The Best Personal Blender For Smoothie On The Go In 2021

There’s something about a homemade smoothie that cannot be replicated. Maybe it’s the flavor…maybe it’s the texture. Whatever it is, there’s always room in your daily diet for one of these nutrient-rich drinks.

But there are a few issues that come with making a smoothie at home. In a regular blender, you’re forced to make way more mix then you can drink at once. Then, if you store that extra, it’ll likely spoil in just over a day. Worse yet, you may end up making a mess pouring the mix from your blender to your cup.

Fortunately, smoothie-lovers like you, and I don’t need to struggle with these issues anymore. Now, there are some great personal blenders in today’s market. Each is designed to blend a single serving at a time. Better yet, most use bottle container that doubles as a to-go cup. In essence, they cut out the mess and waste that come with regular at-home blending.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best personal blenders you can add to your home kitchen. Each model in this collection has been reviewed to highlight its top features. Each is well-priced, too, so you can try one out without breaking your budget. So, if you’ve been searching for a perfect blending up-grade, you’re sure to find it here.

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Best Personal Blender – Comparison​​​​​​

PictureProduct NameColorMaterialPrice
Ninja Fit QB3001SSNinja Fit QB3001SSBlackPlastic
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Hamilton Beach 51101AVHamilton Beach 51101AVBlackMetal
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Ninja QB900BNinja QB900BSilverPlastic
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La Reveuse PersonalLa Reveuse PersonalBlackTritan Material Tall Cup
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Deik 2019Deik 2019SilverStainless Steel
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Olivivi PortableOlivivi PortableGreenPlastic
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CHULUX 1000CHULUX 1000SilverDie-cast aluminum
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Ninja BL450Ninja BL450in a Black and Silver FinishPlastic
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G-TING 450G-TING 450SilverGlass
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TENSWALL PortableTENSWALL PortableWhiteFood grade enhanced ABS
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The Best Personal Blender for a Home Kitchen

1. Ninja Fit QB3001SS Personal Blender for Shakes

Ninja Fit QB3001SS

Let’s open this collection with a brand you’ll recognize immediately – Ninja. For many years now, Ninja has set the standard for blenders large and small. As such, it makes sense that they also make several of the most popular & best personal blenders. Their Fit QB3001SS model is a great option that is affordably priced for this brand. For that price, you get a lot of added value, including a 1-year warranty.

For that reasonable price tag, you get a wide assortment of high-performing features, too. Brand loyalists for Ninja will recognize some of these features from larger models. For example, the Fit QB3001SS utilizes this brand’s unique Pulse technology. In this model, that takes the form of a blade assembly that can crush ice and frozen fruit at once. Those blades are then driven by a 700-watt motor that is more reliable than it is powerful.

Because of their proportions, personal blenders can sometimes be top-heavy. That’s true of the Fit QB3001SS and all of its competition. However, Ninja ensured that you can always hold this unit in place by grabbing its curved base. Ninja also ensured that the Fit QB3001SS is as safe as it can be. All of its plastic components are BPA-free, after all, even after they’ve been run safely through the dishwasher.

The Fit QB3001SS is also fully compatible with Ninja’s existing Nutri cups. In fact, it comes with 2 for no added cost. But if you expect to blend daily, know that getting more of these cups is cheap and easy. The Sip and Seal lids for these cups are great, too. Their internal seals are flexible and rarely every leak.

What We Like:

  • Affordably priced for this brand
  • Unique blade assembly makes quick work of produce and ice
  • All non-base components are BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • The curved base is easy to grip when engaging unit

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can’t grind coffee or make hot foods
  • Can’t remove inner silicone ring for cleaning

2. Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Hamilton Beach 51101AV

Hamilton Beach is another trusted name in home kitchen appliances. So, you can trust that they know what they’re doing when it comes to personal blenders. As such, it’s not surprising that their 51101AV model is a top-rated best personal blender option on the market. Many current users of this model have hailed its compact form factor and lightweight. Others have been impressed with its ability to make baby food, salad dressings, and more in its 14 oz. jar.

Meanwhile, there’s been some mixed reactions to this model’s 175-watt motor. This motor capacity is indeed far lower than the industry average. But the Hamilton Beach 51101AV more than makes up for that with its efficiency. This motor won’t ever heat up and damage itself, first of all. When it comes to performance, it can also make quick work of ice and frozen fruits. This model’s stainless steel blades play a part in that, too, all without losing their edge.

