Types
  • Multiple Power and Suction Settings
  • Well-designed hand-held function

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories
  • More expensive
  • Requires a docking station

10. Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Cross Over Canister Vacuum


The Kenmore Elite is the second, and last, canister vacuum on our list. This vacuum was a standout because of its pet-friendly design, large canister, and multi-flooring ability. While it isn’t as specialized for hard flooring, this vacuum is more than up to the challenge of cleaning without damaging laminate.

It also comes with a telescoping aluminum wand for hard to reach areas and crevices. That’s a bit of a standout among hard flooring specialty vacuums. They don’t tend to be designed for detail work in the same way carpet vacuums are.

The Kenmore also has a HEPA filter, making it the better canister vacuum of the two on our list for families with allergies. Their filter is rated to remove up to 99.7% of small particulate airborne debris.

This vacuum is a good option if you’re looking for an all in one that won’t damage your laminate but is also able to address difficult cleaning areas in your home. It comes with 4 accessories, including a ceiling fan brush.

What We Like:

  • HEPA filter
  • Large canister capacity
  • Effective and useful accessories
  • High powered suction
  • Aluminum wand extension included

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heaviest Vacuum on our list at almost 30 pounds


In this list, we’ve outlined a variety of vacuum types and styles, including the best features of each. None of these vacuums are perfect. However, we are confident that there is a vacuum for everyone on our list.

Think carefully about your cleaning style before committing to a battery-powered cordless vacuum or a heavy canister vacuum. Make a priority list of things you want a vacuum to have. Do you need it to clean multiple flooring types? Does it need to handle a lot of pet hair? Do you want to be able to use it as a floor cleaner as well as a vacuum?

Once you know what you need, it should be easy to find a high-quality vacuum here, or elsewhere, with what you’ve learned about the most important features and benefits for laminate flooring.

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