Best Central Vacuum Cleaner System: Reviews for 2021

Is there anybody out there that really loves cleaning? Besides the lovable Danny Tanner character on the old sitcom “Full House,” probably not.

Having the right equipment can make the chore of cleaning the house a little bit easier.

Dragging a vacuum cleaner from room to room can be a real hassle, but a central vacuum cleaner system can take the stress out of cleaning the house. With one of these best central vacuum cleaner systems, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a central power unit that will help you clean your entire room from one central unit.

That’s right – no more unplugging, plugging back in, repositioning, emptying a bag, and so on. When you invest in the best central vacuum cleaner system, you’ll be able to get your house in tiptop shape in no time.

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Best Central Vacuum Cleaner System – Comparison

PictureProduct NameFiltration TypeAir WattsPrice
OVO LargeOVO LargeHybrid Filtration630
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Electrolux QC600Electrolux QC600HEPA self600
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Prolux CV12000Prolux CV12000BAGLESS HEPAv400
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35′ Deluxe Galaxy35′ Deluxe Galaxy3 levels of filtration430
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Allegro MU4500Allegro MU4500Permeability Micro Fiber600
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VacuMaid P125pVacuMaid P125pCyclonic filtration525
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HP Products 9880HP Products 9880HEPA bag501
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Nadair LargeNadair LargeHybrid Filtration700
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VacuMaid GV50PROVacuMaid GV50PROSealed HEPA-style bag650
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35′ “Comet”35′ “Comet”Hybrid Filtration600
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The 15 Best Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems of 2021

1. OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System

The OVO central vacuum system is one of the top-recommended central vacuum cleaner systems by professional cleaners. Not only does this powerful vacuum have 630 air watts for exceptional airflow, but it has an impressive 30-foot long hose.

The low-voltage hose comes with its own accessory kit and floor brush so you can clean any type of flooring with ease. It has a two-stage motor that adds significantly to the life expectancy of the vacuum cleaner – up to 20% in most cases.

If you’ve always hated the high-pitched whine of typical vacuum cleaners, this product is for you. It operates quietly and blocks noise with its integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam. Both of these are built-in and integrated into the motor compartment.

A large, powerful vacuum, this machine is one of the best central vacuum cleaner systems for large rooms. It can cover up to 7500 square feet at once and has a 6.6-gallon canister.

You can use this vacuum with multiple types of filtration devices. It can be used with or without the triple-layer disposable filtration bag, depending on your needs. It comes with an LED status indicator, which will give you on-demand information about the status of your vacuum,

What We Like:

  • Does not require a dedicated circuit break but works on 15 amps breaker instead
  • Has a super powerful motor
  • Operates silently

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Bags cannot be reused

2. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System

Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System

Perfect for small living spaces, the Electro lux is the best central vacuum cleaner for people who live in small townhomes, apartments, and condos. Despite its compact nature, this vacuum is remarkably powerful.

In fact, it can clean up to 8000 square feet at once with its powerful 600 air watt bypass motor. It operates quietly, with a noise level of just 72.3 decibels. It has sound foam built into the motor compartment along with a unique and patented sound insulation system.

Not only that, but this vacuum has a direct muffler connection. You’ll be able to vacuum the entire house without waking sleeping children or pets. It is a hybrid vacuum, which means it can be used either with or without a bag. If you choose to use the vacuum without the bag, the dirt container of this vacuum can hold an impressive four gallons of debris.

This vacuum is one of the best at delivering a permanent clean to your entire home. It has a self-cleaning HEPA filter. This filter is 99.96% effective at removing dirt, dust, and allergens all the way down to .3 microns in size.

The Electrolux also has an anti-vibration mounting system. It will stay in place while you’re using it, and you won’t have to worry about it tipping over and damaging anything – or hurting anyone – nearby. Backed by a ten-year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer, the Electrolux vacuum is perfect for urban apartment dwellers and commercial cleaners alike.

What We Like:

  • Impressive four-gallon capacity
  • Operates quietly at just 72.3 decibels
  • Has a HEPA self-cleaning filtration system

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers complain about the customer service response

3. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System

Another one of the most powerful central vacuum systems you will find, the Prolux CV12000 is rated to clean up to 12,000 square feet. It has exceptional suction power and a fantastic two-speed 150 CFM motor.

