Best Bushcraft Knives For Outdoor Situations In 2021

Learning to thrive in the natural environment, and acquiring the skills overtime to do so, has been the essence of bushcraft. There is a whole range of activities included within the world of bushcraft. These activities include hunting, fishing, tracking, carving, shelter-building, navigating, and much more. To effectively carry out the tasks that bushcraft demands of you, you will undoubtedly need to be equipped with the right tools to do so.

When it comes to bushcraft, there aren’t many essential tools than a good bushcraft knife. Having a good bushcraft knife will give you the ability to perform multiple heavy-duty tasks. The best bushcraft knives will allow you to cut, carve, clean, and skin with ease!

Bushcraft knives can be made of different materials, and come in various lengths and sizes. Differences in the construction of the blades can give different purposes to them. You will realize that some are more suited for certain situations than others.

For many people, bushcraft is a lifestyle, not just a hobby! Possessing wilderness skills is taken seriously, and having the right tools to do so can mean a lot. In this review, we will cover the best bushcraft knives available to you, and which ones are better for specific situations and purposes. Knowing which bushcraft knife is better for your pertained purpose will help to make buying the right one even easier!

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10 Best Bushcraft Knives – Comparison

PictureProduct NameBlade LengthWeightPrice
Morakniv Companion FixedMorakniv Companion Fixed4.1″4.1 ounces
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Helle Knives - TemagamiHelle Knives – Temagami4.3″5.3 ounces
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Morakniv Kansbol FixedMorakniv Kansbol Fixed4.3″6.2 ounces
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Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162Benchmade – Bushcrafter 1624.40″7.7 ounces
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Buck Knives 0863BRSBuck Knives 0863BRS4-5/8″11.4 ounces
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Camp Lore PR-4Camp Lore PR-44″6.4 ounces
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Condor Tool & KnifeCondor Tool & Knife4.31″7 ounces
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JEO-TEC Nº31 BushcraftJEO-TEC Nº31 Bushcraft4.52″14.9 ounces
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TANGRAM Folding PocketTANGRAM Folding Pocket3.81″8 ounces
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The Best Bushcraft Knives That Stuck Out To Us

We’ve compiled a list of the best bushcraft knives available online and in stores. Choosing the right bushcraft knife is a very important decision. Picking the one that’s right for you can make various tasks much easier!

1. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

For wood-crafting, you will need a knife that’s sturdy, reliable, and is constructed with quality materials. With the Morakniv Companion, the task of woodcraft is now made much easier. This knife is ultra-sharp, able to seamlessly cut through bark and tinder, and carve with ease. When comparing knives, it’s crucial to take into consideration the corrosion factor. With a stainless steel blade, this knife will likely outlast most Carbon-constructed blades.

Using a bushcraft knife to perform woodcraft means that you will be careful handling the blade within close proximity. The application of the knife will include lots of pressure and different movements. The performance grip installed on the Morakniv Companion will help to ensure that your hand will never slip away. With improved grip, you enhance aspects such as safety, control, and precision.

It is not the largest blade, but it is still more than capable of carving and prepping tinder, cutting small branches, and so much more. Chopping and carving small tree limbs can easily be performed with this knife. Due to the knife’s high hardness rating, its superior toughness, and its usefulness in wood cutting situations, we decided to list this knife as one of the best bushcraft knives for woodworking.

What We Liked;

  • Stainless Steel, Which Reduces Corrosion
  • Performance Grip For Control
  • Ultra Sharp

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Knife Length Is A Bit Too Small For Some Activities

2. Helle Temagami Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Helle Temagami Triple Laminated Stainless Steel

Choosing a knife from one of the most trusted brands in bushcraft is always a great way to go. With the Helle Temagami Stainless knife, woodworking and crafting become much easier. To help give the knife a long life, it was made a drop point style. It is also triple layered in laminated stainless steel. The point of this was to help the knife to live as long of a life as possible, and to have an edge that holds toughness and is easy to sharpen.

