Best Air Purifier For Baby’s Room & Nursery In 2021

As an expectant parent, you’ve likely spent countless hours wondering how you can provide an environment for your baby that will allow him or her to thrive. From baby blankets to diapers, you’ve probably scoured the internet in search of the best products for your baby’s health.

When you’re searching for the best products, it’s important that you don’t overlook the value of an air purifier. Air purifiers can help reduce the number of airborne contaminants that make their way into your baby’s lungs. The best air purifiers for babies will be those that not only allow for the best level of nursery purification but also help to predict your baby’s delicate immune system.

Not sure what to look for? Never fear. We’re here to support you in this stressful time of your life and to help you find the best air purifier for baby’s nursery.

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Best Air Purifiers for Your Baby’s Nursery – Comparison

ImageProduct NameStageItem WeightPrice
Honeywell True HEPAWinix 5300-2 Air Purifier3-Stage17.9 pounds
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Honeywell True HEPAHoneywell True HEPA2-Stage21 pounds
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Pure Enrichment PureZonPure Enrichment PureZone4-Stage9.5 pounds
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Wynd Plus BundleWynd Plus Bundle15.5 ounces
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VornadobabyPurio AirVornadobabyPurio Air3-Stage7.38 pounds
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Blue Pure 211+ Air PurifierBlue Pure 211+ Air Purifier3-Stage13 pounds
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AIRMEGA 300S The SmarterAIRMEGA 300S The Smarter2-stage21.4 pounds
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LEVOIT Air PurifierLEVOIT Air Purifier3-stage11.24 pounds
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QUIETPURE Whisper BedroomQUIETPURE Whisper Bedroom3-stage5.7 pounds
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Rabbit Air MinusA2 UltraRabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra6-stage19.4 pounds
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Why You Need an Air Purifier for Babies

No matter how often you clean your home, it’s bound to be filled with harmful contaminants that can make your baby very sick. From dust to mold, pollen to pet dander, and even bacteria, there are lots of pollutants that can harm your baby’s developing immune system. To make matters worse, there are plenty of manmade contaminants – like gases from furniture and building materials – that can harm your baby, too.

Babies are born with underdeveloped immune systems that are not yet equipped with the defenses necessary to keep illnesses at bay. Infants also breathe more quickly than adults, meaning it takes fewer indoor pollutants to impact their health.

That’s why you need one of the best air purifiers for baby’s nursery. Think carefully about your needs as a family, as it might make sense to include an air purifier for the entire house instead of just for that specific room. Poor air quality can cause a variety of effects when it comes to your baby’s health, including headaches, sore throat, fatigue, and even organ damage.

We all want the best air possible for our children – but we also want products that won’t disturb our children! When you’re on the hunt for the best air purifier for your baby, try to find one that is relatively quiet as well as one that allows them to be exposed to some levels of contaminants – after all, the immune system has to start somewhere!

The best air purifier may not necessarily be one that sterilizes the entire room. Instead, you need to look for an air purifier that gets the job done without interfering with baby’s natural processes. Here are some of the best products for you to consider.

Help Your Baby Breathe Better With the Best Air Purifiers for Babies

1. Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

If you have a newborn baby or even a toddler, the Winix 5300 should be at the top of your registry or shopping list. This unit is on the cutting edge of technology, featuring a true HEPA filter with an additional carbon pre-filter. It eliminates both odors and off-gassing and has patented PlasmaWave technology to get rid of all pollutants from the air.

If you’re looking for an air purifier that will destroy any contaminants in its path, this is the one for you. It has a unique Air Quality sensor that not only gets rid of pollutants but also lets you know which ones are present. This is super helpful if you want to treat the root of the problem of air pollution in your home – and not just the symptoms.

This air purifier works with all kinds of pollutants and allergens, including pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, bacteria, germs, and even smoke. If you have a baby with asthma or allergies – or even one who frequently experiences upper respiratory infection – you’ll love the unique PlasmaWave technology in this unit. The carbon pre-filter gets rid of odors while the HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of all pollutants in the room. It can remove all vapors, pollutants, allergens, and odors at a molecular level, killing them before they can get to your baby’s lungs.