This vacuum is equipped with a 30-foot hose, which should be plenty long enough to reach all the nooks and crannies in your house. It also comes with an electric power nozzle and an included tool kit, along with a ten-year motor warranty and a 25-year body warranty from the manufacturer.

The hose itself is worth writing home about. It has a two-speed switch that lets you control the power of the central vacuum unit with a quick flick of the finger. The hose also comes with an adjustable height steel wand with quick-connect features. You’ll also get four deluxe attachments along with an electric power nozzle that’s great at cleaning carpets.

With a bagless HEPA filtration system, you’ll enjoy three separate levels of filtration with this vacuum. It has a bagless dirt chamber with a clear window, so you’ll always be able to tell when it’s full. It also has a micron pre-filter and a HEPA filter, both of which are washable. This is an excellent feature for people with allergies or those who live in areas with poor indoor air quality.

The vacuum even comes with LED lights, so you’ll be able to see what you’re cleaning at all times, even in dim lighting. This vacuum can be used in any room in any home but is particularly effective at cleaning up cars and garages.

What We Like:

  • Has a bagless dirt chamber
  • Offers exceptional filtration for people with allergies
  • Ametek 2 Motor offers 150 CFM and a muffler kit for noiseless operation

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be tricky to select the correct height for the attachments

4. 35′ Deluxe Galaxy Central Vacuum Kit

35′ Deluxe Galaxy Central Vacuum Kit

The 35’ Deluxe Galaxy Central Vacuum Kit by Adler Products LTD is an impressive little central vacuum for your home.

It is sold in a delicate light pearl gray color, yet there’s nothing delicate about this vacuum. The hose is an impressive 35’ and is both electric and crushproof. It offers 27% more airflow than a standard diameter hose and comes with both a three-way switch and a soft ergonomic handle.

This central vacuum is one of the best central vacuum cleaner systems if you’re looking for one that is comfortable and strain-free to hold. It comes with a ton of accessories, too, including a floor brush, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, and a crevice tool. You’ll also get a telescopic ratchet wand that can be used with the floor brush along with a helpful caddy bag.

You’ll even get a hose holder and a wall hanger to keep all your parts and hoses sanctioned!

All kinds of bonus features make this vacuum not only easy – but also fun! – to use. It has a swivel handle and a special dirt sensor that will notify you if you missed a spot. The motor has built-in features that tell it to stop when the brush roller jams, helping to prevent overheating. It even has nonmarking wheels and an on/off switch that can be controlled with a simple foot pedal!

This vacuum can be hooked up with either a pigtail or direct connect configuration hose. It’s compatible with any standard 1.6-inch diameter wall inlet valves and is a convenient option for just about any homeowner.

What We Like:

  • Comes with protective bumper to protect your furniture
  • Offers a 14” cleaning path
  • Comes with tons of extra cleaning accessories

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers report that it clogs easily

5. Allegro MU4500 Champion – 6,000 Square Foot Home

Allegro MU4500 Champion

Another superior central vacuum cleaner for you to consider is the Allegro MU4500. This vacuum isn’t messing around – it offers serious cleaning for serious professionals.

It’s designed with all-steel construction and has an impressive two-stage 5.7-inch fan system. Its motor offers 600 air watts along with 140.8-inch water lift suction power, some of the best in its class.

The vacuum has a five-gallon collection capacity and is a comprehensive system that offers just about everything you could ever hope to need or want. It has a 35′ electric hose and a carpet powerhead. It also comes with a ton of bonus accessories like a telescopic extension wand, a cleaning toolset, a dust mop, a hose cover, and a full garage kit. The garage kit alone is impressive, equipped with a separate 25′ hose and separate cleaning tools.

You’ll also get the gear you need to store all your accessories, including a tool bag and a tool caddy.

This vacuum is a bit pricier than some of the others you’ll see, but the high cost is definitely worth it. It is equipped with permanent self-cleaning systems so that it is virtually maintenance-free. It comes with a patented microfiber filtrations system, trapping dirt particles as small as three micrometers in size. It is 99.98% efficient, too.

