About HomeVerge & Team Members

Home Verge is a website that lists the best home gear and gadgets, starting from water softeners to portable air conditioners to vacuum cleaners! We make shopping easy for you by ranking the best products.

Founded in 2016, Home Verge is managed by a team of professionals from the United States and worldwide.

About Home Verge Team

Almost all the Home Verge team members have extensive working experience in their respective fields. Here are the full details of our side:

1. Rebecca Martinez, Editor in Chief

Rebecca Martinez

Rebecca Martinez, the chief editor of the Home Verge, has been associated with editing for a decade. She has established herself as a professional editor due to her fondness for this field. She aims to spread the message around the world about all the relevant topics. She has performed editorial duty on countless journals and websites.

Most of her projects were based on home gadgets and gear. She wants to aid others in making the right choice through her discretion. Along with editing, she has a good command of writing, planning, and analyzing. She has acquired some advanced degrees and professional certificates.

2. Janet Campbell, Staff Writer

Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell is a crucial member of the Home Verge team. He crafts compelling reviews to guide others to pursue the ideal products. As a writer, he tries his best to help people find answers, get inspired, and solve all the potential problems.

He has dealt with plenty of projects; interestingly, most of them are about home gear and gadgets. It has been his strong point to work on. His excellent word choice and writing tone assist him in revealing the substance of a specified subject. He completed his graduation in English language and literature.

3. Anna Scott, Staff Writer

Anna Scott

Anna Scott started her writing journey almost five years ago. She has been noted for writing about home equipment. Her writing can help anyone expand the elegance and comfort of home. In her practical life, she has dealt with many home accessories. The extensive knowledge makes her proficient in talking about those products elaborately.

She gives the exact solution to a homeowner by referring to the ideal appliances. She aims to aid others in creating a pleasant environment at home. She pursued graduation in creative writing and journalism.

4. Carolyn Mitchell, Staff Writer

Carolyn Mitchell

Carolyn Mitchell, one of the core writers of Home Verge, enjoys guiding others through her writing. She puts the appropriate information about all the home appliances to inspire others to make the right decision. Before writing a piece of content, she performs profound analysis and checks out some criteria to provide precise advice.

She has contributed to numerous websites by writing about home gadgets in the past few years. Her persuasive writing tone and practical knowledge are attractive to the readers. She acquired much fame as an editor and proofreader before switching to the writing platform.

5. Diana Robinson, Freelance Writer

Diana Robinson

Writing always seems a challenging job to everyone. But Diana Robinson, one of our freelance writers, loves to write all day long. She has affection for writing on various topics, but the home gear and gadgets are her strong point. Her extensive knowledge about bundles of home equipment aids her in composing the most informative content in this section.

She enjoys guiding others to opt for the impactful home tools through her expressive writing tone. Apart from writing, she has good expertise in editing and proofreading. Her broad practical sense makes her worthy of composing the most engaging content on this important topic.

6. Ruth Walker, Freelance Writer

Ruth Walker

Ruth Walker is a writer of the Home Verge team who can explain any subject with much engagement. She desires to be one of the great writers in the world’s history before long. Since her teenage years, she has been looking forward to establishing herself as a successful writer through her distinctive writing approach. Her intense attraction over the home gadgets and gears has gained her favor on this platform.

She completed her graduation in creative writing and literature. Hundreds of her articles have been published in various notable journals and websites. In addition, she has worked as a journalist with some of the world-famous newspapers.

7. Brian Walker, Web Developer

Brian Walker

Brian Walker is a creative personality who develops interactive websites. He excels in multiple web technologies and has hands-on experience building user-friendly web platforms. His extensive pre-experience pushed him towards the upper grade of success overnight. He loves to take on challenges and can tackle all sorts of jobs at ease.

Combining technical and interpersonal skills puts him high in demand in the web world. He knows his role well and fills all the requirements of the company. He backs up the whole team at a significant margin with his immeasurable working efficiency. He completed his bachelor’s degree in IT.

8. Andrew Wright, Copy Editor

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is the leading member of the Home Verge team. Many less than average pieces of content become publishable after going through his great touch. He revises almost all the provided articles of writers to make them polished. He is the central personality between the writers and editors. As a copy editor, checking spelling and grammar is his prime responsibility.

Besides, he evaluates the consistency and readability of a piece of content. He also justifies the statistical and factual data to provide authentic information. He has the first-rate experience in the writing sector as well.

9. Peter Russell, Head of Research

Peter Russell

Peter Russell works as the head of research at the Home Verge team. He is responsible for picking up ideal and valuable products from the millions of options available. As a researcher, he performs several actions to provide the perfect home gear and gadget accessories to the consumers.

He usually checks out the overall features and advantages of a particular product. Then he performs a case study to realize the users’ expectations and needs. Whenever he finds a specific product suitable for fulfilling the consumers’ requirements, he sorts the product out and delivers it to the writers for review.

Our Review Process

The main goal of the Home Verge team is to discuss various top-notch home products. We pay special attention to the overall features and facilities to select the equipment for our consumers. An audience will find the most reliable information as we are committed to putting together the actual data. We do in-depth research and analyze the overall scenarios of the specified products before reviewing them.

The entire review process goes through step-by-step checking. We try to highlight the most practical aspect of every product. Our prominent researcher and editors endeavor always to provide the reader the most authentic and impactful information. We discuss everything frankly to reveal the effectiveness of the home equipment.

Our Fact-Checking

Fact-checking is paramount for online outlets. We have an experienced team to check and analyze the facts with much care. All our team members are devoted to providing trustworthy and relevant information in every piece of content. We put our highest effort into finding the most acceptable and recognized data to guide others appropriately.

The legitimacy of information is another concerned area. We never write on any topic that is void of a legal statement. As we believe in evidence, we always try to cite the source of a particular topic. All our published content features informative ideas and easy solutions.

Editorial Guidelines

We are looking to build it as an authorized and branded platform. We abide by some formal rules and conform to high standards. To ensure our consumers the best possible values, we carry out a long-term observation before deciding. We try to deliver a positive message for the readers about the topic they are searching for.

Our ideology is to provide the audience with easy-to-understand and impactful suggestions. All the website pages contain error-free and polished information to satisfy the readers. We love to aid our consumers by predicting what they might have in mind.