Having a trusted and durable knife to rely on is very important when out in the woods performing bushcraft. The Helle Temagami brings you this durability through its blade length, blade thickness, and handle length.

With a thicker blade, carving through and cutting up bark and tinder material can be done more easily. On this knife, there is a semi-full tang that is there to provide some extra strength. On the top and pommel end, the tang is exposed, but on the handle, it is covered by wood. The handle has a finger guard which helps ensure safety during woodworking and crafting tasks. With this well-balanced knife, performing many tasks in the world of bushcraft is now made more convenient!

What We Liked;

  • Triple Layered Stainless Steel
  • Thickness Of The Blade

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Quality + Construction Of The Handle

3. Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade Stainless Steel

Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade Stainless Steel

When it comes to gathering and preparing food when out in the wilderness, it sometimes helps to have a thinner blade. With a thinner blade, you can more effectively perform the task at hand. Bringing food, or preparing food, in the wilderness can take on many different forms. Perhaps you are hunting, and want to cook that night, so you need to skin the animal. Or maybe you had come across some fruit + veggies / brought some fruit + veggies that you need to cut and prepare. Either way, having the right knife for food preparation is very important.

With the Morakniv Kansbol knife, you can easily prepare food, and afterward, it can easily be cleaned! Having a knife that can be easily cleaned means a lot when that knife is being used for food preparation. Many knives have nooks, crannies, and corners that food and other substances can get caught into. If an excess of substance begins to build up, the quality of your knife can go down.

The tough polyamide plastic handle will help you to keep control of the knife. Moving it in various directions, and through different textures, can be dangerous sometimes. A good handle will keep you safer!

This knife features a Scandi grind that provides the user with a razor-sharp edge, perfect for food preparation and other purposes. The spine of this blade has been grounded enough so it can be used with a firestarter. This feature makes the knife perfect for the combination of skinning and cooking! Since the blade is made of stainless steel, you won’t need to worry about quick corrosion!

What We Liked;

  • Thin Blade For Ease Of Cutting, Skinning, Carving
  • Ground Spine For Firestarter Use

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Not Very Suitable For Heavier Duty Tasks

4. Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Outdoor Survival Knife

Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Outdoor Survival Knife

Sometimes, just having one knife that can serve as an all-in-one package can be all you need out in the woods. If you happen to be looking for a knife that can get it all done in many areas of bushcraft, then look no further than the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162. This knife was built for the trail, with long-lasting durability to ensure it’s by your side for a while to come.

The blade of the knife comes as a fixed blade construction. This enhances the sturdiness and stability of the knife as you are using it. This is very important for performing tasks such as cutting, carving, and skinning. The blade itself is on the thicker side, adding to the stability you’ll experience while using it.

The knife, as a whole, is a bit heavier than most common bushcraft knives available. The weight can be used to your advantage. With a heavier weight, you can put more strength and effort into each strike of the knife.

The SV-30 steel used to construct the blade gives the blade a chance to live a long life. This type of steel also enhances the blade’s ability to resist corrosion. Corrosion is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a bushcraft knife. If your knife is going to be outside for a while at a time, in varying conditions, it would be smart to go with stainless steel blades.

What We Liked;

  • Fiberglass Body That Resists Moisture
  • Knife Is Useful For Many Purposes

What We Didn’t Like;

  • May Be Too Heavy For Some People’s Preference

5. Buck Knives Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife

You will have ease of mind throughout the day and your adventures bushcrafting, if you know that you have a knife that’s more than capable of preparing and starting a fire. The Buck Knives Selkirk knife comes equipped with a 2-¼” fire striker that can be used for planned fires, or emergency situations. There is also a whistle on the grip of the fire striker that can be used for emergencies and rescue missions.

Whether you are out backpacking, hunting, or camping and need to start a fire towards the end of the day, this task will be made easy with the Selkirk knife from Buck Knives. This blade features a 4-⅝” drop point. This makes it razor-sharp, and able to cut and carve through wood material with ease. The steel used also reduces the amount of corrosion you may experience over time. The time taken to prepare the tinder and/or bark for starting a fire can now be cut in half!

