Best Kitchen Degreaser To Banish The Grime & Stress In 2021

At the end of a long day, making dinner seems like a monumental task in itself. Add to that the chore of clean-up, and you’re probably going to find yourself dragging your feet. Once you have the best kitchen degreaser on your side, though, you’ll likely find that this task is much less arduous. Cooking every day can lead to all kinds of unpleasant greasy build-ups on your countertops, walls, and cabinets. Having a good degreaser will make light work of your cleaning chores, making it easier for you to get the task done faster.

Kitchen stains can be tough to remove if you don’t have the best kitchen degreaser. These products have unique combinations of ingredients that can help to remove stains and eliminate grime. They can also restore the shine and luster back to your kitchen surfaces.

Not sure what to look for? We’ll give you some tips in this article.

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Best Kitchen Degreaser – Comparison

PictureProduct NameWeightNumber of PiecesPrice
Simple Green IndustrialSimple Green Industrial45 pounds1
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Mrs. Meyers Clean DayMrs. Meyers Clean Day2.25 pounds3
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Krud Kutter 305373Krud Kutter 3053732 pounds1
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Easy-Off Specialty KitchenEasy-Off Specialty Kitchen15.8 ounces1
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Goo Gone KitchenGoo Gone Kitchen2.1 pounds1
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SuperClean 101786 32ozSuperClean 101786 32oz2 pounds1
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KH-7 ConcentratedKH-7 Concentrated1.56 pounds3
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La’s Totally Awesome TRV185098La’s Totally Awesome TRV1850982 pounds1
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Zep ZU50532 Fast 505Zep ZU50532 Fast 5054.54 pounds2
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Stanley Home ProductsStanley Home Products2 pounds1
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Mess – Be Gone! With the 12 Best Kitchen Degreasers of 2021

1. Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner

If you’re sick of messing around with effective household cleaners, you might want to give this industrial cleaner by Simple Green a try.

Industrial cleaners might seem intimidating, but don’t let them deter you. This cleaner is 100% natural and is both non-toxic and biodegradable. Not only that, but it is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, too. This makes it a safer alternative to harmful solvents and cleaners.

With its versatile formula, this kitchen degreaser can be used to clean cabinets, countertops, and all other washable surfaces. Not only can it be used on counters and cabinets, but it can also be used to clean enamel, fabric, fiberglass, metal, upholstery, carpet, cement, and more. It is a water-based non-ionic surfactant that works well against grease, grime, dirt, oil, and lubricants, too.

It is cost-effective and can be used both with and without a cleaning solution. It is VOC-compliant and exempt from EPA and OSHA special handling requirements for hazardous materials, a good sign that it is safe to use in your home.

Sold in several sizes, including a five-gallon, ten-gallon, and fifteen-gallon pail, this Simple Green kitchen degreaser is the perfect choice if you want to stock up on cleaning supplies in your home.

What We Liked:

  • 100% natural blend suitable for industrial settings
  • Can be used to clean carpets and floors, too
  • Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-abrasive

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Despite being all-natural, does contain one solvent (2-Butoxyethanol)

2. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics Set

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics

The Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics Set is another excellent choice if you’re looking to find one of the most natural best kitchen detergents. This product contains ingredients that are at least 97% naturally derived. They all have a bright basil scent that will make your home feel welcoming and fresh.

You can use this cleaner on all kinds of surfaces, including sealed stone. As long as the surface is non-porous, this kitchen degreaser can be used. An eco-friendly product, the Mrs. Meyers kitchen degreaser is not tested on animals and is also cruelty-free.

As if the kitchen degreaser itself was not enough, this purchase also comes with a bottle of liquid dish soap and one of hand soap. You’ll be able to get the whole house clean in a snap! It’s the perfect choice if you have children or pets around the house and don’t want to risk using harmful chemicals. It will leave your countertops and other surfaces sparkly clean – without the stress of a harmful chemical.