If you’re new to blending, you’ll find the Hamilton Beach 51101AV to your liking as well. That’s because it offers a simplified user interface that won’t leave you guessing. With its one-touch blending system, you’ll be able to control how long your mix runs for. For example, if your mix only needs a momentary blend, this model’s pulse function responds perfectly. Even longer blending cycles always return a consistent quality and texture.

Previous users of the Hamilton Beach 51101AV have noted some faults with it, though. For example, the mixing jar that comes with this model is made of thinner plastic. Also, fully frozen fruits may cause this unit’s blades to jam up.

What We Like:

  • The efficient 175-watt motor does not heat up
  • One-touch operation utilizes combined ON/PULSE button
  • Stainless steel blades don’t lose their edge easily
  • Wrap-around cord ideal for storage or transport

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Blending jar/travel cup is a thinner plastic
  • Frozen foods must be partially thawed

3. Ninja QB900B Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending

Ninja QB900B

Though it may not look like a personal blender at first, the Ninja QB900B serves this role well. That’s because this model, like others from Ninja, utilizes their patented Pulse technology. This allows it to blend or chop up any ingredient – even ice or leafy green veggies. Also, it’s unique design allows you to do as much or as little at once as you need. For more, use this model’s 48 oz. pitcher; for less, just use the 16 oz. bowl container.

However, this points to one notable flaw with the Ninja QB900B. To be specific, neither of its pitchers double as a to-go cup. As such, you’ll need to do a little extra work and pour your mixture out after making it. This shouldn’t be that big of an issue, though, given that both containers feature an easy-pour spout. Both also include an anti-spill splash guard to cut down on potential messes during a transfer.

As for its core specifications, the Ninja QB900B has a lot to offer its users. At its core, it uses a 400-watt motor that is just strong enough for most at-home blending jobs. To supplement this motor, the Ninja QB900B also utilizes a unique set of stacked blades. When it moves, these off-set blades ensure that no ingredient goes un-blended. In turn, the texture of smoothies made in this blender is unbeatable.

The BPA-free plastics used throughout this model are made to perform, too. Specifically, they are sturdy and designed to resist stains from dark-colored produce. As a result, all of the Ninja QB900B’s plastic components are easy to clean. In fact, you may not even need to soak them if you use enough soap and warm water.

What We Like:

  • Comes with both a pitcher and a chopping bowl
  • Stacked blade technology allows for rapid grinding of dense produce
  • 400-watt base utilizes very sensitive push-to-pulse pulse technology
  • Anti-spill splash guards and pour spouts prevent messes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Containers do not double as portable travel cups
  • Requires adding ingredients first, leading to over-filling

4. La Reveuse Personal Size Blender

La Reveuse Personal

La Reveuse is not a well-known brand in the US at all. But I’ll bet that they’ll become more popular once more folks try out their best personal blender. This model has managed to distinguish itself by doing a lot with a little. This includes its 250-watt motor, which is slightly less powerful than average. Even so, its pure copper construction is durable beyond expectations. Better yet, it’s just powerful enough to make pureeing possible without a food processor.

Along those same lines, this model is very versatile. Naturally, this blender can make you a personal-size smoothie in about a minute. But it can do even more when you’re preparing a nice dinner or baking. To that end, this La Reveuse model can grate and grind many kinds of cheese and nuts. As a result, this unit can be used to make baby food or protein drinks right in your home kitchen.

Admittedly, this model’s pitcher is a bit larger than the “personal” size of competing units. However, the handle on that same pitcher makes up for this increase in size. Moreover, this handle makes it easy to get a grip on the pitcher while taking a drink from it. If you prefer, though, this model also comes with a pair of travel cups and lids. These cups are perfectly sized to fit your hand, making them ideal for taking to the office or gym.

Those cups aren’t just for traveling, though. They can also be sealed shut using the special full cover lids that come with this blender. They lock out air and ensure that your blend stays fresh for a few extra days. You can also drink comfortable right out of these cups if you pop on one of their plastic “comfort lips.”

What We Like:

  • Comes with travel, sealed, and “comfort lip” covers for pitcher
  • Extra-wide pitcher allows for greater volume per blend
  • Cross-blade design prevents chunks from escaping
  • Durable 250-watt pure copper motor stands up to long-term use

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hinge in lids may break off with a little force
  • May have some trouble blending leafy greens

5. Deik Smoothie Personal Blender for Mixer/Chopper/Grinder

Deik 2019

Innovation in the best personal blender industry has been a little slow lately. That’s why it is nice to see a unit like the Deik 2019. This model has been recently updated to ensure that it remains a customer favorite. One notable improvement seen in this model is its “big button design.” Deik made this main operation button larger, for starters. Then, they made it easier to push. Taken together, you’ll have more control over your blend’s texture while utilizing this button.

