Best Outdoor Griddles to Help You With Fast Cooking (2021)

If you’re sick of only being able to grill hot dogs, steaks, and maybe some corn on the cob on your outdoor grill, it’s time to rethink your outdoor appliances.

Sure, a standard gas grill can do a nice job at searing your favorite meats and vegetables. But what if you want to cook other types of food, like eggs and pancakes, outside?

It’s simple – you need to upgrade to an outdoor gas griddle.

Not only will the flat, open cooking area of the best outdoor griddle makes it possible for you to cook a variety of meats, breakfast foods, and other tasty treats, but it will let you do so with minimal cleanup involved, too.

Oh, and since there’s no direct flame contact, it’s a lot safer for you to use, too.

Ready to learn more about the best outdoor griddle for your needs? Here’s what you should look for.

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Best Outdoor Griddle – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMaterialWeightPrice
Blackstone 1554 RestaurantBlackstone 1554 RestaurantStainless Steel120 pounds
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Camp Chef Flat Top GrillCamp Chef Flat Top GrillStainless Steel120 pounds
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<Charcoal Companion CC3500Charcoal Companion CC3500Stainless Steel8.42 pounds
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Onlyfire UniversalOnlyfire UniversalStainless Steel8.42 pounds
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Cuisinart CGG-501 GourmetCuisinart CGG-501 GourmetSteel1 pound
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Kettle-Q Little GriddleKettle-Q Little GriddleStainless Steel8.2 pounds
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Sizzle-Q SQ180 100%Sizzle-Q SQ180 100%Stainless Steel9 pounds
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Blackstone Table Top GrillBlackstone Table Top GrillCarbon steel20 pounds
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Onlyfire UniversalOnlyfire Universal304 Stainless Steel6.55 pounds
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Royal Gourmet PortableRoyal Gourmet PortableSteel25.4 pounds
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What to Look For in an Outdoor Griddle

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect outdoor gas griddle, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Before you can start shopping, though, you need to decide what type of gas griddle will work best to meet your needs and to accommodate your current setup.

A dedicated outdoor gas griddle is probably the easiest type of outdoor griddle to add to your existing layout. This is because it is a stand-alone unit, requiring no separate facilities in order to use it. It can be placed next to your regular outdoor grill and will typically have its own wheels, allowing it to be stored and transported easily. A standalone unit will be able to cook more food at once, since it will have a large amount of surface area.

If you don’t plan on feeding the masses but still don’t want to have to rely on a grill, then a portable or tabletop unit is the way to go. These outdoor griddles will offer less cooking area but will also be more affordable and moveable. They are typically designed to be placed on a counter, although you may be able to find some with their own legs, too. They use small propane tanks to operate.

Finally, there are outdoor griddles that are designed to be placed atop your existing grill. They use the heat of your grill to offer versatile cooking benefits, heating up quickly. They are small, compact, and lightweight. This kind of outdoor griddle is the perfect attachment for people who want to be able to enjoy the luxury of grilling and griddling from just one machine.


Once you have decided which type of appliance will be the best outdoor griddle for you, it’s time to think about what size you need to purchase. While a small griddle can often be used both indoors and outside, this might not be a realistic purchase for you if you have lots of people you need to feed.

Griddles can be found in all sizes. One that is around 300 square inches will be considered on the small size, while those larger than 500 square inches are best used when cooking for a large family.

Burner Number

Next to size, the burner number is one of the most important features to look at while shopping for a new outdoor griddle. Depending on the number and location of burners on your outdoor griddle, it will have a variety of hot and cold zones. The spaces directly atop the burners will be hot, while those out toward the edges will be cooler.

Look for an outdoor griddle with lots of burners, as this will allow you to heat the entire surface more quickly. Your food will be cooked to more even temperatures and this kind of griddle will also enable you to cook lots of food all at once – without having it get done at different times. More burners are always better.


