Best Commercial Meat Grinder For Easy Grinding In 2021

If you need to produce a lot of ground meat, you want to have a high-quality commercial meat grinder. Whether you are using it at home, at a restaurant or at as a butcher, a heavy-duty model is essential and one that you’re going to be able to rely on.

In order to be a great meat grinder, it needs to be able to work efficiently, be easy to clean, powerful enough to grind through tough meat, and highly durable. Unfortunately, not all meat grinders are going to be able to give you these qualities.

That’s where we come in as we have looked at the 10 best commercial meat grinders and given an extensive review on each of them. This will allow you to get the best commercial meat grinder for you. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly what you need.

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Best Commercial Meat Grinder – Comparison

LEM Products Big BiteLEM Products Big BiteStainless Steel33.1 pounds
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STX Turboforce IIPlatinumSTX Turboforce II”Platinum”Aluminum13 pounds
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SuperHandy #8 12 HPSuperHandy #8 1/2 HPStainless SteelStainless Steel
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BBday Electric Meat GrinderBBday Electric Meat GrinderStainless Steel7.55 pounds
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Kitchener Elite ElectricKitchener Elite ElectricStainless Steel41.4 pounds
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Homdox Electric Meat GrinderHomdox Electric Meat GrinderStainless Steel8.5 pounds
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Happybuy Electric Meat GrinderHappybuy Electric Meat GrinderStainless Steel48.8 pounds
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Altra Electric Meat GrinderAltra Electric Meat GrinderStainless Steel9.05 pounds
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Ivation 2.5hp Electric MeatIvation 2.5hp Electric MeatStainless Steel12.08 pounds
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Sunmile SM-G50 ETL ElectricSunmile SM-G50 ETL ElectricStainless Steel14.2 pounds
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The 10 Best Commercial Meat Grinders For Heavy Duty Use

Here are our reviews of the 10 best commercial meat grinders that are going to help to make your life a lot easier.

1. LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect size meat grinder for you there is a very high chance that you’re going to be able to find it here. There are five different options available and therefore you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

One of the disadvantages that we see with many meat grinders is that they can be very noisy. Despite the high level of power that we see here, the meat grinder is quieter than other models so you won’t have to worry about getting a headache!

Due to the high level of power, the unit can get quite hot and you need to be careful about where you touch the grinder. While this is a brilliant meat grinder for the majority of meat out there, it can struggle a little when it comes to tough game meat.

The brushed stainless steel gives it an elegant look and this is a meat grinder that you could easily keep on your counter. It also has a storage drawer too which will help to cut down on any mess. It’s been very well designed which includes being easy to clean.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised about just how little effort it takes to grind the meat with this. You’ll be able to get the finished product in no time due to the large and durable auger it has. It all adds up to a brilliant meat grinder and one you’ll enjoy using.

What We Liked:

  • 5 different size options
  • Quiet motor
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Large auger
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Has a storage drawer
  • Works very quickly
  • Easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can get hot
  • Not for large game

2. STX Turboforce II”Platinum” w/Foot Pedal Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

STX Turboforce IIPlatinum wFoot Pedal Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

In terms of functionality, this is perhaps the best meat grinder out there today. It can be used via the buttons that are situated on the machine but it can also be used with a foot pedal. It can take a bit of getting used to but once you get to grips with it, it can make your life a lot easier.

Most meat grinders come in just one color but this model is available in black or white. It looks great and has the performance to match. There are three-speed options available and therefore you will get the perfect amount of control.

The cooling system is very efficient and you won’t have to worry about the meat grinder overheating. It is quite noisy and that can be a huge negative for some. Also, the parts can sometimes discolor and rust when placed in the dishwasher.

What you do get is a meat grinder with various cutting options which all have an impressive level of quality. It will be able to grind that meat over and over again without you needing to worry about it failing on you.

If you’ve never used a meat grinder before then you will find the instructions very easy to follow and the meat grinder itself simple to use. If you’re looking for the ultimate level of control over your meat grinding, then this will be a great choice for you.

What We Liked:

  • Available in black or white
  • Three speeds
  • A foot pedal is included
  • Brilliant cooling system
  • High-quality blades
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy instructions
  • Powerful performance

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can rust
  • Quite loud

3. SuperHandy Stainless Steel #8 1/2 HP Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

SuperHandy Stainless Steel #8 12 HP Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

In order to grind the toughest of meats, you need a high-powered motor and one which can deliver a lot of torque. That’s exactly what you get here as it will be able to make light work of even some of the toughest meats out there.

To house that powerful motor, the grinder has a heavy-duty design that will offer it a lot of stability. As well as the stability the meat grinder is also going to be able to offer you plenty of durability as this will last for a long time.