What We Like:

  • High-efficiency and high-performance motor
  • Comes with a patented filtration system
  • Includes all kinds of bonus cleaning accessories

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hose occasionally kinks

6. VacuMaid P125p Cyclonic Central Vacuum Power Unit

VacuMaid P125p Cyclonic Central Vacuum Power Unit

If you’re looking for an excellent vacuum for commercial or home use, you’ve got to consider the VacuMaid P125p. This cyclonic vacuum has an impressive 525 max air watts along with 116 airflow-cfm. It is designed for homes up to 9000 square feet, making it one of the best options for busy cleaners.

It’s made in the United States out of premium materials. You can trust in the manufacturer’s reputation to live a high-quality product that will offer powerful learning no matter how dirty your home has become. It is equipped with a 7.2” tangential bypass motor with exceptional cleaning capabilities along with a patented AirChannel device. The AirChannel lets a can liner be used, allowing you to get rid of waste and debris easily and without making a ton of extra mess.

You won’t have to deal with any messy filter with the VacuMaid. This is a huge win for homeowners who are sick of making more of a mess emptying their vacuum than they had on the floor in the first place! The VacuMaid offers 100% sustained cleaning power and an impressive lifelong performance.

What We Like:

  • Equipped with a powerful 120-volt motor
  • Made out of durable rolled galvanized steel and is powder-coated to resist corrosion
  • Comes with bonus accessories like vacuum bags and extra tubing

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hose needs to be purchased separately

7. HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

The HP Products 9880 is another one of the best central vacuum cleaner systems for your home. It is a compact little unit that’s designed to save space and make cleaning your home a bit more convenient.

The hose can extend to 35’ long, but it doesn’t have to stay fully extended at all times. Instead, it can shrink down to 7’, allowing for easy storage in cramped spaces. Although the capacity of this vacuum is a bit smaller than what you might be used to seeing – just one gallon – it still has plenty of storage and gusto to get the job done for most homeowners.

It comes with a 10” rug and floor tool along with a dusting brush. When you buy, you will also get an upholstery tool and crevice tools. Everything is enclosed in a handy mesh tool bag, too. Because this device is so effective and compact, it is perfect for versatile cleaning in small spaces like apartments and even RVs.

The HP Products 9880 comes with an automatic shut-off and overheat protection to prevent unnecessary damage. With a flow rate of 100 cubic feet per minute, this central vacuum system is one of the best. It’s what you would expect, too, given that this vacuum is made by one of the world’s most prestigious vacuum cleaning manufacturers – Dirt Devil, that is.

What We Like:

  • Has overheat protection
  • Compact unit that’s perfect for apartments and RVs
  • Excellent suction

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Is a bit noisy when it’s running

8. Nadair Large Capacity, 700 AW

Nadair Large Capacity, 700 AW

The Nadair Compact Central Vacuum System has some of the industry’s leading and most cutting-edge technology. It’s equipped with a powerful motor that’s enclosed inside a rugged, heavy-duty steel body. You’ll get up to 600 air watts and 120 inches of water lift in the room you’re cleaning.

That’s worth mentioning, too. This vacuum can easily clean up to 7000 square feet, making it a perfect choice for a studio, apartment, condo, or even a small yacht!

Despite its compact size, it’s incredibly powerful and durable. It comes with patented Soft Start technology that reduces wear and tears on the motor. In fact, this technology can add as much as twenty percent to the life expectancy of your vacuum.

Plus, this technology’s three-second delay helps keep the vacuum running air through the hose, so you don’t have dirt spilling out of the hose the minute you move it after being shut-off. You also eliminate the likelihood of the piping network being clogged.

This central vacuum cleaner system has state-of-the-art filtration and can work to actively improve the air quality in your home. It can reduce respiratory problems and even allergies with the triple-layer filtration bags. You can toss the bags in the trash without stirring up unnecessary, allergy-provoking airborne dust. The three layers help prevent rips and tears, too.

There are plenty of safety features built into this product, too. The heat protection feature eliminates the likelihood of the motors from overheating. There is also an LED status indicator light that will tell you when it’s time to change the bag or empty the dirt container. The vacuum operates silently and is easy to use.

What We Like:

  • Great at cleaning and storing in tight spaces
  • Comes with a triple-layer filtration system
  • Has a three-second delay to prevent messes and extends the life of the motor

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Newer product with limited reviews

9. VacuMaid GV50PRO Professional Wall Mounted Utility

VacuMaid GV50PRO Professional Wall Mounted Utility

The VacuMaid GV50WPro is an excellent central vacuum cleaner system if you are a professional cleaner. This vacuum is meant to be wall-mounted, saving space in your home or workplace.