You will find outdoor griddles made out of just about every material. Stainless steel and chrome are common choices as they are more durable and resistant to rust. You might also find aluminum used in your outdoor griddle construction. While aluminum tends to be lighter and less expensive than the other two materials, it will need an additional heat-resistant coating to add to its longevity.


A good outdoor gas griddle will be easy to clean. Many people prefer using outdoor gas griddles to grills because they are known for being easier to care for. Look for an option that comes with a good system for managing and disposing of grease, such a grease stain,cup, or pan. This will allow you to take care of your machine simply by wiping it down with a cloth after it has cooled and disposing of the grease in the tray.


No matter what size your outdoor gas griddle may be, you need to make sure you can move it easily. Whether you want to move it into storage during the winter months or take it with you occasionally on camping trips, portability is key. Some outdoor gas griddles have their own wheels, while others are equipped with handles. These features are always helpful to have!

Temperature Control

How easy is your outdoor griddle to use? Hopefully, the answer to that question is – “very.” You need to look for an outdoor griddle that isn’t a major hassle to use, ideally one that comes with easy-to-use and easy-to-program thermostatic controls.

The Top Recommendations for 2021’s Best Outdoor Griddle

1. Blackstone 1554 Restaurant Grade-Professional Griddle Station

Blackstone 1554 Restaurant

Easily one of the best outdoor griddles on the market, the Blackstone 1554 Restaurant Grade outdoor griddle is perhaps one you’ve seen in a restaurant, at a poolside, or even in another high-end luxury setting.

The top selection by commercial chefs, this outdoor griddle is also one of the most durable. It will give you 720 square inches of flat-top grilling surface, a surface that covers four separate stainless steel burners and is powered by 60,000 BTUs. Made out of ultra-thick, cold-rolled steel, you’ll have superb heat retention and even heat distribution, too.

It’s not the only model manufactured by Blackstone – the company also sells several smaller versions. However, there’s no reason not to go for the larger version, particularly if you have lots of mouths for weed. It’s easy to use and even easier to put together.

Although the griddle arrives unassembled, it only takes about ten minutes to assemble all the parts. The griddle body itself ships completely built – all you will need to assemble everything else is a crescent wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

Once put together, this outdoor griddle will really take your breath away. It has four industrial-strength casters attached to the bottom of the trolley cart o help you move it more efficiently. At the same time, though, the griddle has two wheels that can be locked so it will stay safely in place while you are trying to cook on it.

With low to high temperature settings for cooking a variety of foods align with two side work shelves and a bottom shelf for storage, this outdoor griddle is one of the easiest to use. It even has a battery-operated ignition for each burner!

What We Liked:

  • Made out of durable steel
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Offers exceptional storage, work, and cooking space

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Has a side-mounted drip tray that can make it difficult to clean up afterward

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

This flat-top grill by Camp Chef is a traditional grill as well as an outdoor griddle. If you want the versatility needed to be able to cook breakfast foods as well as the perfect steak, then this is the product for you.

With four 12,000 BTU burners, you definitely won’t be under gunned. While you can easily take off the steel plates on other griddles, but it’s usually not recommended that you use those as separate grills. The burners often don’t have protection from the dripping grease, which can lead to fires or malfunctioning. This griddle does, and it’s honestly one of the best.

Assembly may prove to be a bit complicated, but once you get going, you’ll love this grill. It comes with deflector hoods, adjustable legs, and even shelves for extra storage. It even comes with a drip bucket and a drip pan along with micro griddle adjusters.

The griddle comes seasoned, already ready for you to cook on – plus, it’s completely nonstick. It is incredibly versatile and has s die-mounted bracket to contain your 20-lb cylinder of propane.

What We Liked:

  • Has four separate burners
  • Flat top surface made out of steel
  • Allows you to griddle and grill with the same machine

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be challenging to clean


3. Charcoal Companion CC3500 Stainless Steel

Charcoal Companion CC3500 Stainless Steel</a

This outdoor griddle is a great option if you have a charcoal grill that you want to equip with a professional-quality outdoor griddle. Charcoal Companion is a manufacturer that is well known for its high-quality, durable products.