What We Liked:

  • 97% natural product
  • Bundle comes with multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, and hand soap
  • Nicely scented degreaser

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users report that the dish soap is not as effective at removing grime

3. Krud Kutter 305373 Kitchen Degreaser

Krud Kutter 305373 Kitchen

The name of this product truly says it all – Krud Kutter is one of the best kitchen degreasers you can find. Not only does it clean and remove all kinds of grimy, greasy messes, but it can be used on just about any surfaces. Whether it’s a range hood, stovetop, countertop, wall, cabinet, or some other surface giving you grief, Krud Kutter is sure to get the job done.

Sold in packages of one or three bottles, this kitchen degreaser has a non-toxic formula that simply requires you to spray and wipe clean. It’s an EPA-safe choice (and is certified as such), safe for both people and for pets. It has unique technology that makes it safe for use on food prep areas yet tough on grease.

Many kitchen degreasers leave behind a sheen when you are done using them. This kitchen degreaser leaves nothing but a clean, grease-free surface in its wake. It is versatile and can be used as a general cleaner anywhere inside or outside the home. It’s safe for use in showers, on carpets and fabrics, and even on delicate surfaces like stainless steel, granite, and sealed stone.

Fragrant-free, this general cleaner has been around since 1974. It has stood the test of time and is just one of many products in the large Krud Kutter family.

What We Liked:

  • Does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia
  • Creates a grease-free surface
  • Can be used in food preparation areas

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not effective against limescale or on varnished wood surfaces

4. Easy-Off Specialty Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner

Easy-Off Specialty Kitchen Degreaser

If you are looking for a kitchen degreaser that starts working in just seconds, you should consider the Easy-Off Specialty Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner.

Easy-Off is known for its superb oven cleaners, and this kitchen degreaser is no exception. It is ideal for ovens along with microwaves and other surfaces. It is incredibly versatile and can be used on all types of surfaces. You can even use it on multiple types of ovens, including broilers, self-cleaning ovens, gas ovens, grill racks, and more.

You’ll never have to worry about missing a spot because you don’t have to switch between surface cleaners. This kitchen degreaser works with powerful foaming action and is perfect for all messes – even those that are stuck-on. It can even be used on cast iron! It offers a superb, streak-free shine. Plus, it does not need to be combined with other cleaning agents or cleaning tools in order to work.

What We Liked:

  • Leaves surfaces clean and shiny
  • Spray bottle makes cleaning convenient and easy
  • Has a powerful foaming action

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Has a strong odor

5. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Another one of the best kitchen degreasers is this spray by Goo Gone. This kitchen degreaser works hard to break down the toughest grime and debris, making clean-up an absolute cinch.

Your kitchen will be transformed into a spotless oasis in a matter of seconds with this fast-working formula. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed, either. It won’t harm your counters or any other surfaces. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including range hoods, stovetops, cabinets – even pots and pans!

It’s even safe on delicate surfaces like sealed stone, finished wood, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, and glass. It gets off stuck-on food and grease and cuts through the toughest deposits.

Sold in two separate sizes, this kitchen degreaser is the perfect one to have on hand to clean up tough messes. It is formulated with citrus power, giving it a wonderful natural scent without losing its effectiveness. It’s a safe alternative to abrasive cleaners and can be used around children and pets. It is not flammable and can be used on stainless steel, too.

What We Liked:

  • Does not absorb into food
  • Has a fast-working formula
  • Requires no scrubbing

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Occasionally leaves behind a light film

6. SuperClean 101786 32oz Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray

SuperClean 101786 32oz Multi-Surface

The SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Kitchen Degreaser is one of the best kitchen degreasers if you want the power of an industrial-strength cleaner without all the harmful chemicals.

This cleaner dissolves grease immediately on contact, removing all kinds of debris including dirt, oil, tar, and even wax. Although it is industrial-strength, it is phosphate-free and biodegradable. In fact, it’s one of the strongest water-based products you will find on the market.

This powerful cleaner can be used on all of your tough cleaning tasks. Each bottle comes as a full-strength concentrate and can be diluted down to 16:1 strength if necessary. No matter what needs cleaning, this kitchen degreaser can handle it.

It doesn’t have to just be used in the kitchen, either. You can use it on engines, appliances, floor mats, wheels, laundry, boats, RVs, golf clubs, fishing rods, and more. It is more of an all-purpose cleaner than a kitchen degreaser, to say the least!