There are no other size options available if you’re hoping to get something smaller and also it can sometimes be a little too powerful to have a high level of control over the smaller casings. Aside from those two minor issues, this is a great meat grinder

Whereas other meat grinders can discolor and rust when they’ve been washed, this model has a great degree of corrosion resistance and will be able to stand the test of time. It’s a part of the overall build quality of the grinder which is quite impressive.

Once you’ve finished grinding then you’ll find that it’s very easy to clean and therefore you will have the minimum amount of hassle when using it. It helps to make this one of the most usable meat grinders out there and one you won’t ever get frustrated with.

What We Liked:

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Powerful 1/2HP motor
  • Impressive durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to clean
  • Smooth grind
  • High-quality materials
  • Doesn’t rust

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No other size options
  • Not the best for smaller casing

4. BBday Electric Meat Grinder

BBday Electric Meat Grinder

In terms of the best commercial meat grinder out there today, the BBDay Electric Meat Grinder stakes a brilliant claim. It has all of the features that you’d expect but without many of the drawbacks that you commonly associate with meat grinders.

It’s hard to find anything bad to say about this model except that there are limited buying options as only one color available and there aren’t any different sizes. If this size suits your needs, however, it is a truly brilliant option for you.

The high power output means that it will make light work of most meats. Tougher animals might take a little bit longer but this meat grinder is still going to be able to get through them. As well as a high-quality motor, the materials also have a superior level of quality.

There are three cutting plates available for you here which are going to give you a high level of control in terms of what exactly comes out of the grinder. With a wide range of accessories available, you will also be able to make some great meat products.

With a high level of power and materials, you might be forgiven for expecting that this meat grinder would be hard to use. Instead, the operation is very simple and it helps to make it great value for money.

What We Liked:

  • High power output
  • Three cutting plates
  • Great accessories
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to clean
  • Fast grinding
  • Great value for money

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No color options
  • No power options

5. Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder

Kitchener has been able to produce a premium level meat grinder but one that is able to live up its price tag. What you get is a highly efficient grinder that will be able to chew through tough meat to give you the results you’re looking for.

There are three different size options available to you which are going to allow you to get the perfect fit for your needs. With the heavy-duty stainless steel it is made from, the grinder is not going to let you down and will keep performing time after time.

Some users have reported receiving some defected grinders upon delivery but this is clearly a rare issue. If this does happen to you then Kitchener has a great customer service team. This can be an annoyance but one that can be quickly sorted.

As soon as you place the meat in this grinder you’ll be able to see the level of quality that it has. It will effortlessly grind any meat that you place into it and will also do it very quickly. You’ll be able to get the job done a lot quicker than with other models.

The construction of the meat grinder is very solid and the rubber feet it has will stop it from sliding across the counter. The simple and clean design of the meat grinder is highly effective and will allow you to not have the frustrations you have with other models.

What We Liked:

  • Different size options
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Great customer service
  • Effortless grinding
  • Simple operation
  • Highly efficient
  • Durable construction
  • Grinds very quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • High price tag
  • Some delivery issues

6. Homdox Electric Meat Grinder

Homdox Electric Meat Grinder

Homdox is another company that has been able to make a meat grinder that can offer brilliant value for money. It doesn’t have quite the same quality as some meat grinders but still has a good level of durability for the price.

If you’re worried about the grinder being a little dangerous then you’ll be reassured to know that this has a few great safety features. It will allow you to use it in confidence and get the level of control that you’re looking for.

The three cutting plates that it features here are going to be able to give you the exact results that you are looking for. The operation of the commercial meat grinder is quite simple and you’ll be able to get your ground meat with a minimum level of fuss.

One feature that is annoying with this meat grinder is that the power cable is a little short when compared to other models out there. An extension might be required but for most people, this won’t be a big issue.

The style of the meat grinder is great and you’ll also be able to easily keep it clean. If anything does go wrong with the meat grinder then you are going to be able to rely on their excellent customer service. This is a great budget option.

What We Liked:

  • Great safety
  • 3 different cutting plates
  • Simple operation
  • Impressive customer service
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable construction
  • Attractive design

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Short power cable
  • Some low-quality parts

7. Happybuy Electric Meat Grinder

Happybuy Electric Meat Grinder

If you’ve still not found the size of meat grinder that you’re looking for then there is a great chance that Happyby will have you covered. There are six various power options available therefore you should be able to find the perfect one for you.

This is also a great option for anyone who is looking for a heavy-duty meat grinder to make raw dog food or to simply get through bone and the toughest meats. This meat grinder is going to be able to do it all and in a great time too.