It comes with all the accessories you need to get started at making your home spic and span. You’ll get a hose with an impressive (and unrivaled!) 50’ reach. You’ll receive a hanger to store your gear along with a caddy. You’ll also get a dusting brush and various wands, floor, and upholstery tools.

Made out of galvannealed steel, this vacuum cleaner is powder-coated for exceptional corrosion-resistant. It has a whopping dirt capacity of seven gallons, so you won’t have to empty the bag often. Rest assured that when you do, though, you aren’t going to make much of a mess. The vacuum has a HEPA-style bag that is totally sealed.

The meaning of this? You won’t have to worry about messy cans causing your problems or dirty filters that you’ll need to clean.

The biggest benefit of this vacuum cleaner system is that it can be easily and quickly mounted to the wall. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over on you!

What We Like:

  • Comes with all kinds of accessories for easy, convenient cleaning
  • Impressive 50’ hose length
  • Made in the USA

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Tends to get very hot

10. 35′ “Comet” Central Vacuum Kit

35' Comet Central Vacuum Kit with Hose

The 35’ Comet Central Vacuum by Alder Products is another one of the best central vacuum cleaner systems you can buy. This unit is the little sister to the “Galaxy” vacuum we reviewed above.

With a 35’ hose in a pale gray color, that vacuum comes with an electric crushproof hose then has 27% more airflow than normal. You’ll also get a comfortable ergonomic handle that can reduce strain.

You’ll get a four-piece tool kit that includes an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a floor brush with wheels, and more. You’ll get all the storage accessories you need to stash your gear, too, like a caddy attachment, a wall holder, a caddy bag for your tools, and a hose hanger.

Like the Galaxy, the Comet offers a button lock handle with three-way control switch. The swivel handle rotates 360 degrees, helping you clean in any tight corner or difficult area. Not only that, but this vacuum comes with an electronic reset button to protect the motor. If the brush roller becomes jammed, the motor will instantly stop.

You’ll even get a headlight so you can see under couches and other low-lying furniture. The vacuum has sealed ball bearings to prevent the buildup of hair along with a brush roller viewing window so you can view clogs and remove them before they have a chance to cause problems.

What We Like:

  • Comes with all kinds of bonus accessories, including a dust mop
  • Has helpful lights so you can see what you are doing
  • Impressive 35’ hose length

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hose kinks easily

11. Cen-Tec Systems 92938 Central Vacuum CT20DXQD Kit

Cen-Tec Systems 92938 Centra

The Cen-Tec Systems Central Vacuum is another excellent system for you to consider. This kit offers everything you need to get your house sparkling clean.

You’ll get a power nozzle along with an integrated telescopic wand. Plus, the hose offers a 35’ reach, making it easy for you to reach and control the cleaning in every corner of your house. Plus, the hose comes with a direct connect end so that you can operate both the vacuum and the power nozzle from the hose handle.

Talk about easy cleaning!

You will also love how quietly this vacuum operates. If you have small children you don’t want to wake, this vacuum is the one to use. It has a special quiet drive poly-v drive system that eliminates noise and vibration while at the same time allowing power to be effectively transferred from the motor to the cleaner.

You’ll get a ton of helpful accessories when you buy this kit, too. Not only will you get an upholstery tool and a crevice tool, but you’ll also get a dusting tool, too. Everything can be stored on the wand by using the included tool clip. You can take all of your gear anywhere you go for easy cleaning.

What We Like:

  • Has a fourteen-inch wide power nozzle
  • Comes with tons of bonus accessories
  • Operates virtually silently

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hose crimps and kinks easily

12. Nutone PP650 PurePower 650 Air W Central Vacuum System

Nutone PP650 PurePower 650 Air W Central

The Nutone PP650 PurePower is another central vacuum system that you need to consider. It offers an exceptional 650 air watts of power, giving you a better cleaning than a traditional vacuum.

It comes with all the features you might expect when you’re looking for a  safe, effective vacuum. Not only is it UL-listed, but it also comes with a sealed HEPA 2.0 filter with glued seams. It also has a secondary exhaust filter to get all of the carbon dust out. You’ll be able to breathe some of the best and cleanest air inside your home.