The secret lies in the dilution. For tough grease, such as that found on auto parts or shop equipment, you’ll use this degreaser at full strength. For something more sensitive, like plastic or porcelain, you’ll dilute it down to 16:1 strength. It’s as simple as that! This kitchen cleaner can rapidly transform into an all-purpose cleaner with just a little bit of water.

What We Liked:

  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Has a large 32-ounce capacity
  • Can be diluted down if necessary

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be difficult to get off stubborn burned bits when used diluted

7. KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser

KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser

The KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser is sold in packages of one and three 25 ounces bottles, so you’ll always have enough to get the job done. No matter what kind of cleaning you need to do, this cleaner makes it simple for you to spray, wipe, and go – no more crusted-on grime, dirt, and grease.

This multipurpose cleaner is safe for use around all kinds of food preparation areas, including on the entire kitchen and even on your outdoor barbeque grill. That being said, it’s also strong enough to get your boat, automatable, or ATV sparkling clean. Some people even use it to remove stains from shoes or pet areas!

To use this cleaner, all you need to do is open the trigger, point, and spray KH-7 on the dirty area. Wipe it clean with a wet cloth. If you have a tougher stain to tackle, simply let the spray sit for about three to five minutes so that it fully absorbs. Then, wipe it clean.

This kitchen degreaser is concentrated and does not contain any harmful ingredients like perfumes, caustic soda, potash, dyes, or phosphates. It is applicable in so many home and outdoor kitchen situations and can even be used on delicate surfaces like fiberglass.

What We Liked:

  • Can be used in an industrial setting
  • No scrubbing or soaking required
  • Sold in multipacks for maximum convenience

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May not work as well on range hoods

8. La’s Totally Awesome TRV185098 Purpose Concentrated Cleaner

La's Totally Awesome TRV185098

La’s Totally Awesome Kitchen Degreaser is sold in single and double packages. It is a cleaner, degreaser, and spot remover all in one, meaning you can use it to replace most of your household cleaning products.

It’s effective and safe, sold in a 32 fluid ounce bottle that contains plenty of cleaners to get the job done. It’s one of the few kitchen degreasers that is proven to be safe for septic systems. Not only that, but it also contains no ammonia, bleach, acid, or phosphorus. It is effective without being dangerous to your health.

Effective at removing everything from blood stains to glue, fresh paint to varnish, this spray can even be used in carpet cleaning machines. It can also be used on tile and grout. This kitchen degreaser requires nothing except water to be used. All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off – then sit back and witness its impressive cleaning powers.

What We Liked:

  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia, or acid
  • Can also be used for carpet cleaning
  • Has a high capacity of 64 ounces

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes leaves white residue behind

9. Zep ZU50532 Fast 505 Cleaner and Degreaser

Zep ZU50532 Fast 505 Cleaner and Degreaser

The Zep kitchen degreaser is another industrial cleaner that will help you get all kinds of tough, stuck-on food, oil, grease, and lubricants from your kitchen surfaces – as well as from the surfaces of other areas in your home. Sold in packs of one, two, four, and twelve, this degreaser doesn’t mess around – it gets the job done quickly and effectively.

This kitchen degreaser is not only effective at removing food grease, but it can also work on outdoor sources of grease build-up like gutters, hard surfaces, tools, grill exteriors, and even automotive wheels. It’s a fast-acting formula that is shop-grade, designed for an automotive setting with an easy-to-use trigger sprayer.

It gets the job done quickly and effectively, blasting away grease as soon as you squeeze the trigger. It works well on all kinds of materials, including metal, plastic, and even bikes and ATVs. If you’re using it on rubber or plastic, you will want to wipe it up quickly so it doesn’t corrode the materials. Simply spray the cleaner and wipe it up immediately – you don’t need to wait around for it to get rid of the grime.

An alkaline-based cleaner, this kitchen degreaser rinses off easily with a bit of water. It doesn’t leave any odors behind. It can be used on concrete and rarely affects paint or other sensitive surfaces.

