15 Best Shark Vacuums of 2021 – A Complete Guide

So, you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner! That’s great because the current vacuum cleaner market is awash with new innovations that are sure to make your vacuuming experience better than ever. There’s also been a lot of competition lately, so there’s never been a better time to obtain a high-quality vacuum at a fraction of the price. There’s just one problem – there are too many models to choose from.

No doubt, the current overabundance of vacuum models has made it a bit harder to simply choose one off the digital shelf. But at the same time, much of that crowd is simply there to fill space. Few brands are still committed to providing you with the same high-quality product that they built their reputation on. Shark is one of those continuously committed brands, which is why you should keep their vacuums in mind as you shop for a new unit.

Might Shark brand vacuums be what you’ve been looking for? The best way you can find out is by checking out this guide. In it, you’ll find reviews for 15 top-tier Shark vacuums that will surely help you narrow down your shortlist. This guide will also teach you what to look for in a high-quality vacuum so that you can see firsthand how Shark exceeds expectations on almost all fronts.

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Best Shark Vacuums – Comparison

PictureProduct NameTypeWeightPrice
Shark Rotator Professional NV501Shark Rotator Professional NV501Upright15.5 pounds
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Shark Rotator NV752Shark Rotator NV752Upright15.4 pounds
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Shark Navigator NV352Shark Navigator NV352Upright8.7 pounds
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Shark IONFlex 2X IF251Shark IONFlex 2X IF251Cordless8.7 pounds
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Shark Rocket Pet ProShark Rocket Pet ProCordless7.2 pounds
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Shark X40 IR141Shark X40 IR141Cordless12 pounds
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Shark LZ601Shark LZ601Corded10.7 pounds
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Shark Rocket HV302Shark Rocket HV302Corded13.9 pounds
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Shark Flex HV391Shark Flex HV391Corded9.8 pounds
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Shark IQShark IQRobotic13.2 pounds
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Shark ION R87Shark ION R87Robotic5.7 pounds
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Shark ION R85Shark ION R85Robotic5.51 pounds
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Shark WANDVAC WV201Shark WANDVAC WV201Handheld1.4 pounds
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Shark Pet-Perfect SV75ZShark Pet-Perfect SV75ZHandheld3.5 pounds
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Features to Look for When Comparing Shark Vacuums

If you’ve never shopped for a new vacuum, then you may not know what to look for when perusing Shark’s catalogue of new models. In order to get you up to speed, consider the following features while comparing prospective models.

First and foremost, pay attention to the type of vacuum you are presently looking at. At the surface level, this means paying close attention to your prospective vacuum’s form factor. You’ll need to store your new vacuum away after using it, so this particular specification can go a long way towards making that achievable.

At the same time, ensure that your prospective vacuum will be powered in a manner that is agreeable to you. In other words, if you don’t plan on taking your vacuum far from a power source, then a corded model will likely suffice. However, users who want a bit more portability and versatility when vacuuming may want a battery-powered or rechargeable unit. Not all models come with a choice here, though, so be sure to read each model’s listing carefully before committing to it.

One other specification that often goes under the radar is the difference between “bagged” and “bagless” models. A “bagged” unit collects dust like a traditional vacuum, which is to say, in an internal pouch that can often be emptied and reused. Meanwhile, a bagless model simply collects materials in a central cannister without needing a separate liner. Most users prefer a bagless model simply because they are easier and cheaper to maintain over the long-term.

Speaking of practicality, it is also important to factor in weight when choosing between vacuums. While upright vacuums are heftier by nature, a cordless or handheld model that is heavier than average may leave your arms sore over an extended period of use. As such, you should always look for the lightest possible unit in order to reduce personal strain while vacuuming.

Also, be sure not to overlook add-on features like those provided by accessories. Many vacuums come with extra nozzles and tips that simplify the process of vacuuming certain materials (such as a hardwood floor) or certain areas (such as a crevasse). Users with unusual architecture in their home should especially be on the lookout for attachments that can handle every nook and cranny without extra hassle.

Quick Guide to the Best Shark Vacuums

If you’re in a hurry to find a new in-home vacuum, you’ve come to the right place. This quick guide will provide you with rapid-fire insights into two popular and productive vacuum models currently offered by Shark. Each of the following models excels when it comes to performing certain tasks, too, so you can count on them to meet your home’s specific cleaning needs.

Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair – Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780

Pet hair can be a major nuisance to pick up, especially during the warm seasons when cats and dogs shed more. That’s why you need an effective tool like the Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780 to clean up all of that fur without wasting any time. This particular model excels at this task because its extra-large detachable motorized brush can dig out ground in hair and dirt effortlessly. This unit’s compact size and light weight also allows you to take it anywhere your pets roam.

Even if you have several pets, you won’t likely need to empty your Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780 all that often. That’s because this reengineered unit has a dust cup that’s over half a liter in size. That dust cup’s internal architecture is ideal, too, because it leaves few-to-no areas in which hair can clump up and cause troublesome clogs.

Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Shark Navigator NV352

Maintaining your home’s hardwood floors means providing them with extra care and attention. Because this type of flooring is prone to scuffs and scratches, it is essential that you pick up a vacuum like the Shark Navigator NV352 that won’t ever damage your floor’s surface. That’s because this model makes it easy to turn off its internal brush roll, thus ensuring your hardwood floors are spared any undue wear and tear.

The Shark Navigator NV352 is also exceptionally easy to navigate on hardwood floors thanks to its built-in swivel steering functionality. Shark has also incorporated a unique suction technology into this unit that automatically adapts to the kind of flooring you are currently working on. As a result, this unit never loses suction pressure, even when moving from a carpet to a hardwood floor in a single motion.

Top Shark Vacuums in 2021

Word has started to get around about Shark vacuums. That’s no surprise, given that they are among the best the home cleaning appliances industry has to offer right now. Plus, Shark as a brand has focused exclusively on vacuums and other floor cleaning products over the past several years. As a result, they’ve been able to lead the pack while other home appliance companies try to keep pace.

This continued leadership in their field has allowed them to expand their arsenal of models substantially. In fact, they’ve gotten to the point where it is a bit challenging to compare their models through their listings alone. Instead, you can use the following reviews to understand each of these model’s best features before hitting that “Buy Now” button. These reviews have also been categorized according to Shark’s main product lines to make it easier to find a model that fits your home’s cleaning needs.

Shark Upright Vacuums

1. Shark Rotator Professional NV501

Shark Rotator Professional NV501

Though it technically sits at the top of their line, the Shark Rotator Professional NV501 remains a popular pick among homeowners who are committed to getting the most out of their vacuum cleaner. This unit accomplishes that at the most basic levels, starting with its extra-large dust canister which can hold a full 1.3 quarts of debris. This entire also weighs only about 15 lbs., making it easy to push around your home for a few hours without feeling fatigued.

The Shark Rotator Professional NV501 is also a master when it comes to portability. To that extent, this unit can be placed into Lift-Away mode to allow its main canister to separate and act as a handheld vacuum cleaner. This pod can be easily carried upstairs so you can vacuum every crevasse without needing to lug around the full upright vacuum. The wand used in Lift-Away mode can even be extended, making overhead vacuuming a breeze.

All things considered, the Shark Rotator Professional NV501 is a bit expensive at around $240. But it does come with an impressive 5 year warranty, so that higher price is justified in part.

What We Like:

  • Extra-large dust cannister
  • Fairly lightweight for an upright vacuum
  • Can also be used in Lift-Away mode

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Known for broken belts after warranty ends

2. Shark Rotator NV752

Shark Rotator NV752

When it comes to capacity, the Shark Rotator NV752 takes in-home vacuuming to the next level. It features a massive dust cup that can hold a whopping 1.5 quarts of material at once. Once it is deposited into that canister, you shouldn’t expect even a single speck of dust to escape. That’s because this model’s canister is reinforced with an anti-allergy seal that prevents dust blow back. In effect, you (and everyone around you) will be able to breathe easier when you’re vacuuming the house.

The Shark Rotator NV752 can also be re-oriented into 4 different modes, including both a Lift-Away mode and a Pet Power Brush mode. The latter of these modes is perfect for extracting dirt, dust, and hair from your pets’ favorite resting places. As you work, you may also find yourself vacuuming both hard and soft floors in close proximity. The Shark Rotator NV752 makes it easy to tackle both kinds of floors optimally by including fingertip controls that toggle between hard floor and carpet mode.

What We Like:

  • Anti-allergy seal prevent dust blowback
  • 4 use modes, including one for pet hair
  • Fingertip controls for ease of use

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Roller tends to get bound up by long hairs

3. Shark Navigator NV352

Shark Navigator NV352

Among Shark’s line of upright vacuums, the Navigator NV352 is one of their more affordable options. Priced at right around $170, this unit would make a good initial investment or an upgrade for any mid-sized or large home. In most cases, this model’s 1.1-quart dust cup will be plenty large enough to cover a space of that size without needing to empty it out more than once. With a 25 foot cord, you may not even need to stop to re-plug in this upright vacuum while working in a sizable living room or bedroom.