Finally, if you have a fussy baby that has a hard time sleeping through the night, this is the best air purifier for you. It has a sleep mode that allows for nearly silent nighttime operation but otherwise operates at only 27.8 decibels. An Energy Star certified product, it can even capture some viruses that linger in the air.

What We Liked:

  • Cleans up to 360 square feet of space
  • EnergyStar rating saves you money and energy
  • Runs very quietly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The one-year manufacturer’s warranty is limited

2. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

Does your child have allergies? If so, the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is going to be one of the best air purifiers for baby’s needs. This air purifier was originally designed to remove all allergens and other airborne particles in rooms up to 465 square feet in size. As a result, it’s a perfect fit for a large nursery, a toddler’s room, or even your very own bedroom.

Or why not all of the above? Because this unit is so lightweight, it’s easy to move around. You can easily move it from room to room as you move your infant. The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover will provide you with the peace of mind you need. It removes up to 99.7% of airborne particles, including pet dander, pollen, dust, germs, mold, and even unpleasant odors. It can be placed on the floor, by the crib, or even a tabletop and is one of the quietest air purifiers you’ll find – even when it’s operating at maximum capacity.

This air purifier has a carbon pre-filter and works hard to trap smoke, odors, and large particles that can make you and your infant sick. Once the air passes through the carbon pre-filter, it will move through the HEPA filter to get the rest of any remaining pollutants- down to .03 microns, in fact. This size is important to note, because some viruses can be as small as 0.3 microns and most air purifiers only get down to about 0.5 microns in size.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to eliminate the stress of allergies and sinus infections from your baby’s life, this air purifier is the way to go. Weighing just 17 pounds, it packs a serious punch, cleaning all the areas in a room. It is Energy Star certified and cycles five times per hour, getting rid of all the pollutants in your air.

​What We Liked:

  • ​Cleans up to 465 square feet at a time
  • Easy to program
  • Removes germs that are as small as 0.3 microns

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Pre-filter must be changed once every three months

3. Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite – Ultra-Quiet

Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite - Ultra-Quiet

Is your baby sensitive to any noises in the room around him? If so, you might want to consider the Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite air purifier. This one is ultra-quiet and has a 4-in-1 HEPA air purifier with a variety of other features, too.

This air purifier is perfect for the average-size room, coming in at a light weight that allows you to easily move it between rooms. You will always have a clear, clean air for your baby, regardless of the room you might be in. The PureZone Elite comes with a unique four-stage air purification system that includes an active-carbon pre-filter to trap odors and other large particles, along with a HEPA filter for allergens and bacteria. It even has a UV-C Light to help kill dangerous bugs along with an ionizer that purifies the air as well.

The Smart Air Quality Monitor that this unit includes is one-of-a-kind. It is color-coded, allowing you to quickly be informed of the air quality in our child’s room. It can even adjust fan speed as needed, which is important when you have to worry about hazardous air coming into the room at any time. The Smart Quality Monitor has the ability to adjust the fan speed as soon as it detects a hazard.

Alternatively, you can set the fan to the speed that will work best for the size of the room and its contamination levels. The intuitive control panel lets you set the timer for a cycle ranging from two to eight hours and also allows you the freedom of deciding which filter you are going to use. It even has a sleep mode!

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Comes with lots of bonus features to make air purification automatic
  •  Lightweight and easy to move between rooms
  • Has a Smart Air Quality Monitor

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not work as well for larger rooms, only cleaning up to 190 square feet

4. Wynd Plus Bundle – Smart Portable Air Purifier

Wynd Plus Bundle - Smart Portable Air Purifier

This air purifier weighs less than 16 ounces – finally, a nursery device that’s smaller than your baby, so no more lugging around heavy, cumbersome equipment. We love it.

