The Best Handheld Shower Head In 2021 – A Definitive Guide

If you’re like most people, you don’t think too much about how you take a shower. However, choosing the right shower head can make a huge difference in how you bathe, and it can transform your daily routine.

Today we’re going to be looking at the best handheld showerheads and how they can impact your ability to stay clean. If you’re only used to fixed showerheads, you will be impressed by the full range of motion offered by these models. Let’s see what they have to offer.

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Best Handheld Shower Head – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMaterialWeightPrice
Ana Bath Anti-Clog SprayAna Bath Anti-Clog SprayStainless steel2.45 pounds
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Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM HandheldVida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPMStainless steel1.06 pounds
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Moen Magnetix Six-FunctionMoen Magnetix Six-FunctionStainless steel1.05 pounds
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ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 SprayShowerMaxx Shower Head PremiumStainless steel1.3 pounds
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HotelSpa 7-Setting Hand ShowerHotelSpa 7-Setting Hand ShowerChrome, Stainless steel1.35 pounds
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KES LP150 Bathroom HandheldKES LP150 Bathroom HandheldStainless steel13.6 ounces
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YOO.MEE LED Thermometer HandheldYOO.MEE LED Thermometer HandheldPlastic1.1 pounds
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CLOFY 5-Setting Handheld ShowerCLOFY 5-Setting Handheld ShowerABS (plastic)1.04 pounds
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8 Best Handheld Shower Heads – Review

1. Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray Handheld Shower

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray Handheld Shower

For the most part, shower heads are individual units. However, if you get this combo model from Ana Bath, then you can operate two heads at once. If you’re not sure why you may need two heads, here are a couple of situations where two is better than one.

Full-Body Clean – usually, handheld shower heads are flexible, but you can only clean one part of yourself at a time. With two heads, you can work around different parts of your body while still getting hit with a steady stream from above. In essence, you can clean yourself in half the time.

Washing Kids/Pets – handheld heads are perfect for washing little ones or pets, but having two running simultaneously can make the experience all the more enjoyable. Plus, you can switch back and forth instantly depending on your needs.

Overall, if you want extra flexibility while taking a shower, then having two heads can be an excellent way to go. Let’s also take a look at the other features you get from this combo unit.

Each piece is constructed from nickel-polished stainless steel. That means that each head won’t corrode very quickly, ensuring that you don’t develop limescale or rust over time. The nozzles in each head are also designed to avoid clogging, meaning that maintenance is a breeze. The hose is also stainless steel, so you get both flexibility and durability.

Each head comes with five different spray settings. They are saturating, massage, saturating/massage mix, bubbling, and bubbling/saturating. You can customize both heads at once, thus ensuring that you get the right level of cleanliness no matter how you use them. Switching between sprays is effortless as well to make your shower experience all the more enjoyable.

Finally, installation is super simple. In fact, you shouldn’t need any tools to get it on your current piping, meaning that you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. There are two brass connectors that will fasten quickly, and you should be ready to go before you know it.


  • Two heads – one fixed, one handheld
  • Anti-clog design
  • Five-inch-wide heads provide better coverage
  • Illustrious stainless steel construction
  • Five spray functions for convenience
  • Saturating/massage/mix/bubbling/bubbling saturating
  • Can operate both heads simultaneously
  • Five-foot stainless steel hose for flexibility
  • Brushed nickel finish to protect against corrosion
  • Installs without any tools
  • A flow rate of 2.31 gallons per minute (GPM)


  • In rare cases, the connectors can become loose
  • In rare instances, the handheld head may leak some while in use

2. Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

One issue that plagues shower heads of all kinds is the fact that they are prone to corrosion and wear and tear. Since so many of them are made of metal, it’s inevitable that they will start to accumulate deposits after a while, which means that you have to make sure that they are well maintained throughout their use. Fortunately, that’s not really a problem with this handheld shower head from Vida Alegria.

The secret to this head is the ABS plastic face. While the majority of this unit is made of polished stainless steel, the head is constructed of sturdy plastic so that it won’t wear down over time. Even after hundreds of showers, you don’t have to worry about deposits or corrosion affecting the way you take a shower. This reason alone makes the H5+ a fantastic choice for most users.

As with most handheld models, this one comes with five different spray types. You can switch from massage to full spray with a flick of the knob on the bottom, making it effortless and efficient. Also, there is a water-saving drizzle option that makes this shower head ideal for low-water uses, such as in a boat or RV.

If you prefer to have a lot of water pressure, that’s not a problem. This head has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, and you can quickly remove the flow restrictor to increase the water pressure. Installation and removal only take a few minutes, so you can be ready to go before you know it. There is a max pressure of 120 psi, but that’s more than enough for even the most hardcore shower enthusiasts.


