Best Humidifier For Asthma & Allergy – 2021’s Reviews

Let’s face it – if you have asthma, you have a lot on your plate. From remembering to bring your inhaler with you to knowing the signs of an asthma attack, dealing with asthma can be a serious pain.

You shouldn’t have to deal with any more stress in your life, which is why we hope to make things a little bit easier on you with our review of the ten best air humidifiers for asthma sufferers.

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Why You Need a Humidifier If You Have Asthma

Asthma isn’t a condition you can necessarily control, but you can make the likelihood of an asthma attack a bit less likely. Asthma can be triggered by several things, including exposure to allergens, respiratory infections, strong fragrances, or cigarette smoke.

But did you know that too little humidity can also trigger an asthma attack? If there isn’t enough humidity in the air, your body will overproduce mucus, which can then either trigger an asthma attack or make an existing attack even worse.

There are thousands of humidifiers on the market, but the best air humidifiers for asthma will meet several specific standards. Think carefully about who the unit is for. The best air humidifier for asthma sufferers who are very young will likely be different from the best air humidifier for an elderly person. You also need to think about whether air purification and measurements of humidity levels are important features you want your humidifier to have.

Think carefully about the space you want to humidify, too. For instance, do you need to cover an entire home or just one individual room? There are plenty of options to choose from, so narrowing down your list of desired specifications before you even start shopping can be a major help.

Best Air Humidifiers – Comparison

ImageProduct NameMax CoverageDimensionsPrice
Venta LW15 AirwasherVenta LW15 Airwasher200 square feet11 x 12.2 x 10.2 inches
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Crane Filter-Free HumidifiersCrane Filter-Free Humidifiers500 square feet9 x 12.8 x 9 inche
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PureGuardian 7.2L OutputPureGuardian 7.2L Output11.4 x 10.1 x 19.8 inches
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Honeywell HCM350WHoneywell HCM350W300 square feet17.5 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches
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TaoTronics Cool Mist HumidifierTaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier320 square feet8.1 x 5.3 x 11.8 inches
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TTLIFE Ultrasonic HumidifiersTTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers700 square feet24.8 x 19.7 x 15 inches
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Aennon HumidifierAennon Humidifier6.2 x 6.2 x 9.1 inches
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BONECO Warm or CoolBONECO Warm or Cool650 square feet12.1 x 6.5 x 12.8 inches
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Pure Enrichment MistAirePure Enrichment MistAire250 square feet10.9 x 9.2 x 6.9 inches
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Honeywell HWM705B FilterHoneywell HWM705B Filter2,500 square feet11 x 8.5 x 13 inches
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The 10 Best Humidifiers That Will Make Breathing A Bit Easier

1. Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier

Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier

If you have asthma and are prone to frequent attacks, you really can’t go wrong with the Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier. It uses no filters or cartridges, meaning it stays clean and is not likely to trigger any kind of attack. Instead of using filters, it cleans the air through a cutting-edge process known as air washing. It incorporates internal disks that move rapidly to trap impurities that are then passed through water and washed away. The end product is air that is easy to breathe, clean, and moist.

You can purchase this air purifier in several different forms – there is one that works with areas up to 200 square feet in size and another that works with 400 square feet or less. The final option is one that can humidify and purify alike in areas smaller than 800 square feet. As a result, it’s easy to find an option regardless of where you want to place it.

This humidifier comes with three different speeds, but medium and high tend to be the most effective at humidifying the air and removing toxins. It also comes with an impressive ten-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover any problems that might arise.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Available in 200, 400, and 800 square feet of coverage
  • Has no need for replacement filters and produces no white dust, ozone, or ions
  • Backed by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be a little loud when operating on high setting

2. ​Crane Filter-Free Humidifiers for Kids

Crane Filter-Free Humidifiers for Kids

If you are a parent, you probably already know how difficult it can be to encourage your children to live a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly true if you have a child with asthma. The Crane Filter-Free Humidifier for Kids helps take some of the burden off your shoulders, offering a variety of shapes and designs that are kid-friendly and designed to fit the aesthetic of a child’s bedroom.

All of the Crane Humidifiers are themed, with options including cool designs like woodland animals. One of our favorite designs is the owl, which adds a quirky appeal to your child’s bedroom while also humidifying the air to reduce problems with asthma.

In addition to being visually appealing and kid-friendly, this humidifier is effective. The tank can hold a full gallon of water and will run for up to 24 hours on just one fill. It does not contain a filter but still runs incredibly clean. Itis built out of plastic that is engineered to prevent the growth of bacteria and it has a clean control function to kill germs. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and an additional one-year bonus subscription to Parents Magazine.