The Micarta handle provides the user with a safe and in-control feel. Having a good grip is very important when woodworking because it enhances user safety. To carry this knife around, it comes with a molded nylon sheath. This sheath can be looped to your belt or any bag you desire to carry out into the woods with you.

What We Liked;

  • Fire Striker To Easily Light Fires
  • Whistle On Fire Striker For Emergencies
  • Blade Thick Enough To Handle Chopping and Carving

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Grounded Edge Of Blade On Handle Isn’t Always Flush
  • Models Made In China Tend To Wear Down Quicker

6. ESEE Camp Lore PR-4 Black Oxide

ESEE Camp Lore PR-4 Black Oxide

Tools, knives, and other objects made by ESEE have been renowned as reliable, constructed with quality parts that can last a lifetime. With their Camp Lore PR-4 knife, you can hit the trail and camp out for the night knowing that you have a knife that can do it all for you. Their Camp Lore series had been introduced a few years ago. The intention of this was to bring quality bushcraft knives to their customers, in addition to their bulletproof tools.

The PR-4 knife is constructed with 1095 Carbon Steel. This type of steel has consistently been the steel selection of choice to give the best cutting and carving ability. Maintenance is needed with this blade, though, to ensure that it doesn’t rust up too quickly. An overabundance of rusting on your blade will lead it to corrode.

The thickness of the blade lies somewhere between not too thick, and not too thin. While cutting or carving, it provides the user with a smooth and accurate slice, complemented by the grip Micarta handle. The Micarta handle is also removable if you decide you would like to replace it one day.

At almost nine inches in total length, this knife is a good size for ease of transportation. The size also makes it suitable for many purposes. It is rather lightweight, making it easier to wield and control. The spine of the knife is rested at 90 degrees, making it a good device for scraping at wood and can even provide a spark when used with a ferrocerium rod.

What We Liked;

  • Lightweight, Yet Firm And Can Be Used For Cutting + Carving
  • Spine Can Be Used To Start Fires

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Requires Regular Maintenance To Avoid Corrosion
  • Carbon Blade Can Quickly Rust In Leather Sheath Provided

7. Condor Tool + Knife CTK232-4.3H Bushcraft Knife

Condor Tool + Knife CTK232-4.3H Bushcraft Knife

Having a tool that can do it all out in the wilderness can prove to be more than beneficial. If you have a versatile blade, that means you can effectively perform many tasks that come included in the experience of bushcraft. Condors CTK232-4.3H knife is one that promises quality construction, and ease of use. The knife is made of high-quality materials, while the blade is made with 1075 Carbon Steel. This gives users a powerful combination of strength and cutting performance.

This blade is constructed drop point style, and is rather thin compared to other bushcraft knives, making it a lightweight knife. Regardless, the drop point profile gives it a high level of durability. This knife is the lightest one mentioned yet on this list.

The handle is made of contoured walnut wood and is just under an inch thick. The handle fits well to the full tang blade and is secured with brass pins and epoxy. The handle is constructed with quality material and is reinforced for durability. Thanks to this, you shouldn’t have to think twice about putting some extra strength into your cutting or carving.

As common with many bushcraft knives, the spine is rested at 90 degrees. The angle it rests at makes it a good device for preparing and scraping a tinder with the use of a ferrocerium rod.

What We Liked;

  • Constructed With Quality Materials
  • Great For Multiple Uses
  • Lightweight Yet Durable

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Carbon Blade Tends To Dull Out Quicker

8. JEO-TEC No. 31 Bushcraft Survival Hunting Knife

JEO-TEC No. 31 Bushcraft Survival Hunting Knife

A huge part of bushcraft is the sport of hunting. Hunting is often enjoyed on its own as a separate hobby. But, when it comes to bushcraft, a successful hunt can mean whether you are having dinner or not that night. The No. 31 Bushcraft Knife from JEO-TEC provides its users with a knife capable of anything that has to deal with hunting, fishing, and exploring.

