10 Best Carving Knife – 2021’s Top Slicing Knife Reviews

When it comes to food preparation, you’re only as good as your tools. One thing that you will need in your kitchen is a high-quality carving knife to ensure that you can cut, chop, and slice almost anything you need for your next meal.

Most people don’t put too much thought into their cutlery because they buy a set of knives and assume that it will work for any occasion. However, for those who have a more discerning eye for food preparation and convenience, they know that finding the right carving knife can make a huge difference.

Today we’re going to check out the best carving knives on the market. Let’s see how they can elevate your food game.

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10 Best Carving Knife – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMaterialBladePrice
Victorinox 12 Inch FibroxVictorinox 12 Inch FibroxStainless Steel12″
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Mercer Culinary GenesisMercer Culinary GenesisCutlery Steel10″
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Shun Classic 8-Inch CarvingShun Classic 8-Inch CarvingStainless Steel8″
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Wusthof Classic CarvingWusthof Classic CarvingStainless Steel10″
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Cangshan S1 Series 61895 GermanCangshan S1 Series 61895 GermanSteel9″
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DALSTRONG Slicing CarvingDALSTRONG Slicing CarvingHC Steel12”
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DALSTRONG Carving Knife & ForkDALSTRONG Carving Knife & ForkHC Steel9″
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J.A. Henckels International ClassicJ.A. Henckels International ClassicStainless Steel8″
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Zwilling J.A. Henckels TwinZwilling J.A. Henckels TwinStainless Steel8″
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Calphalon Katana CutleryCalphalon Katana CutleryVG-1 Steel7″
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Best Carving Knife – Reviews

1. Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

As the name suggests, a carving knife is designed for cutting and slicing meats. Whether it’s a whole turkey or some ham for sandwiches, you want a knife that can work with the efficiency of movement and speed. In this case, we have a highly sensitive knife from Victorinox that will be perfect for almost any occasion.

The secret to this knife’s performance is the Granton Blade. The way it’s designed is that there are small grooves on either side of the edge. These grooves allow juices and/or air to get in between each slice, which ensures that the food doesn’t stick. With most carving knives, you will have to remove the meat from the blade, and the friction can slow down your progress or cause you to have uneven slices. That’s no longer an issue with a Granton Blade.

Simply put, you can slice meats almost as thin as you like. You will be surprised and impressed by how well this knife can make short work of virtually any food, whether it’s meat, sandwiches, or even desserts like cake. The air pockets will add speed and precision to the cutting process, making it easier to get the job done.

The other way that this knife is designed for economy of movement is the rounded tip. While most carving knives have a sharp point, this shape is ideal for moving between slices of meat. Although you can’t pierce the skin of any meat easily, it will make it much easier to organize your slices after the fact.

The handle of this knife is made of rugged plastic which conforms to the shape of your hand. It will last for years to come, and it helps you maintain control over your actions so that you can work smarter and faster overall.


  • Extra long 12-inch blade for versatility
  • High carbon stainless steel construction
  • Rugged plastic handle conforms to your hand
  • Sharp edge will slice and dice quickly
  • Granton blade creates air pockets for smoother cutting
  • Works well on cakes, sandwiches, and meats
  • Round tip allows for faster separation between slices


  • In rare cases, the edge will dull relatively quickly
  • May need to sharpen the blade upon arrival

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

When picking out the best carving knife (or any knife for that matter), there are a few different elements to which you should pay attention. First is the blade material – most knives use high carbon steel because it will resist corrosion and rust much longer than other metals. In this case, we have German cutlery steel, which is one of the most high-quality options you can find. Typically speaking, the top metal types are German and Japanese because they are built to last, and they won’t break down very easily over time.

The other reason why the blade material is crucial is that it will dictate how long it can hold an edge. In this case, cutlery steel comes with a ground tapered edge, which means that it will retain its sharpness for a lot longer than other types of steel.

The second thing to pay attention to is the handle. In many cases, you will get something made of plastic, resin, or wood. This carving knife from Mercer Culinary is crafted from Santoprene (a synthetic material), which is both ergonomic and highly resistant to most liquids and oils you’ll find in the kitchen.