This product is no exception. The flap top plate has a vented design, allowing for additional airflow so your coals won’t burn too hot. The edge along the vents prevents grease from dripping onto the flames,which is essential when you are cooking on a charcoal grill.

In addition, this highly portable grill has integrated stainless steel handles. You won’t have to break your back in order to move this lightweight unit from place to place. The high backplate makes it easy for you to turn your food, and since the grilling surface is made out of stainless steel, it’s incredibly easy to clean.

What We Liked:

  • Can be used on gas and charcoal grills alike
  • Has a versatile design that is lightweight and sturdy
  • Has a high pack plate and sidewalls

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be prone to hot spots

4. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel

Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel

If you want an over-the-top outdoor griddle, then this option by Onlyfire is one of the best outdoor griddles for you. Made out of durable stainless steel, this griddle can be fitted atop the grill you already have – you won’t have to buy extra equipment.

This stainless steel product is 18 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep – if you’re looking for more grilling space, there’s a larger 23-inch version for sale, too. This one is the perfect size for cooking food for your entire family, though – it has removable handles along with a wrench that is included so you can regularly tighten them.

This griddle provides more than 200 square inches of cooking area and even better, can fit over any standard sized gas grill.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty by the manufacturer
  • Has removable handles
  • A cinch to clean and cook on with the nonstick stainless steel cooking surface

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Has no drainage hole on the grease tray, so removing the griddle from the grill can be messy

5. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

Cuisinart is one of the names to know when it comes to top kitchen appliances, and this outdoor griddle is no exception. It features two separate burners instead of just one, putting out 20,000 BTUs of heat with both.

With 285 square inches of cooking space, you will have all the area you need to get the job done. It’s perfect for cooking on your deck or patio! It uses 20-pound propane tanks, so while it’s not the most portable griddle on our list, it nevertheless is easy to transport.

An easy to install griddle, the Cuisinart comes in four separate pieces that you can put together with very few tools. All you need to do is attach the four legs and place the cooking surface on top. It comes with two side handles for easy carrying, too.

With a large drip tray that slides in and out next to the burner controls, you’ll have no trouble at all cleaning up after you are done cooking on this griddle. It comes with a hose and regulator, too, so that you can connect it to a 20-pound propane cylinder.

The two independent burners of this outdoor griddle make it ultra-convenient to use- it doesn’t matter what kinds of foods you decide to prepare,because you will be able to cook them all. It even has four adjustable feet a da twist-to-start ignition so you can use it on any surface at any time.

What We Liked:

  • Heats up quickly with 20,000 BTUs of heat
  • Each burner can be independently controlled
  • Griddle plate is easy to remove for cleaning

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lack of markings on the heat control knobs makes it difficult to control heat

6. Kettle-Q Little Griddle Stainless Steel

Kettle-Q Little Griddle Stainless Steel

If the cute name of this isn’t enough to convince you to buy, then maybe our glowing review will be! Kettle-Q’s Little Griddle is one of the best options for circular grills, featuring a unique half-circle design that helps your food remain on the cooking surface without spilling onto the flames below.

This grill has a unique cross-braced bottom so that you’ll get plenty of oxygen for the charcoal to work without compromising rigidity and strength.

Made out of durable stainless steel, this griddle is easy to clean and perfect to be fitted to the grill you already have. It even comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty – which is practically unheard of on smaller grilling appliances.

What We Liked:

  • Has stainless steel construction
  • Comes with three-inch sidewalls to prevent messes
  • Also has a large grease trough that can be cleaned while remaining on the grill

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not have handles

7. Sizzle-Q SQ180 100% Stainless Steel Universal Griddle

Sizzle-Q SQ180 100% Stainless Steel Universal Griddle

The Sizzle-Q SQ180 is another top option for charcoal and gas grills. This grill-top griddle has patented construction that is ventilated for even, adequate airflow. It also has cross-bracing on the underside for added rigidity and strength.