Meanwhile, the Deik 2019 core components are still up to snuff when it comes to blending. Actually, they’re also up to snuff when it comes to chopping and grinding. That’s because this model comes with a chopper bowl and compact grinder container. They can be used to tear up leafy veggies and grind coffee beans, respectively. All three wash out easily, as well. Simply pour in soapy water, give them a shake, and they should be free of any leftover debris.

Some multi-use blenders use the same blades for all of their functions. That’s not the case with the Deik 2019. It has 3 different blade sets, each of which are made to perform their task with precision. All three are made from durable stainless steel, though. So, you’ll be able to count on them to resist corrosion through many daily uses.

The Deik 2019 hasn’t fixed a couple of its ongoing issues, unfortunately. For example, this unit is known to heat up considerably while in use. At the same time, this model is also known for being extra loud. So, if those are deal-breakers for you, this may not be your best personal blender option.

What We Like:

  • Utilizes 3 different blade sets for chopping, grinding, and blending
  • 500-watt base can crush ice and fruit together without jamming
  • Travel bottle lid includes clip on for easy transporting
  • Comes with a special pod ideal for grinding coffee

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May heat up if used for too long
  • Very loud, regardless of which blade is used

6. Olivivi Portable Blender, Multifunctional Personal Blender

Olivivi Portable

When it comes to blending, who says you have to leave it at home? That’s a question the Olivivi Portable blender asks in both its size and function. This is one of the most popular cordless blenders out there, and it’s still sized perfectly. In fact, you’ll be able to make 15-20 cups of juice at a time on a full charge of this model’s 4000mAh battery. It plugs into any USB, too, so you can easily recharge it when you’re away from home.

Given its compact size, this model’s main blending chamber takes a larger role in its operation. As noted, it is well sized to create a single serving of your favorite blended drink. But once that’s done, you’ll be able to pop the base off and take the container with you. It doubles as a travel cup, and a durable one at that. That’s because it is made from Tritan copolyester, a resilient plastic that is entirely free of BPAs.

Even for its size, this best personal blender shouldn’t have any trouble cutting up smaller ingredients. In fact, it can remarkably reach 22,000 RPM when at full speed. That’s a pretty impressive top speed, considering it only features a 300-watt motor at its core. Perhaps this cutting capacity can be attributed to its unique serrated stainless steel blades, instead.

What We Like:

  • Powered by 4000mAh battery that can be charged by USB
  • Pitcher/travel cup made from safe and durable Tritan copolyester
  • 304 stainless steel blades include saw blades to more effectively tear into stringy produce
  • Reliable 300-watt motor system can reach up to 22,000 RPM

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can’t effectively blend ingredients larger than 1 inch in size
  • Does not come with instructions to explain base light colors

7. CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker


Some folks think getting a personal blender means having to sacrifice power. The CHULUX 1000 has something to say about that preconception. After all, it’s built around a 1,000-watt motor that rivals that of a larger volume blender. That size isn’t all for the show, either. As it turns out, this model can grind up almost any mixture of frozen fruit and ice in under 30 seconds. Without a full load, this model can even accomplish the same task with just a pulse or two.

Part of the CHULUX 1000’s secret is its blades. For blending, most folks use its 2-blade attachment that blends and grinds at the same time. However, this model also provides an option if you want to extract more juice from your ingredients. To be specific, you can also use the 6-blade extractor attachment that comes with this model. Both blade sets are plenty durable as well, not to mention safe and easy to clean.

The CHULUX 1000 also pays attention to the details. For example, this model’s base ventilation effectively prevents the unit from overheating. In turn, this small detail can help extend this blender’s life substantially. The same goes for this model’s silicon base mat. It prevents the whole unit from tipping over or scooting about while in use.

What We Like:

  • 1,000-watt motor applies enough force to chop most produce in one pulse
  • Heavy duty silicon base mat prevents slippage and scooting
  • 6-leaf extractor blade and 2-leaf grinding blade accomplish most jobs well
  • Base ventilation prevents overheating and extends service life

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lacks a warranty or reliable customer service
  • Known to off-put burning rubber smell when used for longer blends

8. Ninja BL450 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Ninja BL450

From what I’ve seen, the Ninja BL450 hasn’t received that much attention in this field. That’s a shame because this personal blender can perform well above expectations. That starts with its 900-watt motor, which is far above the industry standard. While remaining powerful, this motor can also preserve its own stability. To be specific, it efficiently outputs heat so that it can be used for long blending sessions.