​What We Liked:

  • ​Kid-friendly designs such as owls, martians, ducks, and pigs
  • Water levels visible on the design
  • Shuts off when water level gets too low

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot be used with essential oils

3. PureGuardian 7.2L Output Ultrasonic Cool

PureGuardian 7.2L Output Ultrasonic Cool

When you first take a look at this humidifier by PureGuardian, it almost looks like something out of the future. It has a cool design that allows it to fit easily into a contemporary design scheme, yet it’s also incredibly effective and easy to use.

The PureGuardian 7.2L Output Ultrasonic Humidifier doesn’t need to be filled and cleaned every year, instead operating for up to 100 hours on just one fill. It helps fight germs with its UV-C technology, which can eliminate most germs and help make the air a bit healthier to breathe. You can even use essential oils in this humidifier!

This humidifier provides up to 100 hours of mist with while just taking up 20 inches of space. You can use a warm or cool setting and even add an aromatherapy tray filled with your favorite essential oils. This can really enhance the ambiance of your home and transform it into a more relaxing environment.

With a Silver Clean Protection agent, there’s no cleaning required in this unique filterless humidifier. It also has no wicks or evaporation pads that you need to replace, nor do you need to worry about mold or mildew. The PureGuardian humidifier is also backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

​​What We ​Like:

  • ​Has a large two-gallon tank to provide mist for 100 hours
  • You can choose between cool or warm humidifier mist
  • UV-C light reduces germs in the water, providing cleaner misting

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Refilling can be hard due to rounded canister design

4. ​Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell is the name to know when it comes to air purification and humidification devices, offering multiple products that can help you breathe a bit easier. This humidifier is a great choice for individuals of all ages as it is a cool-mist humidifier. It’s safe to use around pets and children as well as for adults.

This humidifier is not an air purifier like some of the other options we’ve reviewed, but it does remove up to 99% of mold, bacteria, viruses, and other germs from the room. You’ll see a reduced likelihood of illness, which can also help reduce the frequency with which you suffer from asthma attacks.

This modest humidifier can handle spaces of a maximum of  500 square feet and is a great option for medium-sized rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. It is quiet and perfectly suited for nurseries, too. It is relatively large, meaning you can run it for an entire day without having to fill it back up with water. It has an ergonomic design that improves the aesthetics of any room it might be in while simultaneously reducing the likelihood that it will be knocked over.

You can smoothly control the speed, output, and humidity levels of this device. It even has an included hygrometer to let you know humidity levels at all times – plus, it’s backed by a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Adds cool moisture with evaporative technology that blows moisture off a wicking filter
  • One gallon tank runs up to 24 hours on the low setting
  • UV technology kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be difficult to control the levels of humidity

5. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L Ultrasonic

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L Ultrasonic

The TaoTronics Humidifier is another one of the best humidifiers for asthma. It is incredibly quiet, with the manufacturers of this device priding themselves on the less than 38 decibels of noise that this humidifier produces. It’s great for small children who have asthma as well as adults desperate for an undisrupted night of sleep.

It has a four-liter tank capacity that can work all night – just one gallon of water lasts for up to 30 hours of working time on a full tank, and it can humidify a room that is up to 322 square feet. With an easy-to-understand LED display, you’ll always know how much humidity and mist you need. It even has a sleep mode with a built-in nightlight to help you rest easy at all times.

This humidifier is easy to use and it’s also safe. It automatically turns off when water runs out, and the microporous cartridge filters water to remove any microorganisms and foul odors before tye get to your lungs. You only need to change the filter once every four months or so.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a cleaning brush
  • Works up to 30 hours at a time
  • Provides both cool and warm mist

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot be used with essential oils

6. TTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic

TTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic

The TTLife Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the best at purifying and humidifying large rooms to help people with asthma breathe a bit easier. It has a built-in ionic generator that refreshers the air as well as an ionic resin filter that can not only humidify your room but also soften hard water. It can reduce 90% of the white coating that you might find produced by other humidifiers.

This modifier has a smart humidity sensor that can provide both cool and warm mist. You can set your desired level of humidity and see your real-time humidity on a high-profile LED screen, too. It even comes with a quiet sleep mode that will automatically shut off the LED light – this is ideal for those who sleep lightly as well as for babies. You can add the essential oils of your choosing to enjoy a pleasant aroma or allow the device to function on its own. With dual 360 degree rotatable nozzles, you’ll add humidity to every corner of the room.

Offering high capacity and maximum efficiency, this 5.5-liter humidifier allows you to run your device for 40 hours of continuous use at a cold low mist – you won’t have to refill this unit nearly as often as you would with other humidifiers. It is equipped with a risk-free 12-month manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee as well.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​3-in-1 smart humidification mode with three-level mist
  • Has an ionic resin filter to soften hard water
  • Equipped with a sleep mode with soft LED screen

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes emits a plastic-like smell

7. ​Aennon Humidifier

Aennon Humidifier

Whether you are looking for the best humidifier for asthma or simply a humidifier to give you better-looking and better-feeling skin, this humidifier is the way to go. It creates a calming atmosphere in every room with its perfect output of just the right amount of humidity.

