Best Spin Mop To Quit the Wringing and the Whining In 2021

Sick of your typical mop fouling up your home – and muddying your floors? It might be time to consider an upgrade. Some of the best spin mop options of 2020 are those that require no batteries, electricity, or special water.

Less effort with cleaner floors? It might sound too good to be true. That’s not the case, however – we have a list of all the best spin mops for you to choose from, along with a helpful buying guide to help you narrow down your options even more.

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Best Spin Mop – Comparison

PictureProduct NameHandle SizeWeightPrice
O-Cedar-Easy-WringO-Cedar Easy Wring51”5.2 pounds

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Bissell-Spin_waveBissell Spin​wave9.5 pounds

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Twist-and-Shout-MopTwist and Shout Mop54″5 pounds

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Mopnado-Stainless-SteelMopnado Stainless Steel56″9.35 pounds

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Hurricane-Spin-MopHurricane Spin Mop44-46″5.11 pounds

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Casabella Spin Cycle Mop

5.2 pounds

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Hapinnex-Spinning-MopHapinnex Spinning Mop4′2.99 pounds

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CycloMop-Commercial-SpinningCycloMop Commercial Spinning5′20 pounds

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Goplus Microfiber Spinning MagicGoplus Microfiber Spinning Magic47.2 ’’15 pounds

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Leifheit-Clean-Twist-Spin-MopLeifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop53”5.3 ounces

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Best Spin Mop – Comparison

Here’s What to Look For: Your Spin Mop Buying Guide

Buying a mop shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all situation. Before you settle on a cut-rate mop “just because,” here’s how to know what to search for.

Room Size

If you are trying to mop a large room, you are going to need a mop with a large spn head. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save your back and arms as you won’t have to constantly make repeated passes over your floor. That being said, if you are mopping a small room, like a second bathroom, that doesn’t have a lot of floor space, you will likely be able to get by with a mop with a smaller head.


Pay close attention to the material out of which your spin mop pads are constructed. Many are made out of sensitive microfiber material, which is not only gentle on your floors but also highly absorbent. Often, microfiber spin mops can be used with just water, requiring you to use no additional cleaning solutions that can harm your floors and your health.

Handle Type

Look for a spin mop with an adjustable handle. Spin mops with handles that telescope or extend can make your life a whole lot easier. In addition, these handles should be constructed out of durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel to offer more durability – but keep in mind that stainless steel can make your mop a bit heavier to use.

Bucket and Spinner Mechanisms

Each spin mop will have a different kind of bucket design. When you’re shopping for spin mops, choose those that are easiest to use. Pouring spouts can make dumping out dirty water a lot easier, while a splash guard will prevent splashback on your nice clean floors.

Some buckets even have wheels so you don’t have to lift them as often or as far. Often, wheel spin mops have rotating heads that allow you to scrub your floor in curving motions instead of just back and forth in a straight line.

The spinner mechanism matters, too. While some buckets are equipped with foot-powered pedals to allow for easy spinning, others work by pressing a handle. Overall, handle spinner mechanisms can be a bit more convenient for the user.

There are some spin mops that pivot, too. These mops are great because they will allow you to get your mop head into tight spaces, such as underneath furniture or into nooks and crannies like narrow corners. Some spin mops come with additional mop head replacements, while others allow these to be purchased separately.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to struggle with cumbersome mop or bucket when they’re trying to get their floors clean. Look for a mop that eliminates those concerns and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. You should also seek a product that has an adjustable handle and a simple wringing mechanism for maximum control of your mop.

You should also look for a spin mop that is durable. The mop itself, as well as the bucket, should both be strong enough to stand the test of time. Look for a product that doesn’t contain a million small, plastic parts, as these will be more likely to break.

Extra Accessories

Some spin mops have buckets that come with their own agitators. If you have dirty floors, a spinning agitator can make it easier to remove the dirt from your mop before you press it back down to the floor. Other common accessories you might find include built-in soap dispensers, scrubber accessories, and drain plugs.

Leave Your Back Pain Behind with the 10 Best Spin Mops

1. O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop


The O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop is one you’ve got to consider if you’re looking for a mop that looks simple – but offers exceptional performance. This mop has several unique features that help it stand out as a true winner among the world’s best spin mops.

For starters, the mop pads are sewn from ultra-soft strands. These strands are comprised of fluffy microfiber material, one that has the ability to deep clean your floors. All you have to do is pop off the mophead and you’ll get a handy dry dusting tool as well.

Plus, this spin mop comes with an included wringer that can be operated by using a foot pedal. No need to get your hands dirty! You also get great flexibility when it comes to adjusting the levels of moisture in your mop. You won’t even have to worry about water splashing out of the bucket because this spin mop’s bucket comes with a handy splash guard.