This innovative air purifier is an excellent option for people who want some of the best air purifiers for their babies. It’s small yet powerful and efficient, and it also comes with a ton of cool free features (like a detachable tracker to detect air quality and a free Kindle Book that gives you more information about the clean air requirements of your baby).

The Wynd Plus Air Purifier was designed by an MIT graduate and father in his own right who was looking for something to keep his young daughter safe. As a result, this tried-and-true product is the perfect travel-sized device for parents. You can put it in an enclosed baby stroller or use it in the car, on an airplane, or in any kind of building. It cleans nine liters of air each second and has a detachable air quality tracker, too. This will provide you with alerts in real-time about the air quality around you without requiring you to shell out any extra cash.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​ Portable device with medical-grade filters
  • Wynd app gives you up-to-date global air quality information
  • Lightweight and automatically adjusts to your location

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Is only equipped with one type of filter

5. ​VornadobabyPurio Air Purifier

VornadobabyPurio Air Purifier

Another of the best air purifier for baby options is the VornadobabyPurio Nursery True HEPA Air PUrifier. This option can clean your baby’s room to perfection, along with any other room in your house that needs a good air cleaning. It can remove all kinds of dust, toxins, pet hair, pollutants, allergies, and even odors from the air. Backed by the company’s unique “Happy Parent” guarantee, it comes with a three-stage filtration system and a washable pre-filter.

This washable pre-filter is truly something special. You can take it out, clean it, and then immediately pop it back into the filter – once you have a nice, clean filter, you don’t need to worry about bacteria, dust, or other contaminants being recirculated. It even has an activated carbon filter and a True HEPA Filter to get out 99.97% of all contaminants from the room.

All the features of this air purifier can be pre-programmed and pre-set so that you don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to change a setting. A short unit with a wide base, it resists the danger of tipping yet is short enough to keep it out of the way of your other equipment. This unit has both sleep mode and white noise settings, making it easy for your baby (and you!) to sleep through the night.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Only uses about 71 watts of power while cycling 6.3 times per hour
  • Has three airflow settings and a sleep mode
  • Has an electronic back-lit control panel for nighttime lighting

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be noisy at higher speeds

6. Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable

​This air purifier has state-of-the-art Swedish filter technology that claims to capture 99% of airborne pollutants, including mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and other contaminants. It has an activated carbon filter along with machine 0 washable fabric pre-filters in Diva Blue and Dark Shadow shades. The mesh filter housing can be left exposed to add flair to your room’s design scheme, too!

This air purifier operates quietly, producing noise that is “no louder than a whisper” on its lowest setting of 31 dB. It offers low energy consumption at just 30-61 watts and is Energy Star certified.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Circulates air five terms per hour
  • Perfect for rooms up to 540 square feet
  •  Attractive design

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not work well in larger spaces

7. ​AIRMEGA 300S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier

AIRMEGA 300S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier

Affectionately nicknamed “The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier,” this best air purifier for baby is a heavy-duty unit that weighs roughly 27 pounds. While you probably aren’t going to want to move it from room to room, it has a massive capacity with the ability to purify air up to 1256 square feet. It can be controlled remotely through your Android or iOS app, which will also work with Alexa.

This air purifier may be mistaken in your house for a space heater, but it’s not an eyesore in the slightest. It will remove up to 99.97% of all allergens, germs, pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and odors from your home. Equipped with a washable pre-filter, this option will save you money and time as you try to clean the air for your baby. It even has a unique Max2 filter which combines the power and efficiency of a carbon filter and HEPA filter all in one. Together, these filters can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

This air purifier has both an indoor and outdoor air monitor, so if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, it can help you monitor air quality both from at home as well as further away. You can even activate it using your cell phone! It comes with a sleep mode setting and although it is not Energy Star certified, it only uses about 57 watts of power as it moves 340 watts of air, cycling twice per hour.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Comes with a scheduler and change filter alerts
  • Has smart mode and sleep mode settings
  •  Cleans up to 1256 square feet at once

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy unit that is not easy to move

8. ​LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

​The LEVOIT Air Purifier is technically designed for an entire home, but we think it is one of the best air purifiers for baby products out there, too. It is a 100% ozone-free product and doesn’t use ion purification methods that can be harmful to babies with asthma. It has a honeycomb activated carbon filter along with a true HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and a purification efficiency that is 30% higher than your average air cleaner.