With 100% 14-gauge stainless steel construction, this griddle has a built-in grease well that can collect grease and excess cooking oil. With the help of the sidewalls, the grease well can prevent flares and fires, too.

The grill is easy to clean, with a stainless steel surface that is rated to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, too.

What We Liked:

  • Has a full-width grease well
  • Can fit almost any size gill
  • Made out of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users report warping over time

8. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable

Blackstone Table Top Grill

Another top pick by Blackstone is this 17-inch tabletop griddle. A more portable and convenient model than the behemoth we told you about above, this griddle comes in at about half the size and weight.

Nevertheless, you’ll still get an impressive 260 square inches of cooking space, which is plenty for most family meals. It is simple to use and has an electronic ignitor that will make its operation completely seamless. Plus, it has an integrated grease management system that is easy to maintain and clean.

The Blackstone Tabletop Grill comes with one stainless steel burner, shaped like an H for even heat distribution. It’s powered by 12,000 BTUs and heats up quickly, warming a thick cold-rolled steel surface that is about ⅛ inch thick. You can use just a single 1-pound propane bottle to power it.

This griddle has an integrated drip tray at its front as well as an easy-to-use temperature control dial. Although it doesn’t come with a cart like the other Blackstone model we reviewed it does have rubber feet for stability. It’s a great choice for taking with you on your next camping trip, as its compact size allows it to fit into the trunk of most cars.

What We Liked:

  • Ignition is easy to use, requiring no matches
  • Has an all-steel construction that is durable and easy to clean
  • H-shaped burner allows you to distribute heat more evenly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not ideal for cooking large amounts of food

9. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Kettle Griddle

Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Kettle Griddle

Another outdoor griddle perfect for the charcoal grill you already have, the Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Kettle Griddle is perfect for kettle grills. It is circular, made out of stainless steel.

This griddle has sturdy handles made out of stainless steel, making it easy to move on and off your grill. It can be used on all circular grill designs that are more than 18 inches in diameter, regardless of whether they are gas or charcoal. It’s even backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty!

With an oversized grease well to prevent flare-ups, this griddle is one of the safest to use. It also has a five-inch edge that is raised so that you can turn and flip your food without having to worry about losing them into the flames.

What We Liked:

  • Stainless-steel surface is easy to clean and rust-resistant
  • Has a large grease well and built-in handles for safety
  • Can fit all grills larger than 18 inches in diameter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t retain heat well

10. Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill

One of the most versatile outdoor griddles you will find, this propane-powered option by Royal Gourmet offers two cooking surfaces side by side. Together, they offer 584 square inches of cooking space – you will be able to cook virtually any kind of grillable food.

With four stainless steel burners and four cooking zones, you’ll get an output of 12,000 BTUs of heat. It’s enough to cook for five or more people at a time. The griddle has an electronic ignition as well as a simple push button to start. It even has a built-in grease channel and removable drip pans, too. Clean up is easy and seamless.

This portable griddle can be moved with its wheels, which have casters that can be locked for stability. There are two extra side tables to give you more space to work, along with hooks that let you store all of your cooking tools with ease.

With removable drip pans and the ability to switch between grill or griddle depending on your preferences, this is one of the best outdoor griddles you are going to find.

What We Liked:

  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Can be used as a grill or a griddle
  • Has plenty of extra workspaces and storage areas

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be a bit heavy and cumbersome to move

Why An Outdoor Griddle is Better Than A Traditional Grill

If you’re in the market for a new outdoor cooking appliance, you really can’t beat an outdoor griddle. Not only does an outdoor griddle collect most of the grease while you are cooking, allowing for a healthier, tastier, and safer meal, but it will also allow you to cook a wider variety of foods.

Not only can an outdoor griddle cook breakfast favorites like pancakes and eggs with ease, but it can also tackle your grilling favorites like burgers and hot dogs.

What’s not to love? If you’re ready to transform your outdoor cooking experience, you’ve got to invest in one of these ten best outdoor griddles – you can take our word for it.

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