Despite its slightly lower price, the Shark Navigator NV352 is also the master in this class when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. That’s because you can easily shut off its brush roll, thus ensuring your hardwood floors are treated gently. The Shark Navigator NV352 has also been designed with an intelligent suction system that can adjust itself on the fly. As such, you’ll never lose suction when rolling directly from a carpeted floor onto a hard floor surface.

What We Like:

  • Priced as an entry-level model or an upgrade
  • Fairly long cord
  • Optimized for cleaning hardwood floors without causing damage

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Narrow intake zone requires multiple passes

Shark Cordless Vacuums

1. Shark IONFlex 2X IF251

Shark IONFlex 2X IF251

Shark has really upped their cordless vacuum game over the past several years. This can be seen pretty clearly with the IONFlex 2X IF251 model, which was built to take advantage of several of this brand’s latest technologies. This includes Shark’s proprietary DuoClean technology, which incorporates both a soft roller and a bristle brush to ensure both large and small particles are loosened before being sucked up.

Another useful technology seen in the Shark IONFlex 2X IF251 is this brand’s unique MultiFLEX system. In practice, this system allows this unit to fold over into a tight form factor that is ideal for storing in closets and under beds. But all things considered, you won’t need to put this cordless vacuum away until your job is complete. That’s because you can get a full 80 minutes of powerful vacuuming out of this unit’s twin ION power packs. Those both come standard at no extra cost, too, so you can be up and running as soon as this vacuum is delivered to you.

What We Like:

  • Soft and bristle brushes effectively draw out all sizes of debris
  • Tight form factor ideal for storage
  • 80 minute battery life between two battery packs

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly underpowered on some thicker carpets

2. Shark Rocket Pet Pro

Shark Rocket Pet Pro

Just as its name says, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro is almost entirely unmatched when it comes to picking up pet hair. In fact, this is one of the first cordless units to incorporate Shark’s proprietary Dirt Engage technology. In practice, that means that this unit’s brush roll is able to dig deep into carpet to dislodge every speck of dirt and danger on a single pass. This unit then draws in all of that material and keeps it from ejecting outwards once more using its built-in anti-allergy seal and HEPA filter.

One big issue traditional vacuums have when working with pet hair involves their rollers. Specifically, they often get knotted up by extra-long strands that wrap around the roller brush. You won’t have that problem while using the Shark Rocket Pet Pro, though, because its roller brush’s bristles have been arranged to prevent any wrapping. As a result, you’ll only really need to take a break from using this cordless vacuum when its 40 minute battery life runs dry or its high-capacity dust cup requires emptying.

What We Like:

  • Utilizes new dirt detection technology
  • Anti-allergy seal and HEPA filter prevent debris ejections
  • Rollers prevent hair wrapping

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not stand upright on its own

3. Shark X40 IR141

Shark X40 IR141

The Shark X40 IR141 represents this brand’s best cordless vacuum for everyday use. Naturally, that means that this unit utilizes DuoClean technology to ensure that highly trafficked carpet areas are entirely free of dirt and dust. But you may also be surprised to learn that this model’s DuoClean technology also works wonders on hardwood floors. As such, just a single pass with this cordless vacuum will make those kinds of floors shine like they’ve been polished.

At the same time, you’ll also get a pretty respectable battery life when using the Shark X40 IR141. For example, when operating in its regular vacuuming mode, one of this unit’s battery packs can last up to 40 minutes. Meanwhile, while in hardwood or carpet mode, these batteries can last for 30 or 25 minutes, respectively. While this is technically shorter than this brand’s average, it still demonstrates this unit’s overall energy efficiency when completing larger vacuuming jobs.

What We Like:

  • Works well on both carpets and hardwood floors
  • Modest battery life across several use modes
  • Ergonomic trigger-style handle

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Top heavy, especially when in storage

Shark Corded Vacuums

1. Shark LZ601

Shark LZ601

Some folks have not given Shark’s line of corded vacuums enough attention lately. That’s their lose because models like the Shark LZ601 have really shown how far this type of vacuum has come. Take its use of HyperVelocity Suction, for example. This piece of technology combines a high-speed motor and a streamlined internal airflow to maximize suction capacity, regardless of what surface you’re on. This unit’s dual brush rolls also ensure that that suction picks up as much dirt and dust in a single pass as possible.