This unique device by Aennon can be used as a moisturizer, humidifier, air purifier, aroma diffuser, nebulizer, and ionizer all in one. It has a cute seven-colored LED night light to create the atmosphere of your choice. You can choose your favorite color or set an automatic psychedelic color flow for a fun vibe, too.

The Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier is ETL Safety Approved for children with an automatic safety shut-off when the reservoir empties. You won’t have to worry about your children burning themselves when they accidentally bump into this humidifier! It has a 2.8-liter capacity allowing for 20 hours of use, and since it operates quietly, you won’t need to worry about it interfering with your sleep, either.

Safe to use both day and night, this humidifier is cool to the touch and doesn’t overheat. It possesses an innovative design that is not only stylish, but functional. It has a high-quality stone filter to remove foul odors and keep the humidifier running safely and cleanly – without you needing to remove filters or clean a single thing.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​ETL Safety Approved
  • Is an all-purpose device that can be used as a diffuser, nebulizer, or humidifier
  • Works for approximately 20 hours before needing to be refilled

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be tricky to fill

8. ​BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

​This humidifier by Boneco is one of the best air humidifiers for asthma because it offers a two-in-one filter that allows for humidification without any leftover residue. It also has an optimal automatic mode for self-regulating humidification, or you can alter the settings to suit it for your particular preferences.

This humidifier has a digital LED display with a touch-sensitive control panel. It’s easy to program and easy to fill from the top of the unit. It offers a high level of humidification that can be easily regulated by the output control, allowing you to change your settings with the push of a button. It even has a built-in hygrostat and a fragrance tray that allows you to add any essential oils you might want to use.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Multifunctional digital display with automatic dimming
  • Warm or cool mist settings available
  • ​Fragrance tray and top-fill water tank make this unit customizable and easy to use

What We Didn’t Like:

  • LED display cannot be turned off to provide dimmer nighttime settings

9. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

When you have asthma, it can be tough to find a humidifier that not only moisturizes the air, but operates quietly so that you have more restful sleep. The Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier does just that, moisturizing the air for 16 hours of runtime so you can breathe easily and sleep soundly.

This humidifier comes with both low and high speed settings, allowing you to change the direction of the mist and the speed to accommodate your desired level of comfort. It has a 1.5-liter water tank that makes it perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, or other similarly-sized rooms. It also has a night light with a soothing glow for ultimate relaxation.

The Pure Enrichment MistAire humidifier also has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the device off when the water level drops dangerously low – as well as when the water tank is removed. When you purchase this unit, you receive a humidifier, a disk cleaning brush, an AC power adapter, a detailed user manual, and an industry-leading manufacturers’ two-year warranty. Plus, if you’re having trouble figuring out how to use it, you will receive access to dedicated customer support that is available seven days a week.

​What We Liked:

  • ​Has an easy-to-fill water tank
  • 360-degree mist nozzle directs mist away from pets, plants, electronics, and upholstery
  • ​All essential equipment is included

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Occasionally leaks

10. ​Honeywell HWM705B Filter-Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

Honeywell HWM705B Filter-Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

A warm-mist humidifier, this reputable humidifier by Honeywell is a great option if you are looking to add warm moisture to your home or office. It is a top-fill unit that has both high and low settings along with a reset light to let you know when it needs to be filled. It also comes with a medicine cup in case you need to add liquid inhalant for medicinal purposes.

This humidifier is one of the best for people with asthma as it helps combat harsh winter air by adding essential moisture to any room. It can also reduce static electricity in the air and help moisturize the air to protect your furniture and improve your health.

The Honeywell humidifier comes with an easy-to-use manual knob control song with two different moisture output settings. Offering filterless operation, it is equipped with an automatic shut-off to let you know when it’s empty and operates quietly and effectively. It holds about one gallon of moisture and on its highest setting still goes for about nine hours before needing to be refilled. You can add essential oils to help clear your sinuses if you are suffering from congestion, too.

​What We Liked:

  • ​​Has a refill light that lets you know when the water needs to be refilled
  • Illuminated power switch and easy to use manual knob control
  • Two different moisture output settings

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No cold mist setting

What Should I Look for in the Best Humidifier for Asthma Relief?

If you have asthma, you have your plate full. While you should always work closely with your doctor to make sure you have a clear treatment plan in place to help you manage your condition, buying a humidifier can help provide some serious relief of your symptoms. In addition, you should make sure you are aware of all of your triggers and take steps to reduce your exposure to them.

There are countless humidifiers on the market, but the best humidifier for asthma sufferers will be the one that reduces your exposure to those triggers and makes it easier for you to go about your day to day functions. With this guide in mind, we hope you’ll find the humidifier that will help you breathe a little bit easier – no matter how bad your asthma might be.

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