You’ll also get some great options for capacity with the Ninja BL450. Moreover, this model comes with 3 different blending containers that double as travel cups. At 12, 18, and 24 oz. respectively, this blender lets you decide what a “personal” size is. It’s worth noting, those cups are part of this brand’s Nutri Cup system. As such, you can expect them to be durable as well as readily available for replacement.

I also appreciate how easy the Ninja BL450 is to use, even for a beginner. All it requires is a simply twisting motion to attach or remove its blending containers. I also appreciate that it comes with a 1-year warranty, thus making it a worthwhile investment.

What We Like:

  • Lids lock onto cup and into base with a simple twist
  • 900-watt motor won’t overheat during use
  • Comes with three cups at 12, 18, and 24 ounces
  • Comes with a reliable 1-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • More expensive than most personal blenders
  • Gasket requires separate cleaning, or it may retain debris

9. Portable Blender, G-TING Personal Smoothies Blender

G-TING 450

Portable personal blenders can be a bit difficult to use at times. After all, how are you supposed to know how much energy is left in your unit after using it? Well, the G-TING 450 answers that question quickly and easily. It features a small digital screen on its front-facing user interface. That screen displays how much power is left in the battery before it is exhausted. Using that screen, you’ll always be able to tell when your best personal blender needs to be plugged in.

That feature ends up being pretty important, actually. That’s because the G-TING 450’s 3000mAh battery is a little unreliable. In some cases, it may only last as few as 2 hours on a full recharge. But while it is working, you’ll find this model’s core performance to be worthwhile. This includes its 16,500 RPM top speed, which is plenty fast enough to handle large ice chunks. This model’s blades are also made from food-grade stainless steel, making them safe for long-term use.

The G-TING 450 also has a handy new safety feature that is worth highlighting. When this unit’s base and blending container are not connected, it will not turn on at all. As such, your fingers will not be at risk if the power button is accidently pressed. This model’s to-go cup lid is also plenty secure, thus preventing messy accidents.

What We Like:

  • 16,500 RPM blade ideal for blending ice and frozen fruit at once
  • Blender cannot be turned on when cup is removed for safety reasons
  • Display screen indicates battery life
  • To-go lid and base match and are interchangeable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • 3000mAh battery lasts as few as 2 hours
  • Motor enclosure not well sealed

10. Tenswall Portable, Personal Size Smoothies and Shakes


Finally, we round out this collection of great personal blenders with this TENSWALL Portable model. As a blender, this model performs admirably at up to 22,000 RPM. That’s made possible by this model’s 7.4V motor and 6 stainless steel blades. They work in harmony to prevent the usual loud noises emitted by a personal blender. This unit does still emit an unusual buzz while in use, though, and there’s no way to stop it.

If the TENSWALL Portable shines for any one quality, I would applaud its attention to safety. Like some other models, it won’t turn on at all unless all of its components are properly connected. Also, it will automatically shut off if the base and blending container separate for any reason. Even this model’s material composition is fully safe for long-term use. To that end, you won’t find anything toxic in this model’s PCTG bottle or ABS shell.

This is also one of the few best personal blenders that can clean itself. All you have to do is add a little water to your TENSWALL Portable. Then, let it run for a few seconds until all the debris is lifted away. After a quick rinse, this personal blender is then ready for another round.

What We Like:

  • Automatically shuts off if body and cup separate
  • PCTG bottle, ABS shell, and food grade 304 stainless steel blades are all non-toxic
  • Can clean itself by simply adding water
  • 7.4V motor can reach up to 22,000 RPM

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hard to clean in some of units crevasses
  • Emits buzzing noise while in use


Right now, the market for best personal blenders is ripe for the picking. You’ll easily be able to find a model that matches your needs and budget with just a quick search. But why search around? Simply check through all of these detailed reviews again. Then, you’ll be able to order your ideal personal blender in just a matter of minutes.

Before you order, though, don’t forget to consider your needs when it comes to a personal blender. For example, if you routinely blend away from home, a battery-powered unit might be appropriate. Meanwhile, if you know that you’ll always drink a big smoothie, you should consider getting a unit with a large volume pitcher.

Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll surely find your new personal blender useful. Don’t wait to get one, though. You may find that your prospective model was more popular than you anticipated.

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