While you’re vacuuming with the Shark LZ601, you won’t ever lose track of where you have and have not cleaned. That’s because this unit’s vacuuming head includes a set of bright LED lights that illuminate the path before your effectively. You also won’t need to worry about finding a place to lean or hang this corded vacuum unit. That’s because it can be set to stand on its own, making it ideal for placing in a closet or storing behind a cabinet.

What We Like:

  • Powerful motor creates reliable suction
  • Brush rolls effectively loosen debris in a single pass
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Stands up on its own

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Brush roller does not hold up to impacts well

2. Shark Rocket HV302

Shark Rocket HV302

At first, you might baulk at the prospect of a $180 corded vacuum cleaner. After all, these units usually cost a fair bit more than that. But as the Shark Rocket HV302 has shown, an affordable corded vacuum need not be cut rate at all. In fact, this unit weighs only 8 pounds. As such, it is extremely portable and won’t fatigue you at all during an extended vacuuming session. Its swivel steering system also makes it easy to maneuver around your home, including under stationary pieces of furniture.

While you would expect a corded vacuum’s built-in cord to be slightly longer than average, I don’t think most would have counted on the Shark Rocket HV302 to go the extra mile on this front. But indeed, it does, as can be seen in its 30 foot long cord. This will allow you to use this unit far from an outlet, including in the garage. In fact, this unit comes with a number of accessories that make it fairly easy to vacuum out your car’s numerous nooks and crannies.

What We Like:

  • Budget-priced
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver on all flooring
  • Extra-long cord
  • Can also be used to clean a car’s interior

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Subpar customer service for replacement parts

3. Shark Flex HV391

Shark Flex HV391

The Shark Flex HV391’s major claim to fame is that it packs almost all of the best features of Shark’s upright vacuums into a super portable package. In fact, this unit only weighs just under 10 lbs. in total, which is under half the weight of a similarly equipped upright vacuum. Anyone who has used a Shark upright vacuum before will be pleased to see that this model includes many of this brand’s best technologies, including both its DuoClean rollers and its MultiFLEX body structure.

You also get floor-to-ceiling versatility when using a Shark Flex HV391. When at floor level, this unit smoothly rolls over hard and soft floors thanks to its Active-Glide technology. But once it’s time to take care of the stairs, this unit can quickly be converted into reach mode. As its name suggests, this mode can also be used to capture dust and cobwebs far above your head (so long as you utilize this unit’s specialized extending wand attachment).

What We Like:

  • Lightweight, but still fully equipped with features
  • Floor-to-ceiling versatility
  • Glides smoothly over hardwood and carpet flooring

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Clogs often

Shark Robotic Vacuums

1. Shark IQ

Shark IQ

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Roomba before. You may even think it’s one of the one viable robot vacuums on the market today. But Shark has made a case for superiority in this field with the recent introduction of their IQ model. As its name suggests, this is easily one of the smartest robot vacuums to hit the market. That’s because its IQ NAV system is able to map out the interior of your home and maximize its coverage during each pass. Then, once it’s all finished cleaning every hard and soft floor, it can return to its base to charge and empty its load.

Of course, the Shark IQ’s Total Home Mapping also allows you to select certain rooms in your home for it to focus on. You can even prioritize certain rooms, thus ensuring that your most heavily trafficked areas receive as much attention as possible. If you want to pre-schedule this robot vacuum, you’ll be able to do so with just a simple voice command. That’s because this model is fully compatible with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

All of these excellent features don’t come cheap, though. In fact, the Shark HQ costs just under $500 right now. But that’s a worthwhile price to pay for one of the best robot vacuums available.

What We Like:

  • Navigation system maps out rooms on its own
  • Can be controlled from app or using smart assistant
  • Brush system digs deep into high pile carpet

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive

2. Shark ION R87

Shark ION R87

If you’re looking for an entry-level robot vacuum, you might give the Shark ION R87 some of your attention. First off, this unit is relatively affordable thanks to its approximately $260 price tag. At the same time, though, it has as much power and capability as more expensive units. This can be seen in its multi-surface brush roll, which excels at picking up hair without becoming tangled. It also has a nice set of corner brushes that can loosed debris from hard-to-reach places.