  • Multiple colors and designs available
  • Stretchable stainless steel hose
  • Quick installation for convenience
  • ABS plastic face won’t corrode and
  • resists hard water deposits
  • Holder piece doesn’t twist or come out
  • Removable flow restrictor to increase water pressure
  • Five spray options
  • Drench, drizzle (water saving), massage, and two mix modes
  • Water-saving setting is perfect for boats and RVs
  • Flip between modes with a switch
  • Operates at 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Max pressure of 120 PSI
  • Hose is tangle-free


  • In some cases, the head may come out of the holder from the water pressure
  • In rare instances, the connector may start to leak after a while

3. Moen Magnetix Six-Function Showerhead

Moen Magnetix Six-Function Showerhead

When picking out a handheld showerhead, you want something that is both reliable and convenient. The Magnetix from Moen is both and then some, all thanks to the magnetic operation of the head itself.

With most handheld models, you have to stick the base of the handle into a holder. However, if your eyes are closed while doing this (i.e., if the water is hitting you in the face), it can be a little challenging. With this version, it has a large magnet on the back of the head, allowing you to return it to its dock with minimal effort. While this may not seem like a huge deal at first, the added convenience will make this shower head much more desirable overall.

The other thing that we like about this head is that it’s eco-friendly. While the water pressure is not as intense as other models we’ve seen, it’s not as low as you may think. You still get enough pressure to wash yourself and your hair with ease, but you’re not wasting as much water in the process. This particular head is certified to be environmentally-friendly so that you can take showers with pride.

The ergonomics of this handheld shower head are also incredible. It uses a sleek, contoured handle to allow you to hold onto the head much more easily. When you’re maneuvering around your body (or your kid’s or your pet’s), having this attention to detail is crucial.

Finally, this head comes with six water settings. You can switch back and forth between them using the knob at the bottom, making it effortless to do so. You can get a full stream or a low-pressure setting, meaning that this head will work well in boats and RVs as well as your home.

Overall, this is a sleek, reliable shower head that will make you enjoy your showers that much more.


  • Sleek chrome or nickel finish
  • Magnetic docking system keeps the head in place
  • Tangle-free stainless steel hose
  • 3.5-inch head delivers a wide spray
  • Six settings from which to choose
  • Eco-friendly design maintains pressure but uses less water
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to use
  • A flow rate of two gallons per minute


  • In some cases, plastic connectors can break
  • Three restrictors mean you don’t get as much pressure as other shower heads

4. ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray

ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray

Although you are looking for a handheld shower head to make it easier to wash every part of your body, the fact is that you won’t be utilizing the hose every time you bathe. Unfortunately, most handheld models are fixed in one position, meaning that you can’t really adjust the head as you could with a standard unit.

This head from ShowerMaxx alleviates that problem by offering a swivel ball joint for the connector. This allows you to pivot the head without having to take it off, making it a viable choice for both handheld and fixed shower operation. Coupled with the six spray settings, you are sure to make the most out of every shower.

One element that we appreciate is the inclusion of silicone jet nozzles. They are much better than stainless steel because they don’t corrode, and they are self-cleaning. Deposits and limescale are not going to be an issue because the silicone won’t let the material stick to it, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance that often.

As with other handheld units, you can save a lot of water with the ShowerMaxx Head as well. There is both a high-pressure setting and a low-water option, meaning that it will work well in both your home as well as your RV or boat. No matter what, if you’re trying to save money on your utilities, you can do that with this head while not sacrificing the cleaning power of a high-pressure system.


  • Sleek stainless steel construction
  • Six spray settings for convenience
  • Multiple colors and design options
  • Water saver mode included
  • High-pressure option
  • Adjustable ball joint in the connector
  • Self-cleaning silicone jet nozzles
  • Removable flow restrictor
  • Tangle-free, stretchable hose
  • Flow rate of 2.5 GPM
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Large 4.5-inch faceplate


  • In rare cases, the hose may break down
  • Over time, the swivel mount may become loose

5. HotelSpa 7-Setting Hand Shower

HotelSpa 7-Setting Hand Shower

Part of the reason to buy a handheld shower head is that you can switch back and forth between different settings. Thus, if you want to massage your back or you want a drenching rainfall, you can do both without any issues. To make sure that you get the settings you want, you should buy a shower head that has more than enough options.

This model from HotelSpa is the perfect accent for any chic bathroom. With seven spray adjustments, you’re sure to find the one that works well for you. As the name suggests, some options can make it feel like you’re in a luxury spa while in the comfort of your own home.

The settings range from standard options like massage and low-flow, as well as choices like a fine mist spray. If you want to feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, you can control the flow and create a soft, aerated stream of microdroplets that cling to your body.

One of the most notable features of this shower head is the fact that you can shut it off from the handle. While you don’t want to do this for too long to avoid building pressure in the line, it’s nice to have this feature because then you can stop the water temporarily as needed. In some circumstances (such as washing your child), this option makes a lot of sense. Considering that this is the only handheld model that offers it, you may decide that this is the one for you.