This air purifier runs 4-5 times per hour in a room that is 360 square feet. It is great for large rooms like bedrooms and kitchens along with your baby’s nursery. It even has a unique smart sensor that can adjust between three fan speed settings as a response to real-time air quality readings. This air purifier is quiet and has an LED display off function so it won’t keep your baby awake at night.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Energy Star and CARB certified
  • LED display won’t keep you up at night
  • Smart sensor adjusts between three fan speed settings

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Frequent filter changes necessary

9. QUIETPURE Whisper Bedroom Air Purifier

QUIETPURE Whisper Bedroom Air Purifier

​The QuietPure Whisper is another great option when you are looking for the best air purifier for a baby. It can purify the air in rooms that are as large as 350 square feet in size, offering smarter, more automatic operation and air-quality indicator lights for constant feedback.

This air purifier removes all kinds of allergens, chemicals, and odors from the air, as it’s equipped with three air-filtration stages with auto modes that automatically adjusts fan speeds based on the air quality in the room. It even has a programmable timer function to allow you to operate it with ease both day and night.

​What We Liked:

  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has an automatic mode and programmable timer
  • ​Can be programmed with a sleep mode

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not designed for larger spaces

10. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

​Here’s another Energy Star-certified air purifier that can be considered a best air purifier for baby nurseries. It receives one of our top rankings because it has an exceptional six-phase air purification and deodorizing system along with a BioGS HEPA filter. This filter can not only trap all of the pollutants and allergens in your home, but it also has an extended shelf-life that allows you to worry about changing filters less often.

This air purifier can cover rooms up to 815 square feet, so you won’t have to worry about it only cleaning your baby’s room – it can reasonably cover the entire house. However, you can also hang this cool air purifier on the wall, allowing you to save space and enjoy clean air at the same time. You won’t have to worry about your child knocking into a unit on the floor or pulling an air purifier off a shelf, either.

The Rabbit Air is equipped with a pre-filter to remove large pollutants from the air. It’s washable and quite easy to replace. The medium filter helps to remove airborne contaminants larger than 1 micron, while the BioGSHEPA filter grabs those that are as small as 0.3 microns. You can customize your filter between germ Defense, Odor Remover, Pet Allergy, or Toxin Absorber, and there’s even an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors and smoke.

All of these filters work together to produce one of the best air purifiers for your baby. Because it looks just like a flat-screen television, it won’t affect the aesthetics of your home or cause any unsafe situations.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has a long HEPA filter life
  • 24/7 customer support available

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy unit that isn’t all that portable

​What Should I Look for in an Air Purifier for a Baby?

When you are shopping for the best air purifier for your baby, it’s important that you consider the requirements and needs your family has in regards to clean air. For instance, is it important to you to have a whole-house air purifier, regardless of whether that need is due to poor air quality or allergies? If so, a more powerful, child-resistant unit that can be programmed remotely might be the best air purifier for you.

Or do you only need an air purifier in your nursery or your child’s room – perhaps one that is designed to trap all allergens, germs, and contaminants in the air? If so, a smaller air purifier might be the best air purifier for baby’s nursery.

You can even select air purifiers that are travel-sized (ideal for children who have specialized health issues that require them to always sleep in purified air) or designed to be ultra-quiet. There are even companies that sell bulk packages of air purifiers so you can purchase multiple air purifiers and stash them around the house. Whichever option you choose, make sure your air purifier has a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. You might also want to look for a UV-C light, which will help destroy bacteria and viruses in the air.

Whatever your preferences might be, it’s your job, as a parent, to make the best health decisions for your family. You already have enough to worry about as a parent – quit stressing about the air quality in your child’s room and buy one of these best air purifiers for baby’s nursery today.

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