When it comes to orientation, the Shark ION R87 can handle well on its own. That’s because they are built with an on-board Auto-Sense Navigation system that allows it to actively adapt to new obstacles in its path. Should it become stuck, though, it’ll quickly send a notification over wi-fi to the Shark Clean smartphone app. While you’re in that app, you can schedule this unit to only operate at certain times or in conjunction with a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home.

What We Like:

  • Affordable for a robot vacuum
  • Multi-surface brush roll ideal for use on hardwood floors
  • Navigation system adapts to obstacles well

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Often goes over the same spot multiple times

3. Shark ION R85

Shark ION R85

Though it is technically a slightly older model, the Shark ION R85 remains in considerable demand. That’s likely because this model set this brand’s standard for performance across all of its succeeding robot vacuums. For example, this unit contains a 0.7 liter dust cup that only needs to be emptied once every couple of days. This model also was the first to include Max Mode, which empowers the unit to triple its suction capacity when a heavy-duty vacuuming job is at hand.

The Shark ION R85 was also one of the first units to utilize this brand’s innovative Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 guidance system. As a result, this unit can establish its own boundaries while following those that you lay down. To do this, all you have to do is set down a “bot boundary” strip, which automatically triggers this vacuum to avoid the nearby obstacle. You’ll actually get 8 feet of those boundaries for free with this unit, which currently costs right around $300 at most online retailers.

What We Like:

  • Reengineered navigation system follows boundaries
  • Modest dust cup size
  • Special mode triples suction capacity

What We Didn’t Like:

  • A little loud when active

Shark Handheld Vacuums

1. Shark WANDVAC WV201


When you take a look at the Shark WANDVAC WV201, you may not know that it is a handheld vacuum at all. Indeed, this unit’s form factor is like no other model that has come before it, from Shark or any other brand. But in many ways, this model’s sleek, the streamlined shape may influence all handheld vacuum manufacturers going forward.

The Shark WANDVAC WV201 is more than just nice to look at, of course. It always performs admirably when put to the test of sucking up dirt, hair, sand, and more. In fact, this model excels when the job at hand requires squeezing into tight cracks and crevasse. That’s because this model’s tapered nozzle allows it to zero in on tight spaces and come out with a full load of debris.

The Shark WANDVAC WV201 is also a dream to hold in your hand. At only 1.4 lbs., it barely feels like you are carrying around anything at all. Its handle is also well-balanced, which will ensure your hands and wrists aren’t strained – not even when this unit’s admittedly small 0.08 liter dust cup is full to capacity.

What We Like:

  • Sleek, balanced form factor
  • Super lightweight
  • Recharges rapidly after being placed on secure dock

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Exterior is not super durable

2. Shark Pet-Perfect SV75Z

Shark Pet-Perfect SV75Z

The Shark Pet-Perfect SV75Z was a real trailblazer when it hit the market. Even today, this unit provides a solid standard of performance thanks to its utilization of Twister Cyclonic technology. This technology is particularly effective when used against pet hair and dander, which are always effectively loosened in advance by this unit’s reliable motorized brush head. All of that debris then passes through a washable filter, thus ensuring that clogs never slow you down while vacuuming.

Given that it has been out for a number of years now, you can actually find the Shark Pet-Perfect SV75Z at a pretty affordable price. Right now, in fact, you can pick one up for around $40. Speaking of “picking up,” some might worry that this model is slightly heavier than the current industry average. But realistically, this unit only weighs around 3.28 lbs. As such, it won’t put any extra strain on your hands or wrists, even if its modest-sized dust cup is full.

What We Like:

  • Very affordably priced
  • Strong suction across entire vacuum head
  • Utilizes multiple washable filters

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Noisy while in use

3. Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780

Recently, Shark has given this well-liked line of products an upgrade. The result was the Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780, which carries on this line’s tradition of providing unbeatable purpose-driven performance. To be specific, this model’s extra-large detachable motorized brush roll is unrivaled when it comes to loosening pet dander and hair. It can even bring vacuum up ground-in dirt everywhere from your boat to your RV using its dusting brush and direct suction tool.

This model’s advanced lithium-ion battery is also a major advancement for this brand and handheld vacuums in general. It can hold a charge for as long as an hour after only charging for an hour or two, which is a major improvement on both ends. However, the size of this unit’s battery does lead to one notable drawback – its weight. In fact, at just under 5 lbs., you may find that this unit requires just a bit more effort to use during a long vacuuming session.

What We Like:

  • Motorized brush roll digs deep into carpet and upholstery
  • Improved battery charges in just a couple of hours
  • Widely available online and in stores

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavier than most handheld units

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do Shark vacuums come in other colors?