The other part of the handle to pay attention to is whether it’s a full-tang blade or not. This term means that the metal that forms the knife goes all the way through the handle. The benefit of this setup is that it will be stronger and better balanced.

In this case, to help the knife stay as balanced as possible, it comes with a bolster. This is a small metal piece that helps create its center of gravity and enables you to work quickly and efficiently. Overall, this is an expertly crafted carving knife that works well for most cutting, chopping, and slicing.


  • High carbon, no stain German cutlery steel
  • Bolster included for added durability and precision
  • Ergonomic Santoprene handle won’t break down
  • Expertly balanced for an economy of movement
  • Tapered edge will hold sharpness longer
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • 10-inch blade is highly versatile
  • Full tang knife is stronger and more resilient


  • In rare cases, the knife may have a slight bend to it
  • On rare occasions, the edge may chip easily

3. Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife

Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife

As we mentioned, one of the best kinds of steel to find with a carving knife is Japanese. The reason that it works so well with these kinds of products is that it’s usually layered to add resilience and reliability to the blade. With this knife from Shun Classic, you get 16 layers on either side, which not only makes it more robust than most other models, but it also adds a luxurious Damascus steel appearance.

The other thing that we like most about this blade is that it has a 16-degree edge. With most Western knives, the angle is around 20 degrees, meaning that it won’t be quite as sharp or retain that level of cutting ability for very long. Japanese steel is usually at a narrower angle to ensure that you can cut and slice with expert precision.

As with most high-quality carving knives, this model comes with a bolster between the blade and the handle. This component helps protect your knuckles while cutting and it helps provide balance and ergonomics to the whole thing as well.

The handle on this knife is constructed from Pakkawood, which is both lightweight and highly comfortable. It doesn’t feel as rough as most plastic handles, and it will resist rotting and breaking down much longer than other types of wood.

Finally, the shape of this eight-inch carving knife is also unique. It has an angled tip that creates a refined point that is as perfect for stabbing as it is for slicing. Thus, no matter what kind of meat you’re carving, you’re sure to be able to make your initial cuts much more easily because of this tip.


  • Precision forged Japanese steel
  • High carbon content increases overall durability
  • 16 layers of steel create a Damascus appearance and resilience
  • Eight-inch knife works well for most meats and food preparation
  • Lightweight and balanced with bolster
  • Pakkawood handle is comfortable and resilient
  • Angled blade tip is ideal for piercing as well as slicing
  • 16-degree edge is sharper than most
  • Western-made knives
  • Rockwell hardness rating of 60-61


  • Pointed tip can feel a bit brittle

4. Wusthof Classic Carving Knife 4522/26, 10″

Wusthof Classic Carving Knife 452226

For the most part, high-quality carving knives will be made of either forged German or Japanese steel. These metals are expertly crafted to ensure that you can use the knife for a lifetime without having to fix or replace any part of it. Just re-sharpen the blade from time to time, and you’ll be enjoying the knife for decades to come.

As the name implies, this Wusthof Classic Carving Knife is constructed of German steel. While it’s not quite as refined as other models on this list, it’s a fine offering for most occasions. We wouldn’t technically classify this blade as being “high-end,” making it a suitable choice for those who are not necessarily looking for the best of the best.

The handle on this carving knife is made of Hostaform, which is another synthetic plastic that will hold up over time and keep its shape. The handle is also riveted to ensure that it won’t separate, no matter how vigorously you cut and chop. The riveting is also there to add to the overall balance. This knife does come with a bolster for the same reason.

Coming out of the box, this knife will be razor sharp. Best of all, it will retain this edge for a lot longer than you may think, enabling you to get a lot of mileage out of this knife before it’s time to sharpen it.

Overall, the shape and construction of this blade make it ideal for chopping, cutting, slicing, and stabbing. The ergonomics of the handle also give you precise control while doing these things, even when your hands are wet or greasy.