It’s that heavy-duty performance which really helps to set this meat grinder apart from its rivals. The construction of the meat grinder is also highly durable and therefore you’re not going to have to worry about it breaking down before it completes the job.

One negative to that heavy-duty performance and construction is that the meat grinder is quite heavy and hard to move. If it’s only ever going to be in one place then this is not going to be an issue. It’s also not quite as easy to clean as other models we’ve looked at.

The stainless steel tray and design of the meat grinder makes it look great and it’ll be able to sit proudly on any worktop. It is very easy to use with excellent safety features. If you’re looking for a meat grinder with high power and torque, choose this one.

What We Liked:

  • Six size options
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple operation
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Durable construction
  • Can grind through bone
  • Works very quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Quite heavy
  • Can be hard to clean

8. Altra Electric Meat Grinder

Altra Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is on the lower end of the budget scale and with that, it doesn’t quite have the same quality level of others we’ve looked at here.

That being said, it does represent good value for money, especially for those who won’t be looking to grind tough meats or bone.

The motor is still powerful in comparison to the overall size of the grinder and it will be able to chew through chunks of beef or lamb quite quickly.

That is helped by the three different cutting plates that it has to give you a variety of different options.

This also has a few different safety features installed into it that are going to help to prevent the meat grinder from getting clogged up and overheating. Once you finished using it then you’ll find that the meat grinder is very easy to clean and maintain.

An area where this meat grinder does excel is in the accessories it has and its versatility. It’s great at making sauce, meatballs and burgers but it also has attachments that are going to allow you to make sausages and kubbe.

The reverse function will prevent the meat grinder from clogging and the overall operation of the meat grinder is very simple. If anyone is looking for a slightly cheaper meat grinder to enjoy then this could well be the perfect option for you.

What We Liked:

  • Powerful motor
  • Low noise level
  • Three cutting plates
  • Great accessories
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy reverse function
  • Clever safety features
  • Grinds quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lower quality level
  • Quality control issues

9. Ivation 2.5hp Electric Meat Grinder

Ivation 2.5hp Electric Meat Grinder

With a 2.5HP motor, this is one of the most powerful meat grinders out there today. While having that immense power, the grinder remains quite compact and therefore it’s not going to take up more space on your counter or worktop.

As you can imagine, with that power the meat grinder is quite noisy and that’s important to consider if you’re going to be in a quieter environment. It’s also best to avoid washing this in a dishwasher as it can oxidize and discolor the parts.

If the highest power level is a bit too much for you then you will be able to turn it down a notch as there are two options available. In terms of options, there are also plenty of accessories that you can use to get the exact results you’re looking for.

The whole construction of this meat grinder is impressive and there is plenty of quality throughout it. That includes durable metal gears that a lot of its rivals don’t have. It is also rust-resistant which plays a part of this meat grinder being one that should last for a very long time.

The dual safety switches are a great addition and the meat grinder is also very easy to assemble. It’s a great looking model and one which has substance to go with that style. It’ an excellent meat grinder and one that can get through any work quickly and efficiently.

What We Liked:

  • Two power options
  • Durable metal gears
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rust resistant
  • Three grinding plates
  • Dual safety switches
  • Stylish design
  • Useful accessories

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Need to avoid the dishwasher
  • Quite noisy

10. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

If you’re looking at getting a meat grinder to be able to make sausages then Sunmile has been able to make an excellent model. There are three different sausage stuffs that are going to allow you to get the exact results you’re looking for.

While it does have a few great accessories, including the stuffs, it’s disappointing that it doesn’t have a kubbe attachment. The parts of the meat grinder can also rust over time and therefore you want to avoid washing them in the dishwasher.

The design of the meat grinder is simple and elegant with simple lines that are going to be easy to clean. The grinder is also easy to use and you’ll be able to get that ground meat in no time. The safety features are all impressive.

For those who want to organize and clean their things as much as possible, they’ll love this as not only does it have a compartment in which you can put your accessories but you are also able to hide the plugin the back of the meat grinder.

The motor it uses has an impressive level of efficiency and that allows it to remain quiet when in use. It will be able to get through a lot of meat in a short time and that makes it ideal for anyone who has large orders and high demands.

What We Liked:

  • High grinding capability
  • Metal gearbox
  • Different cutting options
  • Safe operation
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient motor
  • Large capacity

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Parts can rust
  • No kubbe attachment

Wrap up

With the amount of work that a meat grinder has to be able to get through, you want to ensure that it’s of the highest possible quality. There is a range of budget and premium options here but all of them represent great value for money.

The best commercial meat grinder for you will depend on the amount of power you need, the accessories and also what other features will be important to you. Once you know that then you can choose your meat grinder and enjoy the ease at which it produces great ground meat.

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