With a triangular design, this mop head can work its way easily into corners. It has a convenient head that pivots, allowing it to get into the dirtiest corners of your home. Plus, it has a telescoping handle that makes it easy to use for people of all heights.
What We Liked:

  • Microfiber refills available for purchase
  • Metal handle is sturdy and telescopes
  • Perfect for wood floors as it dries quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Mop head can be too small for some applications

2. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop


Bissell is the name to know when it comes to mops – and this best spin mop is no exception. This electric-powered mop has a tank that can be filled with both water and cleaning solution. Although it’s not a steam mop, it does come with dual spinning pads.

There are no buckets to worry about – this mo is an all-inclusive unit. You won’t have to worry about wringing or filling, either. If plugging a mop into an outlet isn’t your style, keep in mind that you can also get a cordless, rechargeable version of this mop, too.

With two separate pads for various levels of dirt, this mop is ideal. While the soft pads are perfect for general mopping on sealed hardwood floors, these scrubbing pads can be used for a stuck-on mess. Both types are machine-washable.

With this mop, the spinning heads propel you along. You won’t even have to really push this mop – a factor that can seriously reduce your back strain. There’s even a trigger that you can use to control the spray so it’s fully customizable. This small mop won’t take up a ton of space in your closet but still has a wide enough profile to make a difference when you are cleaning large areas of floor space.

What We Like:

  • Two pads are ideal for cleaning all floor types, including tile, wood, and vinyl
  • Wide profile for cleaning all areas
  • Pads are machine washable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Propelling action can be somewhat hard to control if you’re not used to it

3. Twist and Shout Mop


The Twist and Shout Mop is another top spin mop for you to consider. One of the best tools for cleaning any kind of floor, this mop will no doubt have you screaming its praises!

Unlike the other spin mops you might find that have activated pedals, this one uses a secure self-wringing mechanism that can dry your mop up to five times more quickly. It has a telescopic handle that allows you to easily adjust the length and height of your mop, a feature that will make it easier for you to effectively clean your floors.

Plus, this lightweight tool allows for stress-free cleaning in hard-to-reach places, such as tight corners or the area beneath chairs or other low furniture. It has a 180-degree swivel head along with a built-in baseboard cleaner. Made out of microfiber material, this mop offers eight times the absorption of standard mops.

What We Like:

  • Doesn’t require special batteries, cleaning solutions, or pad refills
  • Has a flexible head joint that swivels
  • Handle length is adjustable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Handle is prone to breakage

4. Mopnado Stainless Steel Spin Mop


The name says it all – Mopnado is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to cleaning your floors! A superior spin mop, this product has a built-in 180-degree radius and an included soap dispenser. Mopping will be a total breeze with this handy spin mop.

There are deluxe and compact versions of the bucket for this spin mop. The deluxe version is standard and non-folding, while the compact version folds into a cube no bigger than ten inches. This offers you maximum convenience when it comes to mopping your floors. It can be used to clean any type of floor, including tile, concrete, vinyl, stone, laminate, and even hardwood.

Plus, this bucket has a built-in agitator that can help remove dirt. Both the agitator and the spinner is activated by pressing hard on the mop, with the mop left just as dry or wet as you need it to be. The small mop head is perfect for tight spaces and small rooms alike.

The Mopnado Stainless Steel deluxe spin mop even comes with a telescoping handle, making it super easy to move it around. Because the bucket has wheels, you won’t have to worry about lugging a heavy bucket around, either. It also has two machine mop heads (both of which can be tossed in the washing machine) and an additional attachment for scrubbing. The mops are replaceable so you won’t have to keep buying a new mop every time the heads wear out.

What We Like:

  • Handles adjust between 47 to 56 inches for people of all sizes
  • Agitator removes excess dirt from the mop
  • Quick spin allows you to control moisture easily

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The plastic handle bottom frequently breaks

5. Hurricane Spin Mop


This spin mop is heavily advertised on television and in infomercials – but does it really work? According to hundreds of satisfied customer reviews – yes! It sure does. This mop comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers full replacement, so it’s a good investment to consider making.

A lightweight, easy-to-maneuver mop, the Hurricane Spin Mop is operated via foot pedal. Although the bucket is not wheeled, you can purchase a separate dolly with 360-degree wheels if you like this feature. Plus, you can also purchase additional microfiber duster heads for use on wood floors.

It’s easy to find replacement parts for this mop. If you’re interested in a mop that will last you for years on end, then this is the best spin mop to consider.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Additional microfiber duster available
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No fill line on the bucket makes it difficult to know how much water you need

6. Casabella Spin Cycle Mop


Here’s another one of the best spin mops for you to consider. The Casabella mop is one of the best for cleaning up hard surfaces, features a stable bucket on wheels along with a stainless steel handled mop.

This spin mop offers exceptional versatility and rapid drying tops. Both the mop and the spinning basket are constructed in a durable fashion. The mop pads are made out of cotton microfiber material, allowing you to clean any kind of surface without having to worry about damages or scratches. The wheels allow you to move smoothly through each room, cleaning as you go without having to switch between various attachments.