This central vacuum system operates quietly with ultra-silent technology. It has a hybrid bagging system, so you can use it in both bagged and bagless versions. With a six-gallon capacity, you’ll rarely have to empty the debris pail – perhaps six months at most.

What We Like:

  • Safe vacuum with extra built-in filtration
  • Six-gallon debris collection capacity
  • Silent when you are vacuuming

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Mounting bracket bends easily

13. OVO Central Vacuum Deluxe Plus Kit

OVO Central Vacuum Deluxe Plus Kit

The Ovo Central Vacuum Deluxe is another one of the best vacuum cleaners if you’re hoping to get a large amount of cleaning done. It is equipped with a 30-foot low voltage hose. You’ll Find the on/off switch located at the bottom of the handle, making it easier to control when you’re on the go.

Not only is the built-in hose crushproof, but it’s compatible with your existing inlet, too. The hose prevents kinking as its levels to the handle. Plus, this vacuum comes with a helpful carpet beater that is air-driven, helping you get all kinds of entryway rugs and carpets nice and clean.

The OVO Central Vacuum Deluxe Plus Kit even comes with a 12” floor brush. This is perfect or using on wood floors and tiles, which are two surfaces that are traditionally more difficult to clean.

What We Like:

  • Comes with electric hose with variable length
  • Has a 12” hard surface brush for hardwood floor and tile
  • Great at cleaning entryway rugs and carpets

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Brush cleaning tools aren’t high quality

14. OVO PAK63D-35 Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO PAK63D-35 Large and Powerful

The OVO PAK63D-35 is yet another option by OVO that you need to consider for your household cleaning needs. This vacuum comes with an impressive 35’ hose that is ow=voltage and can be used anywhere. You’ll also get the accessories you need along with a convenient floor brush, too.

It’s equipped with a powerful two-stage, 630 air watt motor. It operates silently with its built-in muffler and noise-blocking foam. You don’t have to sacrifice the silence for efficiency, either. It works rapidly, covering up to 7500 square feet at once. It has eight inlets and a canister that is 6.6 gallons in volume

With a hybrid filtration system, this vacuum can be used either with or without the included triple-layer filtration bag. The bag is disposable, but you’ll also get a machine washable filter for bagless operation, too.

The vacuum even comes with a helpful LED status indicator light that will tell you when it’s time to clean or replace components in your vacuum.

What We Like:

  • Comes with bonus accessories like a floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and more
  • Equipped with a 35’ low voltage hose
  • Bagless filter is machine washable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Extendable wand not included

15. PP500 PurePower 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum System

PP500 PurePower 500 Air Watts

Last but certainly not least is the PP500 PurePower 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum System. This dynamic vacuum cleaner comes in several sizes based on its air watts, with options including 500, 550, and 650, along with unique models like the 7001 and the 6501.

You will get an impressive level of cleaning with this vacuum – significantly more so than the conventional upright vacuum, in fact it comes with a specialized cleaning filter to sanitize indoor air along with a six-gallon disposable bag. On average, you’ll only need to empty the bag about once every six months.

This vacuum works hard to trap bacteria and dust and is equipped with large ergonomic latches. It’s easy to empty your vacuum as it has handy debris pail handles. You can easily remove the bag for quick and easy (and mess-free!) cleaning.

This vacuum is small and easy to install, even if you plan on working in small spaces. It comes with a six-foot power cord and weighs just 22 lbs.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight device that can be used anywhere
  • Has a long power cord
  • Only needs to be emptied once every six months

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No overheating protection

How to Find the Best Central Vacuum Cleaner System

When you’re looking for the proper equipment to clean your home or business, you’re going to have a lot of features to consider. That’s especially true when you’re buying a central vacuum cleaner system, as these devices come with all kinds of features that you need to consider.

From collection systems (bagged or bagless) to filtration methods and even materials, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Throw in other specifications like the motor type, air watts, and airflow, and you’re going to have quite the decision on your hands!

At the end of the day, you need to keep your unique cleaning goals and home layout in mind. Armed with our list of the 15 best central vacuum cleaner systems and a little bit of luck, we can assure you that you’ll be blown away once you find the vacuum that’s right for you.

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