  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Seven spray settings
  • Flow switch turns it on and off
  • Large four-inch chrome head
  • Tool-free installation
  • Large connector ensures stable fixture
  • Removable flow restrictor


  • Not as much water pressure as other models
  • In rare cases, the hose sheath may come apart over time

6. KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

For the most part, handheld shower heads are designed to offer you an abundance of choices. You can switch back and forth between a light or heavy spray, including a massage setting if you prefer. However, if you don’t care about having a variety of showering possibilities, you may want to get something more simplified, like this head from KES.

This model is unlike anything else we’ve seen so far. It’s a simple cylinder that sprays water from one side. There are no options to change the spray, and it’s much more compact and lightweight than other models. However, the advantage of having this kind of setup is that you don’t restrict the water flow at all.

Thus, if you like to have a ton of water pressure hitting your body at once, you will love having this shower head. It can take some getting used to at first, but you will learn to appreciate how thoroughly it can clean every part of your body.

The primary downside to this head is that it doesn’t function like a regular shower fixture. The only way to clean yourself is to pull it off of the holder and move it around your body. While you can place the holder high up so that it rains down upon you, it doesn’t offer the same kind of flexibility that most handheld shower heads provide.

Overall, if you think that you can get used to this kind of setup, you will appreciate the power and reliability that comes with this shower head.


  • Brushed stainless steel
  • ABS faceplate resists corrosion
  • The small head is more maneuverable
  • Two-meter tangle-free hose
  • No water restrictor means full pressure
  • Comes with a holder for convenience
  • Easy installation (if you have the right connections)


  • Single spray, no choices
  • In rare cases, the top may pop off, allowing water to flow through

7. YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads

YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads

Whenever you take a shower, how do you know that the water is at the right temperature? Unfortunately, you have to test it to see whether it’s in the optimal range, which can be a shocking experience. What if you could see the temperature displayed right on the head?

With this model from Yoo.Mee, you can quickly check to see how hot (or cold) your water is at any given time. Best of all, it illustrates these numbers with an LED display so that you can view it while you’re in the shower as well. Remarkably, this system is water powered, meaning that you don’t have to worry about anything like batteries or wires connecting to this head for it to work.

Overall, this head operates similarly to the KES unit above. It’s a cylindrical shape that doesn’t come with any adjustable settings. However, the upside to that is you get the full blast of pressure coming out of your pipes. Coupled with precise temperature control, you can make the most out of any shower.

As with the KES model, the face of this shower head is made of high-quality ABS plastic. This material resists corrosion and will extend the life of this product for years to come. Don’t worry about limescale buildup or calcium deposits when using this head.

This model is much better than the KES, however, because it attaches at the top of your fixture. Thus, you can use it as a regular shower head or as a handheld if necessary. Installation is a breeze, and you won’t have to adjust how you take a shower to make this unit work for you.


  • Digital thermometer shows water temperature
  • Sleek cylindrical head
  • Display screen is water powered – no wires needed
  • Easy installation – no tools required
  • ABS shower face resists corrosion
  • High-pressure system
  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Brushed steel connector
  • LCD displays different colors


  • In rare cases, the head may be noisier than most other models
  • Digital display can fade over time

8. CLOFY 5-Setting Handheld Shower Head

CLOFY 5-Setting Handheld Shower Head

Our final handheld shower head is a relatively simplistic model from Clofy. It has many of the same features of units that we’ve seen on this list, but one thing that separates it from the competition is that it’s designed to help you save water, no matter the setting you choose.

At first, an eco-friendly design may make you think that it’s low-flow, but the system utilizes aeration to ensure that you get the same amount of pressure while using less water overall. Compared to other shower heads, the difference is not that much. It has a flow rate of only two gallons per minute and a pressure rating of 80 psi. Only those who really like to be pummeled with water will think that this is too weak.

We’ve already seen shower heads that use ABS plastic faceplates to resist corrosion, but this one uses nozzles instead. This way, you can get the appearance of stainless steel while still getting the low-maintenance operation of ABS. The nozzles won’t allow buildup to occur, ensuring that you enjoy every shower.


  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Five spray settings for convenience
  • Removable water restrictor
  • Adjustable knob for simplicity
  • Fast and easy installation
  • ABS plastic nozzles last longer
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Tangle-free stretchable hose
  • Uses less water while maintaining pressure
  • Operates at 80 PSI and 2.0 GPM
  • Chrome plating resists corrosion


  • In rare cases, the connector may leak
  • In rare instances, the nozzles may get clogged over time

Final Verdict:

To ensure that you have the best handheld shower head, you want to get one that has an abundance of features while still providing the best results possible. We’ve seen a lot of high-quality models on this list, but the two that stick out the most are the Ana Bath and the Hotel Spa showerheads.

We appreciate the flexibility of the Ana Bath head because it allows you to use it as a standard fixed head or a handheld (or both). Thus, no matter who’s using the shower, they’re sure to make the most of their time in there.

As far as the hotel spa model, we really like that you can adjust the flow, as well as access seven different spray functions. As the name implies, it’s like having a spa inside your own bathroom. Comfort and convenience have never been more accessible.

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