In addition, the bucket is attached to a detachable soap pump. This will make it easier for you to add soap to your cleaning solution without peeling it everywhere or wasting product unnecessarily. The spinner allows you to easily spin your mop while at the same time drying your mop. All of these features lend themselves to an experience that is perfect for the neat freak in you.

What We Like:

  • Has a built-in pump for dispensing soap
  • Includes a drawer for brush storage and refills
  • Has an extendable sliding handle

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Handle can still be too short for some users

7.. Hapinnex Spinning Mop


This spinning mop by Happiness is one of the best spin mops you will find. Like the Mopnado spin mop, this product is a budget-friendly spin mop that comes with a built-in spinning mechanism that you operate from the handle.

Unlike many of the popular spin mops out there, this one comes with a bucket that has an included drain plug to help you empty water. There’s no more need to dump it out in order to empty it, meaning you’ll stay cleaner and save time all at once. Plus, this mop comes with a cool microfiber glove as well as an additional mop head.

With a 360 degree rotation, you’ll be able to fit into any size space – even if you have furniture to worry about. It comes with a stainless steel basket for wringing that even has a splash guard to prevent disgusting mop water from getting all over your just-cleaned floors.

The stainless steel handle that is included with this mop is of exceptional quality. It also comes with machine-washable pads that are highly absorbent.

What We Like:

  • Durable handle made out of stainless steel
  • Comes with a bucket that has a drain plug
  • Includes a bonus mop head and glove made out of microfiber

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be tough to clean some tight spaces with the odd shape of this mop

8. CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop


The CycloMop is one of the best spin mops if you are looking to expedite your cleaning processes – and make them more enjoyable in the process.d designed for heavy-duty commercial use, this spin mop is easy to use because it has included dolly wheels that allow you to glide easily across the floor.

In addition, this mop comes fully furnished with a luxuriously soft microfiber head. You won’t see any dirt left on your floors -regardless of whether you are using this mop to clean your floors or to clean other areas of your home, like your ceilings or windows. It contains a sturdy rod that allows you to clean all surfaces without having to bend or worry about breaking your mop.

Plus, this mop comes with a bucket that is exceptionally sturdy. No more tipped buckets and an even bigger mess to clean up! In a stable unit, you won’t have to worry about the bucket moving sideways or about any unnecessary water leakage.

What We Like:

  • Can be used for both dry and wet cleaning
  • Spins dry in seconds
  • Buckets are sturdy and durable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Agitator and mophead are known to develop mechanical issues over time

9. Goplus Microfiber Spinning Magic Spin Mop

Goplus Microfiber Spinning Magic

The Goplus Spin Mop is another exceptional mop for you to consider. It is a patented cleaning system that can tidy up any kinds of floors, including those in your kitchen, bathroom, lobby, and more. It has super-thin microfiber pads that are incredibly absorbent. The pads remove harsh smells and tough stains – all without damaging your floors.

You can easily adjust the angle of this mop’s handle – it can move a full 45 to 180 degrees for effective, comfortable cleaning. Requiring no electricity for operating, this mop enables you to clean anywhere you have water and cleaning solution handy. It’s highly efficient, with two heads that can be used for either dry sweeping or mopping. The mopheads are machine washable, too, allowing you to use them many times before they need to be replaced.

What We Like:

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Has two microfiber heads that are machine washable
  • Eco-friendly with no electricity required

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be loud to use

10. Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop


The Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop is a revolutionary new mop that has a patented twisting mechanism to give your floors the extra shine they need. A complete cleaning unit, this product has a state-of-the-art brake and spin technology that gets your floors super clean.

This mop provides proper moisture control by wringing out your mop without stressing your hands. Never again will you have to come into contact with a soiled mop head. It is perfect for cleaning sensitive floor types like hardwood and laminate, as the brake mechanism gives you more control over the moisture in your mop.

This all-purpose mop even comes with a versatile microfiber cleaning head. You can use it seamlessly while shifting between wood and laminate floors, as well as with linoleum. It comes with numerous attachments, like replacement mop heads, a rolling cart, and a mop bucket on wheels. Some of these attachments are sold separately, but nevertheless, the Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop is a great choice for people who want to finally rid their floors of that built-up grime!

What We Like:

  • Handle technology lets you wring out excess water
  • Has a dynamic braking mechanism in the handle
  • Perfect for all kinds of floors

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The spin bucket is smaller than average

Why You Need a Spin Mop

The spin mop is arguably the best invention of the 21st century. If you’re looking for a mop that will allow you to mop your floors without breaking your back or getting them even dirtier in the process, you must consider one of these products.

Not only does the best spin mop allow you to keep hot water and clean chemicals off your skin, but it also allows for exceptional control of the water. You’ll enjoy quicker drying times and a more enjoyable shopping experience with one of these mops.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in one of the best spin mops today, and quit all the unnecessary wringing – and whining about it, too!

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