If you’ve been shopping for a Shark vacuum through that brand’s website, you may have been led to believe that their current units only come in the brand’s iconic colors – lavender and grey. However, Shark routinely makes color variations of almost all of their most popular models. These colorful units can often be found in retail stores, often through a deal to provide that color-altered unit at a slightly higher price.

However, by the same token, certain online retailers also carry a bevy of different colored Shark vacuums. For example, it is not uncommon to find yellow or red units when looking at cordless stick and upright vacuums on Shark’s off site marketplaces. Also, Shark has recently made a habit of releasing “deluxe” versions of their most popular models. These units are typically gold or silver in color, as well as a variety of other designer color, with limited availability overall.

What do the lights on my Robot Shark vacuum mean?

While using your robot Shark vacuum, you may have noticed some unfamiliar lights appear on its on-board display. While your unit’s user’s guide can provide you with model-specific insights for decoding these lights, the following are the most common lights that appear across all Shark brand robot vacuums:

  • Charge Indicator Light – This light looks like a small battery and communicates your unit’s current level of charge. This indicator is split into two halves, with a blue light in either half indicating that the unit is either partially or fully charged. If this light turns red, it means that the unit is running low on power and is likely returning to its hub to recharge. However, a flashing red light indicates that the unit was unable to reach its hub before it ran out of energy.
  • Wi-fi Indicator – This light appears as several waves radiating out of a single point. When it is lit up blue, that means that your unit is connected to the local wi-fi and is able to receive signals through that channel. A red wi-fi indicator, meanwhile, indicates that the unit could not successfully connect to your home’s wi-fi network. If this light periodically flashes, that means that it is actively trying to pair with your wi-fi network or another connected device.
  • Error Indicator – This light appears as a red exclamation point inside of a circle. This light will illuminate with different patterns depending on the type of error experienced by the unit. These will vary between models, so you should check your unit’s user’s guide for more insight into how to troubleshoot a presenting error.

How do I remove and wash the filter in my Shark cordless vacuum?

Ideally, you should be washing your Shark cordless vacuum’s filter on a regular basis. This can prevent it from degrading or becoming excessively clogged with fine particles. With normal usage, this can be done as often as once a month or as rarely as once every 6 months. You may also consider washing these filters more often if you suffer from allergies that might be aggravated by materials trapped in that filter.

To wash your Shark cordless vacuum filters, you must first correctly remove them from the unit. To do this, turn off the unit and the access filter assembly compartment. Then, gently remove the foam filter itself and rinse it with water. Do not use soap of any kind on this filter. Allow the filter to dry for 24 hours or more before reinstalling it in the vacuum. This same process can also be used on the post-motor filters. Your model’s user’s guide can teach you how to access those filters successfully.

How long does a Shark handheld vacuum last on a full charge?

Most handheld Shark vacuums can now last between 30 minutes and 1 hour of continuous use. However, if you are using any specialized attachments, this battery life may decrease. Also, it’s worth noting that Shark uses lithium-ion batteries in all of its cordless units. As a result, their ability to hold a full charge may decrease over time.

What does the red light on my Shark handheld vacuum mean?

There are two main red lights that can appear on some Shark handheld vacuums. The first is the unit’s charging light, which may flash 5 times over 5 seconds to indicate that the unit’s power is nearly depleted. However, this same lighted error can also be used to indicate a clog within the unit’s system. As such, you should check for any internal obstructions if charging your unit does not resolve the flashing light error.

Also, you may at some point notice the indicator light on your handheld Shark vacuum flash red. This error is designed to communicate that your unit is overheating. In response, you should turn off the unit for at least 45 minutes to allow it to cool down. Otherwise, the unit’s motor and other internal components may experience permanent damage caused by an overabundance of internal heat.

The Bottom Line

By now, it should be clear why Shark has grown in popularity within the vacuum cleaner market over the past several years. They continue to produce some of the best units available, many of which include innovative features that empower homeowners to tackle all of their in-home cleaning jobs with ease. Not only that, but they make vacuuming solutions to fit all budgets and needs, starting with their affordable handheld vacuums and continuing up through their premium robot vacuums.

With everything you’ve learned in this guide, you should be ready to pick out a Shark vacuum of your own in no time flat. But if you need a quick refresher, don’t hesitate to read over this guide’s in-depth reviews once again. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, know that an excellent vacuuming experience is awaiting you when you order a Shark vacuum from your favorite online retailer.

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