  • Precision forged blade
  • 10-inches is highly versatile and capable
  • Riveted Hostaform C-Handle for comfort
  • Full-tang blade is expertly balanced
  • Bolster adds protection and accuracy while cutting
  • Ultra-sharp edge will retain its shape for longer


  • Handle may not be as comfortable as other models

5. Cangshan S1 Series 61895 German Steel Forged

Cangshan S1 Series 61895 German Steel Forged

One thing that you have to think about when picking out a carving knife is the fact that you will need additional cutlery to make sure that you get the job done right. While many meats can be sliced without extra tools, it’s much better to have the cutlery on hand to ensure that you don’t lose control.

To help you in your quest for an easy way to carve, we have this two-piece set from Cangshan. You get both the knife and a carving fork so that you can make short work of any meats, whether it’s a whole ham or a full bird.

As with most of the knives on this list, both pieces are made of precision-forged German steel. They are highly rated with a 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale, which means that they are both resilient and will keep an edge for longer than other knives.

The handles on these pieces are made of a synthetic material that resembles ivory in both appearance and touch. Overall, they are well-suited for cutting and slicing, and they are triple-riveted to ensure that they will stay in pristine condition for a long time.

The knife itself is grooved, which means that you can create tiny air pockets while cutting. This will reduce the overall friction, allowing you to carve and slice with more precision and efficiency. Don’t let the meat get stuck to the blade, slowing you down.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality carving set that won’t break the bank, this is a decent choice for most users.


  • Precision-forged German steel
  • 58-60 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Expertly balanced for precision and performance
  • Full-tang blades are strong and resilient
  • Triple riveting makes the handles reliable
  • Grooved edge reduces friction while cutting
  • Carving knife and fork included
  • Bolsters on both pieces to enable balance
  • Handles are made of synthetic ivory


  • In rare cases, the knives may start to rust over time
  • Synthetic handles may begin to crack after a while

6. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife

When it comes to German steel carving knives, some brands are more well-known than others. Dalstrong may not be the oldest company making high-quality cutlery, but they are one of the better options out there. In this case, we have the 12-inch Granton edge slicer, which is part of their Gladiator Series.

As with all Granton edge slicers, this knife is ideally suited for a variety of tasks. The grooves along the sides mean that you can create air pockets while slicing, which reduces friction and allows for greater efficiency. It also means that you can slice meats extra thin without having them stick. This knife is also perfect for cutting other foods like vegetables, sandwiches, and baked goods.

The handle on this knife is constructed of luxury Pakkawood, which is both lightweight and resilient. The material is also great because it provides additional grip while cutting. The handle is triple-riveted to ensure that it will last. It also comes with a bolster to improve the overall balance.

Another unique feature of this knife is that the blade is both hard yet flexible. The flexibility enables you to do more with it, including boning, cutting, chopping, and slicing. However, with a 55 rating on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, this knife will hold up for a long time.


  • Extra-long 12-inch knife
  • Granton edge reduces friction
  • Luxury Pakkawood handle for balance and grip
  • High-carbon German steel
  • 18-degree edge is sharper than most
  • Flexible blade is more versatile
  • Rounded tip works best for separating slices
  • Rated at 55 on Rockwell Hardness scale
  • Rugged sheath included
  • Bolster ensures balance and protection


  • In rare cases, it may not be sharpened upon arrival
  • May be out of stock

7. DALSTRONG Carving Knife & Fork Set

DALSTRONG Carving Knife & Fork Set

We’ve already seen how well Dalstrong makes carving knives, but this three-piece set can elevate your capabilities by providing you with everything you need to get started in the kitchen. In addition to the standard carving knife and fork, this set also comes with a honing rod so that you can always ensure the proper sharpness at all times.

One thing we didn’t mention about Dalstrong blades is that they are better at retaining their edge than most other German steel models. Rather than having an angle of 20-22 degrees, these knives are ground to 18 degrees, making them as capable as the best Japanese knives. Thus, you get the same level of German precision while still having a knife that can slice through almost anything.

Although this set comes with a standard carving knife, the sides are still grooved like the slicer, meaning that you can work faster and more efficiently because you can reduce the overall friction while cutting. Also, they all come with the luxury Pakkawood handle for improved grip so that you can operate without worry.