What We Liked:

  • Comes ready to use
  • No scrubbing required
  • Works on dirt, oil, and grease

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Leaves behind a streak

10. Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser

Sold in packs of one, two, and four, the Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser is another one of the best kitchen degreasers you will find. It cuts through grease and grime in mere seconds with its powerful formula. This formula tackles all kinds of stubborn messes, regardless of whether you have hard or soft water, and can get rid of any build-up of grease.

A multi-purpose cleaner, this product can remove grime from countertops, grills, cookware, dishes, woodwork, and more. It’s a cost-effective solution as just one 32 ounce bottle contains enough cleaning solution for 32 gallons of mixture with water. It’s perfect for home or commercial use and comes with its own pump sprayer for maximum convenience.

Best yet, this kitchen degreaser is designed with a safety mind. It is phosphate-free and biodegradable, making it safe for you and your home. It’s even safe for your septic tank. It works well on kitchen equipment like cookware, knife sets, broilers, dishes, and countertops, and since it’s concentrated, you’ll only need to use half as much solution.

What We Liked:

  • Solution is tough on stains but easy on the budget
  • Natural yet effective ingredients
  • Comes with enough solution for 32 gallons of cleaning

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not have a flip and pour cap – just a screw-on cap that causes leaks

11. Grab Green Natural Power Degreaser

Grab Green Natural Power Degreaser

This kitchen degreaser is designed to work on the toughest grease and grime. It cuts through all kinds of build-up, and it can be used on stovetops, microwaves, kitchen hoods, and more. It’s made with high-quality ingredients and is a safe, naturally-derived cleaner.

Made in the United States, this kitchen degreaser includes no phosphates, ammonia, phthalates, formaldehyde, solvents, dyes, or masking agents. It’s biodegradable and scented with fragrant essential oils, like thyme and sage.

Despite being made with green cleaning ingredients, this product is effective. It can be used in all kinds of areas without leaving behind a sticky residue. It’s EPA Safer Choice Approved and safe to use around pets and children, too.

What We Liked:

  • Can be used on all kinds of sealed surfaces
  • Has a fresh, natural scent
  • Does not contain toxic ingredients

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers report issues with the bottles leaking

12. Method Naturally Derived Heavy Duty Degreaser for Kitchen Appliances

Method Naturally Derived Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for a kitchen degreaser that will get rid of set-in stains without leaving an unpleasant odor in your kitchen, this option by Method is the one you’ve got to consider.

Sold in a 28-ounce bottle, this naturally derived kitchen degreaser is heavy-duty and made from plants. It quickly and effectively powers through stuck-on grease, oil, and messes, and can even be used on range hoods, burner grates, drip pans, and microwave ovens.

It is a cruelty-free product with a lemongrass scent that is clean and aromatic. It’s never tested on animals and will make you feel good about how you are cleaning your kitchen. It can be used on most hard non-porous surfaces, including paint that isn’t water-soluble.

What We Liked:

  • Gets grease off without harmful chemicals
  • Has a pleasant aroma
  • Can be used on a stovetop

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot be used in self-cleaning ovens

What the Best Kitchen Degreasers Have in Common

If you’re on the hunt for the best kitchen degreaser, you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind.

First, think carefully about the intended use of your kitchen degreaser. Do you want to use it on your countertops, cupboards, or stovetop? Choose a suitable product for the surface. Don’t always assume that a stronger degreaser is better. Often, you’ll want to choose a kitchen degreaser that uses natural cleaning agents rather than chemicals, as the strong fumes can be overpowering.

Furthermore, if you have a unique floor type like ceramic or porcelain tiles, you will want to use a degreaser that is specific to that unique flooring type. Some degreasers do offer a one-size-fits-all application, but you’ll need to be on the lookout for this to make sure you get the right one.

Regardless of the kitchen degreaser you choose, make sure you choose one that can accomplish the specific task you need it to do. While the kitchen degreasers mentioned above are some of the very best on the market, you will want to find one that has the features that are right for you.

What are you waiting for? Grab that bottle of kitchen degreaser and a sponge – but don’t worry, elbow grease is not required. You won’t be scrubbing for long!

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