This knife is made to last in tough and varying outdoor environments. With stainless steel MOVA-58, any rusting or corrosion will hardly be experienced, as long as proper maintenance is being kept up with. The type of steel used will also help the blade to stay sharp for longer, reducing the amount of maintenance required regularly.

The No. 31 Knife is certainly more heavy-duty than most others mentioned on this list. It has thicker than the average blade and weighs around a pound. This level of construction is desired by many who spend lots of time in the outdoors doing various activities. These activities range from cutting, to skinning, to gutting, to carving, and more.

Its Micarta handle is constructed with layers of different materials, all held together by an epoxy resin to ensure its security. Using high temperatures and pressures were used to reinforce the handle. This increases the knife’s shock and corrosion resistance.

What We Liked;

  • Great For Skinning And Gutting, Making It Suitable For Hunting
  • High-Quality Construction, With Durable Materials

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Doesn’t Come Very Sharp From Factory
  • Blade Handle Is A Bit Small

9. Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade has been a company that has always provided outdoorsmen with quality tools and knives. These tools and knives have helped them succeed in many outdoor tasks. To provide people with a knife that can excel in bushcraft, they’ve created the SCHF36 Fixed Blade Knife. This blade can serve as a multi-functional companion.

The Schrade SCHF36 is a bit longer than most bushcraft knives, and thanks to this, it can be very useful for safe cutting, chopping, and carving. In addition, the length also makes it easier to skin and gut hunted animals. Made with 1095 Carbon Steel, this blade is perfect for cutting performance. The carbon steel will need regular maintenance so that it doesn’t begin to experience rusting and corrosion.

It has a full tang blade, so the blade runs throughout the whole profile of the knife. This gives the blade extra stability and sturdiness while you are using it. The handle is made of textured thermoplastic material and provides the user with a great grip.

The purchase of this knife also comes with a ferrocerium rod and a sharpening stone. The sharpening stone can be used for regular maintenance on your knife, while the ferrocerium rod can be used with the knife’s spine to create fires.

What We Liked;

  • Heavier, With Enhanced Strength And Cutting Performance
  • Comes With Ferrocerium Rod and Sharpening Stone

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Coating Can Chip Off
  • Not For Very Tough Bark

10. TANGRAM Folding Bushcraft Knife

TANGRAM Folding Bushcraft Knife

This knife from TANGRAM is the only folding bushcraft knife listed in this review. Typically, fixed blades are stronger, and are better suited for many activities involved in the world of bushcraft. But, the TANGRAM Folding Bushcraft knife has proven to dismiss this tradition, and it can effectively perform the same tasks as fixed blade knives, with just as much accuracy.

The blade length on this knife is a bit small, and the whole knife weighs less than half of a pound. The blade is constructed with 440C stainless steel, which can cut objects for a very long time before it begins to dull out. Sharpening this type of steel is made very easy with a sharpening stone, or another sharpening device.

Opening and closing the knife is as smooth as butter thanks to the ball bearings holding the pieces in place. After you flip it, it snaps into place with a smooth click. The G10 shell on the handle gives the user a great grip, which makes using the knife much safer.

This knife is not the biggest or heaviest, but it gives great cutting performance and has proved to last for long periods of time thanks to the easy and minimal maintenance required.

What We Liked;

  • 440C Steel Is Easy To Sharpen
  • Folding Knife Allows More Compact Traveling

What We Didn’t Like;

  • Not Suitable For Tinder / Preparing Fires


In the world of bushcraft, there are so many choices when it comes to what knives and tools you can equip yourself with. Certainly, some are better for certain purposes than others. Most commonly, a good bushcraft knife should be able to help carry out most tasks and activities involved in bushcraft. As you can see, there is an abundance of quality choices from respected companies. Knowing what you plan to do with that knife, and what activities you enjoy while bushcrafting, can help you to make a decision in choosing which bushcraft knife is best for you.

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