  • Three-piece carving set
  • High-carbon German steel construction
  • Grooved sides for faster cutting ability
  • Sharpening stick and carving fork included
  • Rugged sheath provided for safety
  • Elegant Pakkawood handles for better grip
  • Expertly balanced for easier cutting
  • 55 Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • 18-degree edge is sharper than most
  • Ergonomic handles are easy to use


  • In rare cases, the top of the knife may feel sharp
  • You may have to sharpen the blade upon arrival

8. J.A. Henckels International Classic Carving Knife

J.A. Henckels International Classic Carving Knife

Although we’ve been looking at some of the highest quality carving knives, sometimes you just want something that’s reliable and capable without setting you back too much in the process. This eight-inch carving knife from J.A. Henckels is a perfect example of a simplified model that will get the job done, assuming that you don’t need it for gourmet-level meals.

This knife is made of German stainless steel, although it’s not at the same level as other blades we’ve seen so far. Nonetheless, it will hold its edge relatively well, and it’s easy to maintain because it won’t corrode or rust over time.

The handle on this knife is ergonomically shaped to allow for better precision and control. It conforms to the contours of your hand so that you get a better grip while cutting and slicing. It also has a bolster to improve the balance and protect your knuckles in the process.


  • German stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle conforms to your hand
  • Triple riveting for durability
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Polished to eliminate corrosion
  • Full tang knife is expertly balanced


  • Not as resilient as premium-quality blades
  • Narrower handle may be too small for some users

9. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Slicing Knife

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Slicing Knife

Although we just saw an average carving knife by J.A. Henckels above, this German-based company can also make some of the finest cutlery in the world. If you like the durability and reliability of this brand, but you want something a bit more high-end, we suggest getting this Zwilling Four-Star Slicing Knife instead.

While the metal used is about the same as the carving knife above, it’s manufactured differently to ensure that it holds its edge longer and is much more resilient to normal wear and tear. Zwilling knives are also ice treated when sharpened so that they don’t dull too easily. The ice bath also strengthens the steel overall.

The handle on this knife is also unique. Rather than riveting it into place, it creates a seamless transition. The blade is full tang for strength and durability, but the handle is molded around it, rather than having the metal sandwiched in between. The result is a softer yet more ergonomic grip that will provide more control and precision while cutting and slicing. The polypropylene material is also more sanitary than other synthetics.


  • Rugged German stainless steel
  • Soft grip polypropylene handle
  • Contoured for better grip
  • Bolster improves balance and handling
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Ice-hardened blade for extra strength and resilience
  • Will not stain or chip over time
  • Handle material is more sanitary and it won’t break down


  • Handle may not be long enough for some users

10. Calphalon Katana Cutlery 7-Inch VG Slicer

Calphalon Katana Cutlery 7-Inch VG Slicer

We’ve been looking at a lot of German steel carving knives, but our final model is made in the Japanese style instead. This seven-inch Katana Cutlery from Calphalon is remarkable because it utilizes the Japanese layering technique to improve durability and rust protection. Also, the layering creates a unique appearance that makes the blade look as good as it feels.

Key features of this knife include grooved sides to reduce friction and allow for more economy of movement. It’s also fully integrated with a polyresin handle to ensure that you get both precision and ergonomics. No riveting means that the handle is softer and lighter and won’t chip or crack over time.


  • VG-1 Japanese steel construction
  • Grooved sides reduce friction
  • 33 layers for improved resilience
  • Damascus steel appearance
  • Integrated bolster protects fingers
  • Sleek, one-piece design with soft grip handle
  • Molded polyresin won’t chip or peel


  • Not fully Japanese

Final Verdict

We’ve seen a lot of high-quality carving knives on this list. However, while each one is perfectly suited for the job at hand, we believe that two of them stand out from the rest. First, we appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship of the Shun Classic Carving Knife. For the most part, Japanese steel is going to be sharper and longer-lasting than German, which is why we highly recommend this knife.

The other top pick we have is the Dalstrong Carving Knife Set. Not only do you get additional pieces to make carving that much easier, but you get some of the best German-crafted steel on the market today. Almost all of the German-made knives are identical as far as quality goes, but Dalstrong is a little better than the competition.

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